Herros von Vierhundert Hertz

This page has been opened on November 26th, 2015

One more time we decided to buy "new blood" for our breeding stock a few months ago. The bloodline and the temperament of this young puppy had Hundemama fascinated and therefor she decided to purchase him from one of her breeder`s friend. From the beginning he showed himself very confident. He has a very sound temperament, but when it comes to his play drive, its there and this is what Hundemama really loves about him. Sometimes he shows himself a little too dominant and he wants to show his friend Enza and also Chiara, who the boss is. This is the time when Hundemama has to show him who the boss is. She gave him the calling name "Joey". Since a few of her Barrett dams are more on the active side, she was looking again for a male, which has a sound temperament and is confident at the same time to make a good match with her females.

Up till now he has developed very promising, but Hundemama knows, there is still a long way for him to go, until he might have a chance to enter our breeding program. Joey is 10 months old now and we will see over the next 14 months, if there is a chance for him becoming a sire or not. We will update this page regularly in 2016.

Now we did put together a set of pictures, which we took since we received him at the age of 8 weeks. Please enjoy!

Last update on 9th of January 2018: Herros, we call him Joey, is now official another sire of "House- and Team-Barrett". View our newest pictures of "Herros von Vierhundert Hertz"

Last update on 4th of September 2022

These present pictures of "Joey" (Herrros) show how great he looks. He is seven years old already and we do hope, that nature is on our side and we will have new puppies out of Gina-Herros in fall of 2022. More info of the parents on our upcoming litter page

The last two pictures above show "Joey" in the evening sun. He looks like a bear with all this coat he has

31st of March 2019

Since our last update of "Joey" (Herros Pedigree name) he did sire our dams Enza, Bella and Asti. If we view the pictures of his progeny, we see how well he has inherited so far,

when it comes to bone structure, nice coat, pigment and especially to the big head and the dark face

He certainly does enrich our breeding program and we do hope that we will have more litters with him in the future.

We also hope, that a male progeny will become a "sire" to keep this wonderful bloodline going.

As of now we are preparing him for another show and we did pick up the training for his "breeding survey" for lifetime

As soon as we have news about these events, maybe even video clips, we will upload these clips on google, so everyone can see him in "action"

We are very proud to have him

16th of March 2018 Before we open up a new page for our new sir "Joey" in the next few days, we made some new pictures of him. If nature is with us, he will be soon a "Dad" for the first time in 2018. Keep an eye on our "upcoming litter page"

"Herros von Vierhundert Hertz", we call him "Joey", three years old

Last update on 9th of January

Herros developed into a great looking male. He has about the same bone structure and head just like our "Buddy von Kuckucksland".

In 2017 he had passed the IPO1 trial and also passed the breeding survey. He will be the sire of one of our upcoming litters in 2018

He also had been presented at shows received the "V" title. We are sure, that he will enrich our breeding program in the near future.

August 8th, 2016

Since he has received good HD and ED results a few weeks ago,

Hundemama started with the preperation of him for the BH trial,

He is doing very well

and is also learning to lay down and stay, while another dog is being trained

9th of July 2016 We have some great news about our young male dog "Joey". We received the results of his HD and ED and in both he received "Excellent". In German HD-normal and ED-normal. We are so happy about this

Now the training for BH and IPO1 can begin, so Joey will be able to become a sire in 2017

He also had been shown two weeks ago and received the title "SG2" at a county show

April 11th, 2016

We also did show our "Joey" at the youth show yesterday

We just love how he is developing

He reminds us a lot of our Buddy vom Kuckucksland

Just like him does Joey have an extreme good bone structure

and most of all a beautiful big masculine head

He presented himself very well in his class

Beautiful 13 months old young male, the judge said, especially did he love his big masculine head and his beautiful conformation!

He received the title "SG3"

and his sister also had been shown at the same show and she did receive SG2

Herbst 2015

Joey at the age of nine months

Nice looking young male

He loves to play with Enza

They became great friends

When we look at him

he reminds us of Buddy at times

He has a nice body structure

and a very nice big head

Last September we took him to the Siegershow in Germany,

he was so relaxed when he was watching his "brothers" performing schutzhund; just chilling

These pictures show him

when he was 14 weeks old

Hundemama made sure, that he will not exceed the weight limit

As we mentioned earlier, he loves to play with Enza

These following pictures

were taken

at our local training place

Hundemama took him there once a week,

so he learns, that he has to stay on his own for a few minutes,

so he gets mature and does not cry too much, when he does not see "Hundemama" for a few minutes