Bella von Vierhundert Hertz

Gino vom Haus Barrett


Darkos, Dash, Devil, Dexter, Dari, Dayna

Last update on May 2nd, 2022

Dayna and her littermates celebrated their 3rd birthday not too long ago. We wish them the best, most of all health!

December 31st, 2021

Dayna grew into a beautiful German Shepherd. The D Barretts just turned three years old

18th of December 2020

Just a few days ago Darkos and his littermates celebrated their 2nd birthday. We wish them the best, most of all HEALTH

This cake was baked with lots of love, we believe!

It was nice to hear again from Dayna`s owner. They live in the United States. She is doing great

24th of February 2020

19th of February 2020

We are very happy about receiving an update and pictures of the dog "Dexter". He is doing very well. At home he acts like a lab dog. When he is outside he sometimes acts like a "Macho". So he is still in the learning process, but his owners do not want to miss him anymore. They love him very much. But he does need a little more obedience training when it comes to his behavior on the street. But when we look at these pictures. We can see that he is doing very well. He sits all by himself for these pictures, which were taken in a park

Dari loves to carry around her sticks. She turned out into a beautiful and smart young female. Their owners started with training for search and rescue. We believe, that she will be very good

Darkos with his friend

Not too long ago the d-puppies did celebrate their first birthday. Here we see Darkos with his birthday cake

Dash is doing great. His home is in California and he loves to play and be with his new family

This little boy just loves Devil. One ear up and one ear down. This picture had been taken when he was teething

Dayna has a proud look in her face, just like her Dad "Gino". She must really like the snow

Dayna celebrating her first birthday

May 9th, 2019

The above pictures were taken from the time Darkos left us with 8 weeks of age until a little while ago. He is just doing great and getting along with other fourlegged friends as well

Dash is also doing fine, although he still gets a little upset during car rides. It does happen very seldom, that dog`s tummys get upset, but this will normally go away after he matures

Devil is bringing lots of job to his owners. He is just doing fine

The owner of Dexter takes her little one all over the place, lets him meet different types of dogs, but only has him introduced to well behaved dogs, also her horse and takes him with her where ever she goes downton. We hope to see him again on our annual hike this year!

According to the owners of Dari she is also doing very well. They are very happy with her. Her new home is in the United States

Dayna is living in Canada. She is doing very well. She acts alot like her Dad "Gino". Loves to carry big sticks around. It is so interesting how dogs inherit certain habits to their offspring.

If we view these pictures of the Bella/Gino offsprings we truly like what we see-

Thanks to all of the owner`s of the d-litter for sending these pictures to us and keeping us updated on their development. This means a lot to us, because we want to make the breed better and we only can do this with the help of the new "Barrett-families".

20th of February 2019

Dexter with his new owner

Darkos with his new owner. She knows quite a bit about Barrett dogs. Her last one was with her for almost 15 years. He also came out of the Tyson-line. She only wanted another puppy from Gino, so the waiting time was pretty long for this Lady. We like to thank her for the trust she put into us again. She was willing to wait for her Gino-puppy, no matter how long it would take!

Dayna with her new friend. The waiting time finally came to an end, but the wait was well worth it, we do believe

More pictures will be uploaded of the littermates with their families

Little Dexter in his new home

Darkos already feels like at home and he just had arrived when these pictures were taken

Dayna is doing very well, considering that she went on a very long journey

before she finally arrived at her new home in Canada. When we look at this picture, it is hard to believe, that she was on an over 10 hour long flight. She is so friendly and alive. Everyone who meets her just falls in love with her.

Together with these pictures we received a wonderful Email from her new owner Caroline. We like to share this Email with everyone and therefor with her permission we updated our "testimonial page" today.

February 8th, 2019 View the last pictures of our Bella-Gino-puppies at House-Barrett, please click here

February 7th, 2019

Darkos has a nice temperament

Dash is our wildest puppy in this litter

Devil is always into something, but also loves to give kisses

Dexter already gives "five" when you hold the hand out for him. Very easy going puppy

Dari looks more like a male then she does like a female, very easy going

Dayna is an extreme smart puppy. She acts sometimes like her brother "Dash"

Since the puppies are going into their new homes soon, we will upload one more time new pictures of them during their play time this coming weekend! So keep an eye on this page!

Last update on 1st of February 2019 View more pictures, please click here

29th of January 2019

The weather here in Germany was not as nice as it was during the last photo session, but it was not too cold, so they were able to stay outside for a while

and as we can see on these pictures, they had a big appetite

After they finished their lunch they started to play right away again. To our left this is the wildest puppy in this litter. So alert and so cute, he does favour his Dad Gino

Here we see three cute male puppies