Asti vom Bierstädter Hof

born 27th of June 2013

Dam: V Atlanta vom Bierstädter Hof, SchH 3, Sire: V Omen vom Radhaus, SchH 3

Asti vom Bierstädter Hof

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We did not plan to buy a new female puppy in 2013, we were looking more for a new male puppy. During our search we found a male and a female puppy out of a very good bloodline and both puppies were raised the way we expect puppies to be raised, which is not so easy to find these days. It so happened, that we were not able to purchase this male, but we fall in love with the female. After we researched the grandparents and grandgrandparents for HD- and ED and found out, that a high percentage was rated with HD and ED excellent, we decided one more time to purchase a female to enrich the bloodline of "House and Team Barrett".

When you look at Asti (her calling name is "Shiva" now), you see the beautiful face, which House-Barrett puppies have been known for. Shiva is a more calm and relaxed female and yet has a very nice play-drive.

We enrolled her in a study program with the SV for HD and ED. We also did this with our youngster "Bella". Every month we have to monitor her weight and her exercise and send this information off to the University in Heidelberg.

Already six months have gone by since we purchased Shiva. We are very pleased with her development, so we thought, this will be the time to introduce her on our webpage as "hopefully" a newcomer female for Team Barrett".

Update on her x-ray for ED and HD. Shiva had been x-rayed a few months ago:

HD-normal, ED-normal (both excellent)

We will keep you updated on her development and if everything goes well, she will enrich our breeding program in 2015 or 2016.

Last update on June 13th, 2016

Shiva is doing very well and since her first litter with Gino she has continued very well with her development. We usually say, a female is not ready until "3 years" old and yes, you can see the difference between this and the last updated. View her first beautiful progeny on following page

Asti vom Bierstadter Hof

She received the title "V2" in the working class at a show of she SV in April 2016

By this person she had been presented very well

Dörthe, Hundemama`s friend,

took her up to this show

to present Asti, her calling name is "Shiva" on that day

Since her first litter in fall of 2015

she kept developing very well

She does have a beautiful long coat

and presented herself very well that day

She also has a very nice face

Hundemama makes sure,

that all of her dogs have this special expression

and especially beautiful faces they have to have

For the near future she is planning another litter

with this beautiful dam

and she already picked a special "sire" for her

More info about this new litter she will upload in the next few weeks

Dörthe, her friend, even managed to present Shiva

without a leash, which is required in this high class

Shiva "in stand" while the judge is anouncing her title "V2"

close up of Shiva

Dörthe with Shiva

and this man, who volunteered to show her on that day. Thanks to both of them!

Last update on June 29th, 2015

Shiva just turned two years

Here we see Shiva at the day of the breeding survey, which took place

two weeks ago. The dog has to be messured for the chest, the wither and the deepness of the chest

Here she has to show her teeth

And she is not supposed to give any problems during this procedure

After this is accomplished

they do check out her weight as well and all these numbers will be put into the papers of the breeding survey

Now they are checking the chip number to make sure, that this is the right dog

A few pictures during the performance of the schutzhund work,

which is part of the breeding survey

Shiva done very well

Now back into the ring, now she and others will be tested for her temperamet

She is not supposed to be shy or show any aggressive

As you can see,

she did very well and passed the breeding survey that day!

But what she likes best is to "chill on the couch",

have her friends there also and give kisses!

Asti - calling name Shiva - is a special dog, like any other dog who is part of House Barrett. She is a very alert dog, but yet very lovable and if we take her to our training place, the most she loves there is schutzhund work. When ever she gets this arm (it is like a big toy for her, she carries it very proudly out to the car). All these character traits make her to this special dog. And on top of this, she has such a sweet face and such a great bone and body structure. That`s why she is one special female and a special female needs a special sire to have puppies one of these days. We are sure, that in the near future 2015/2016 she will have special puppies with a special sire.

March 7th, 2015

Almost one year has passed since our last update of Shiva on this page

Our youngster "Asti vom Bierstadter Hof" is doing fine; meanwhile she had been x-rayed

for HD and ED. She received the best results and had also passed the

first obedience trial a few weeks ago

At this time Dagmar is training her for IPO1 (SchH1), which hopefully she will pass in 2015. In the near future we wish to raise puppies from her and our Gino. WISHES CAN COME TRUE, IF YOU WORK HARD ENOUGH!

April 25th, 2014

Shiva was also successful at the show last Easter weekend

She received the title "VV2" in her class

Shiva developed into a very strong build female, her hair

grew even longer since the last update

She has an extreme sound temperament and already today

we dream of the combination "Shiva and Gino", but we know,

that a lot of hurdles still have to be taken before she and Gino could enrich our breeding program

We will start next month with the x-ray of HD and ED and this weekend with Gino to pass the IPO 1 trial. We will update this page in June again

Just a few months later


at the age of 8 months

Her hair grew

very nicely

On all of these pictures we can see,

that the pigmentation comes out more and more

as the puppy grown older,

if the breeder knows about the bloodline of his dogs and how to select them


with 10 weeks of age

The following pictures

show Shiva, when she was 12 weeks old

Just like our Barretts, she has a beautiful face

We are sure, that her temperament will be like our dam Yanka and Funny has it.

Following pictures show Shiva

at the age

of 15 months

She yet has a sound temperament, but is still very alert