D-litter "House-Barrett"

Chiara vom Team Barrett

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pictures of Chiara in her first two years, here

Lucky vom Team Barrett

WT.: 09. Februar 2016 - IPO1 -

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Dastin, Drago

Last update on 6th of December 2023

Dastin has developed into a wonderful male

31st of December 2021

This was Chiara`s last litter before she had been taken out of the breeding program last year

Drago at his new home

Dastin between 6 and 11 months

First pictures of Dastin at his new home

5th of February 2021

Drago with his new family and his Dad "Lucky". His new home will be in the Mountains of Bavaria. One of these days we will take our two horses and visit him and his family

For 15 years an Indra-Brix progeny was their best friend. Patiently they did wait for another puppy out of the Brix-Tyson-line. With this little man they did receive a Lucky-progeny. Their patience had been rewarded now. The little guys name is Dastin

Just a few words about these two puppies. We did not announce Chiara`s last litter on the webpage, because these last puppies out of Chiara and Lucky had been promissed to these families quite some time ago. Since Chiara gave birth to one big puppy last year and now she gave birth to two big puppies again and this time they were not able to be born natural, we decided to take Chiara out of our breeding program. We do have a male progeny of Chiara with one of our friends and if he does develop prommissing, he will keep her bloodline going and hopefully the little guy "Drago" will also keep her bloodline going in the future. We will have to wait and see how he develops. Once one of the boys is ready to enter the breeding program we will announce these news on our webpage and will introduce the boy with pictures and Pedigree

3rd of February 2021

Puppies are 7,5 weeks old

Dastin is an extreme outgoing puppy. He wants to make friends with everyone. More like Mama

Drago is a little different. He first looks at a new person and if he likes that new person, then he is open just like his brother. We believe that he has to trust someone first, before he makes friends. Once this trust has developed, the person will have a friend for life. Just like our Tyson used to be. He was "Hundemama`s soul"

31st of January 2021

Puppies are seven weeks old

These will be the last pictures of the two puppies at "House-Barrett" before they will be picked up this coming weekend

27th of January 2021

Here we see our last progeny of our "Chiara vom Team Barrett" at the age of six weeks

Yesterday we did not have any snow, so the puppies were able to explore our garden. We used this opportunity to make new pictures of our Dastin and Drago