Mina vom Team Barrett

born 7th of August 2020

HD-normal, ED-normal, OCD O

Mother: V Bella von Vierhundert Hertz, IPO 1

Father: V Vulkano vom Gebenbacher Land, VGP 3

Mina vom Team Barrett together with her friend "Champ"

Last update on November 10th, 2022

Mina was shown in the working class at a local group SV show in Schöneck last weekend, hoping she would get the title "V" before she might become a mom in the near future. We succeeded in this project, not only did she get the title "V", but also came in first place with the title "V1". The free heeling also worked excellently, although Mina hasn't been in training for quite some time.

Unfortunately, we were only able to take the stand pictures and a picture at the end, because the camera battery had given up

Mina is so smart. If we look closely to the picture on the left, we notice that she is trying to use her nose to find "Hundemama"

Mina together with Marion. Without our friend Marion we would not have been able to show both of our youngsters that day

Last update on 14th of April 2022 We are very happy to announce that our Mina passed the endurance test and the IGP 1 a few weeks ago and the breeding test two weeks ago. With only 20 months she has fulfilled all her requirements for breeding. We think that she will become a mom for the first time next fall and who wouldn't be a better breeding partner than our big bear "Champ". In the coming weeks we will create a new page for Mina with her pedigree and the breeding report. Below are some current pictures of our "Mina" together with Champ, which had been taken a few days after passing the breeding test.

This page had been opened on September 27th, 2021

We kept Mina before her Mom "Bella von Vierhundert Hertz" went into retirement. We are very happy, that we kept this girl in 2020. She developed into a wonderful young female with all the qualities "Hundemama" likes to see in a GSD. She is very proud, has a lot of expression, great pigmentation, a beautiful dark face and is extremely smart, just like her mother. Not only does she look good, her littermates developed also very promissing so far.

She had been x-rayed for HD, ED and back not too long ago and received the best results.

At this moment she is in training for the BH trial, which hopefully she will be able to pass this fall. In spring of 2022 she is supposed to be trained for IGP 1. If everything goes well according to the planned schedule she should be able to enrich our breeding program in fall of 2022.

She does have a very famous father named "Vulkano vom Gebenbacher Land", which just had been presented at the world siegershow in Germany and received the title V 2 in working class. Not only did we keep "Mina" from Vulkano, also the young male Lord, who also is a very good looing male. More pictures of Lord can be viewed here

Mina has a very sound temperament. She is fast when she moves. She loves to be exercised by bike. We believe, that her offspring would be great dogs for hiking, rescue and also for agility. Plus they make great family dogs, because they are so lovable, just like the Mom "Bella". Everyone who owns a Bella offspring knows what Hundemama is talking about when it comes to her offsprings.

Our plans for her are to pass the BH trial, to present her in one or two shows this fall, to pass with her the endurance trial and IGP in spring and summer of 2022.

As soon as we made more pictures or have more news to announce about Mina we will update this page

14 months old, in the process of hair change

Above we see her with the girl "Enza". They both being exercised by bike every other day for about 4 miles

These pictures above had been taken just a few days ago during a bike ride

She loves her ball. When a dog has such a nice play drive and loves to eat, the training becomes very easy and is a lot of fun. In the next few weeks we will make a short video clip and post it on our facebook page to show how easy it is to train her, just with positive motivation. She learns so quickly.

Here she is waiting in front of the butcher shop

Her morning walks to the bakery. This is a very important exercise for a young dog. She gets tied on a gate and has to wait until "Mom" comes back out. That way she learns to sit still and wait until she is being picked up again

All kind of balls she loved already as a puppy.

Beautiful gait she had from the start and like all Barretts, she loves water. This is a trade that we do like to see in our dogs

The four pictures above show her when she was about 14 weeks old