Orca vom Haus Barrett, born 9th of May 2010, KKl, SchH 1, AD, HD-fnormal, ED-normal, Ausstellungsbewertung SG

Sire: Buddy vom Kuckucksland, born 17th of May 2007, SchH 3, AD, KKL1, HD-fast normal, ED-normal

Show title: V

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Da Vinci, Devil, Daffy, Dakoda, Dari

Last update on 19th of October 2019

Since our last update we received these above pictures of Dari. She is doing very well and always brings lots of joy to her owner

10th of October 2019

Dakoda getting up there in age. She still enjoys to travel. She is doing so well

October 5th, 2017

Dari looks so much like her Dad, such a nice bone structure and face she has

Here we see Dakoda on vacation in the mountains and at the ocean

27th of February 2016

Dari is doing great

She loves the snow

loves to play with her ball,

but yet watches out for everything. Great dog!!!

Dari is such a big girl

and so proud

We believe that Dakoda has traveled more around the world than us, if you view the pictures further below. This picture was taken in Canada

Last update on April 23rd, 2014

Typical Buddy daughter, likes to fish,

likes to digg not only holes, tunnels is better

loves water

What a beautiful girl!

We have received quite a few pictures of d-puppies

They will be two years old

and as everyone can see, Devil developed

into a beautiful young male dog


is also doing very well

Dakoda loves to go with his family

on vacation

She brings much joy

to her family

Last update on February 4th, 2014

Dari is being trained for IPO 1

at this time

She is such a smart

and beautiful girl

She loves to play in the snow,

full of life she is

4th of August 2013

These pictures show Da Vinci at the age of 18 months. He just received "HD- and ED-excellent". Congratulations to the owner!

This is a good way to exercise dogs

Dakoda with her new toy

What a lovely girl

Dari is doing so well in obedience training



heeling again, look at her head how good of attention she pays to her owner

She looks so much like Buddy

Dark mask and a nice "big head"

Last update on April 9th, 2013

Dari, just like her Mom

If she wants something, she does not give up


Dakoda is living a great dog life. She has seen more then some of us did in our life time

First she started off to live in Egypt, now she moved to Switzerland enjoying the snow

Here she is on vacation in the Bahamas

Blue ocean, beautiful sun

Just relaxing

with her loved ones

A true Barett, loves to swim

Da Vinci


Devil loves to carry objects around


with her friend


with friend

Dakoda lives a good life


playing in the snow

November 19th, 2012

A true Barrett, Dakoda loves to cuddle

She has a big fourlegged family

17th of September 2012

Devil loves the water.


Little Dakoda also loves the water and ships

Da Vinci with his first trophy; we are sure it will not be the last one

Daffy used to be the smallest, but also the most fisty female

She grew into a beautiful young female with an extreme nice head for a female

If you view Dari and the above litter mates,

it shows, that Orca inherits her extreme beautiful pigmentation,

the ability of learning very quickly. These pictures show Dari

during tracking with just 8 months of age

and of course the beautiful expression

all of these dogs have

May 24th, 2012

We are so pleased with the development of Orca`s first puppies

Da Vinci together with his owner

He is about 13 weeks old on this picture

As you can see on these pictures

all of the Barretts love the water

Devil just cannot get enough of it

First a little shy,

but then nothing will stop him

Dakoda is the same way

She loves being in the Pool

She just enjoys life

Daffy was our smallest girl

and is getting so big now

She has the beautiful dark mask from her Dad "Buddy"

and loves to play ball

Dari is the same way,

water and toys

Hundemama always says, these dogs make great family dogs

and if someone wants to train them for any kind of dog sport, they love it, but only when they are being trained by using they prey drive

April 22nd, 2012

We already received pictures of our puppies, which show them in their new homes

Da Vinci is feeling soooo good!

Daffy with her new friends

She is doing very well

in her new home in Austria

Dakoda hat to take the airplane to arrive at her new home

As you can see, she did adjust very good

Dari is keeping her owner

on the go, she is a very active girl

April 9th, 2012

Puppies are seven weeks old

Da Vinci is a male with a good temperament and good play-drive

Devil is like a Devil, a very wild male, which always wants to show his littermates who is the boss

Daffy is a very cute female. She has a beautiful dark mask

Dakoda has a sound temperament with a high play drive. She has extreme red and black pigmentation

Dari has also a good temperament with a good play-drive

April 3rd, 2012

Puppies are six weeks old

Our puppies received their third dewormer

over the last three days

For a few days they did not eat that much

and were a little more quiet as usual

But since today things have changed again,

they are feeling very well

They are chasing each other

The one is front

does not give up his marrow bone

The male behind does not give up

They just keep going

This one is more interested in the leash