The T-litter

Enza vom Team Barrett

born 21st of April 2015, KKl I, IPO1, HD-normal, ED-normal

show rating SG youth class

Nex vom Kuckucksland,

born: 29. Juli 2010 _ IPO 3 _ AD, KKl. 1, HD-normal , ED normal_

show title VA I

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Taiko, Tex, Titan, Tala, Targa, Taya, Thara, Tracy

Last update on 6th of December 2023

Tracy lost her friend not too long ago. Now she became very quiet. If everything goes well she will have another Barrett friend very soon

3rd of November 2018

Tala was celebrating Holloween

20th of October 2018

Tex is doing great and his sister Targa is also such a nice young female

Tala is bringing so much joy to her owner and sometimes she is so funny. View the picture with the bowl and the last picture with the little dog

28th of May 2018

Tala ist just like her Mom Enza, one Clown

On her first birthday

These pictures above show how dogs and cats can become friends, if brought together at a young age

Her owner cannot imagine to be without her

Titan with his friend Don, a male dog out of the dam "Yanka" and "Buddy". They became very good friends

7th of January 2018

Tex is doing very well. He grows up with another four legged friend

Tala is such a goofy girl, just like her Mom Enza

Titan is doing great. On this last picture we see him with his Haus-Barrett Friend "Don"

Targa acts just like her Mom. Not afraid of anything. Here we see her laying on her friend

We believe that all of these youngsters will grow up into extreme beautiful and big German Shepherds, which will make their families laugh about the things they come up with

20th of October 2017

As we can see on these pictures Taiko and his owner are in best hands

Learning by doing with positive motivatioin and reward the puppies love to learn new things. To the right little Tex with his ears up

Here we see Tex a few weeks earlier with his ears still down

August 13th, 2017

Since our last update we received these two pictures of Taiko. He is doing so fine!

August 5th, 2017

Puppies have been several weeks now in their new homes

Tex is doing great!

Titan with his "Barrett friend"

Tala with her friend

She is also being well socialized, getting used to cars on the side of the road, but her "Hundemama" always has to watch out for her, she loves to take everything in her mouth she can find

She is learning how to swim. Should not be difficult, because she is a "true Barrett"

Targa, "best friends"

Tracy, loves to carry her toy around, just like her Mom

Tracy with her friends, loves to be high up

July 14th, 2017

Puppies have been in their new homes a couple of days

Tex is doing great with his new friend

A few minutes after the arrival of Tala, her first drink, then resting from the long flight

It did not take long and she felt like home

A puppy could not feel more comfortable

Tala loves the water

Being loved and together with her new friends

Still very tired from the long flight

A nice welcome for Targa

Getting adjusted in her new home and already watching TV

We always see her Mom Enza in Thara

It did not take long for Tracy to feel at home. She is a fisty little girl

Last update on 10th of July 2017

Taiko will stay close to us

Tex will also stay in Germany

The same goes for Titan

Tala had to travel more then 10 hours before she arrived in her new home

The same goes for Targa

Taya with her "big new family"

Thara, our runt of the litter, but also the most fisty one with her new family

Tracy with her new owners

27th of June 2017

Puppies are seven weeks old

Taiko is the wildest male in this litter

Tex has a nice temperament

Titan is also a very nice and confident male puppy

Tala has a tiny little white spot on her front left paw. She is a very smart girl

Targa is a wild girl and has a pretty dark face at this time

We believe, that Taya will favor her Mom

Thara is our "runt" in this litter and indeed the wildest one. It is a MUST for her to be trained. She acts so much like her brother "Taiko"

When Tracy wants something, you can hear her. She is a very vocal young girl