V Asti vom Bierstadter Hof

born 27th of June 2013

Dam: V Atlanta vom Bierstädter Hof, SchH 3

Sire: VA Omen vom Radhaus, SchH 3

HD-normal, ED-normal

Breed Survey

Large size female, dry and firm, with excellent expression, higher wither, firm back, a bit short group, good angulation front and back, correct coming and going, clean front, straight stand, balanced brisket proportions, very good gait with free ground covering and powerful hind thrust and free front reach, TSB (schutzhund ability) excellent

Körklasse I

View pictures of Asti during her first two years . Asti is a very friendly dog, but yet protective of the family. Ideal for a GSD

The sire of Asti`s first litter will be "Gino vom Haus Barrett"

Last update in April 2021: At the end of 2020 we took Asti out of our breeding program. These days she is doing very fine and she is enjoying her Senior-life now. We kept a little girl named "Clara" out of her last litter at the beginning of

2020. Her name is Clara and she developed into a wonderful young female. We just opened up a new page for her.


VA Omen vom Radhaus


HD-normal, ED-normal

II. Generation:

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III. Generation:

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IV. Generation

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V Atlanta vom Bierstadter Hof

SchH3 (BSZS)

HD-normal, ED-normal

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