Testimonials from new

Dog Parents

24th of July 2022 Unja and her sister Ulana arrived save at their new home in the USA. After their arrival we received below Email from their new family. We like to share the contents with the visitors of our webpage. We are very happy to hear, that both puppies settled in so good in such a short time.

Unja vom Team Barrett (daughter of Gwendi and Champ)

The puppies settled in and they are perfect. I have never loved any puppies as much as I loved them they have been with me 24/7 since I got them back home.

Their stomachs settled in and we didn't have any problems with them. They were so well behaved on the ride home and I love how perfectly potty trained they already are

Thank you so much for them we love them so much. I will do my best to send more pictures and get you that family one.
Thank you for being such an amazing breeder I can tell how they were so loved and that they were raised to perfection as they grew up with you. You truly do breed the best that I have ever seen! I can not show enough gratitude to you for the blessing that these 2 lovely babies have brought to us! They bring so much joy in my life already so thank you so much! Can't wait to send you updates!

6th of July 2022

Gisa vom Team Barrett

Hi Dagmar,

Here is some words to explain my first moments with Angie (Gisa).

First week with Angie

I was awaiting for almost one year for a Dagmar's House-Barrett GSD so, when they told me that my puppy cannot make the scheduled flight Germany-Toronto because they didn't have the time to clean the crate while boarding, I was not discouraged to wait in Toronto one more day since it was guaranteed she will be on the next day flight. To buy a dog from Germany when you are from Canada, you absolutely have to import a dog not less than 3 months old. So I decided to keep her in my hotel room in Toronto for one more day to have her relax before to come back with her by car for a very long ride in Montreal-Canada from 7ham to 23hpm. The crate was clean when arriving since I stop many times in rest areas for her needs and for some walking with the leash.

The first week was very busy and Angie is using my country house as a toilet but seeing her behavior I can say she is full of good will. I go out often during the day ( and evenings and nights ) and she knows where is the place to pee. She now doing very close to the door and my next challenge is to find a way that she can advise me to go out. I will try the bells at the door and more ideas...

We are very much bonding together and I already love this little puppy in my life even if it is harder than I though to raise her to be clean. She is stubborn ( têtu ) sometimes but it is part of the raising a puppy and I prefer to have a dog with some temparement.

She was the smallest girl in the litter but you must see her paws...! She is very beautiful

The most impressing fact with this dog is the fact that I cannot imagine a breeder more responsable than Dagmar. It is true. You want the best, this is the place. You must read all the 8 pages about feeding, recipes etc.... Everything is in this large document and I admit I am reading it very regularly not to forget something important.

I am patient for the first days, the first months and not in a rush and that is why I have decided to install myself with her in my country house where some family will come and also I am bringing her not to far to a school, to a small coffee place since the sun is back. When in the small village, I am on the street that she is almost shaking hands !!

When we go in the woods she is running looking happy and she already knows the surroundings but I cannot leave her without supervision not to lose her.

Gonzo vom Team Barrett, a son of "Enza vom Team Barrett" and "Yazoo vom Haus Barrett"

Received in June 2019, just after Gonzo has arrived in his new home in the USA and I had asked how he was doing


He is a dream! Everything about him is perfect. I love what I see so far of his temperament and personality, calm yet able to play and definitely engaged, beautiful pigmentation from his deep, dark, penetrating eyes to his regal mahogany coat. His structure looks great, straight front, not overly angulated, nice rear leg conformation. His coat is long, full, and healthy.

What more can I say? I am in love.

He was a little travel weary when we got him, but his crate was mostly clean except for a few pee spots on the cloths. He drank the tea and gobbled up the meat. A little time to walk and pee and then our long trip back home. He slept most of the way and once home, slept fairly well all night. He already knows to go potty outside. His stool this morning was normal.

I can tell that he has been handled a lot as he is very comfortable in my arms and happy to roll over or be handled. I'm giving him time to adjust, but already can see some of his play drive. I would expect a lot to change as he settles in, but that will be more of the good. Thank you so much for all the time you have taken with him and all that you do with your puppies. It shows.

I am so very thankful to you in your selection of this puppy for me. He is everything I had hoped for. I'm pinching myself to be sure it is real, so happy am I.

My schedule has been cleared out for the next several weeks so that we can bond together and he can be my focus. I am so pleased to have him at this age as there is so much baby training that we can do, conditioning really, but so valuable as the adult dog will always remember what he learns in this time.

Attached are a few pictures I took this morning on our deck which is carefully fenced off so that he cannot fall. As he acclimates, I'm sure we will get better ones. He is right by my side for today, so difficult to get a good distance shot. But these will show you that he is well.

My very sincere gratitude to you,

Elizabeth, USA

A commend of the breeders from House- and Team-Barrett

The way of choosing the right parents - so the chance that the puppies also inherit a nice conformation and a sound temperament, yet with a nice play drive is very high - and the proper way of raising a litter is very time consuming. We believe, that the heart of a breeder has to be with his dogs and puppies, out of any other reason a breeder should not be a breeder. Now when a breeder receives such an Email as the one above, it reassures him that his selecting the parents of each litter, the raising and picking out each puppy for owners, who are not able to come by and pick it out together, is done correctly.

We would love to publish more "testimonials", especially from owners who just had received a puppy and the puppy had to fly many hours to get to the destination. Lots of families had written to us in the past that the puppies came out of the crate and just wanted to give kisses and were so happy to be taken in by a human being. This reaction a puppy only will show, if it had been raised with love and care. Not only do we select the parents of our litters, we also select the new owners, so they will continue to give love and care to the new family member, but not only love and care a puppy needs, also understanding and responsibility they have to have for this puppy. These creatures depend on us, we have to treat them correct and we are only able to do that, if we know what a puppy and dog needs and how this puppy or dog lives in nature.

Just like Elizabeth wrote. Now she will spend lots of time with her new puppy, so the puppy will learn and bond with her. And yes, this will also be time consuming, but it will be rewarded in having a best friend you can think off.

Dagmar and Jessica Anderson

breeder of House- and Team Barrett

Dayna vom Team Barrett, a daughter of "Bella von Vierhundert Hertz" and "Gino vom Haus Barrett"

Received in February 2019, just after Dayna had arrived and I had asked how she was doing!

Hi Dagmar

She is doing wonderfully - everyone loves her! The baggage handler at the airport wanted to know where exactly she'd come from - he said he was in love with her - so I gave him your details

It has been very snowy here and she's loved the snow.
Everyone admires her and she's settled in very well - she's slept right through the night for the past three nights!
She has a lovely personality - full of life - as you said!
She's a character! She's already a big part of the family.

Vex vom Haus Barrett, son of Indi and Nex

Received in Juli 2015

I wanted to let you know how Vex was doing. Very simply put he is a GREAT dog in all respects. HIs gait, run and trot postures are so pretty to watch. When he moves it is very fluid I cannot imagine any hip issues. When he chases a ball ears back, head down its so fun to watch. In short this dog is an athlete more so than any of my other GSD dogs ever. He has a full rich coat, no blemishes, no skin issues thus far. His head is wider, his nose is shorter than TImo so he has a very strong look.

Vex has a VERY VERY high play drive way way more than any other dog I have raised. We play with him until he pants so heavily and he takes maybe a ten minute rest and he is back for more. We have had to be careful as we have had warm weather this spring in Seattle. In the evening he wants to play again before bedtime. Vex is protective and territorial like all my GSDs.

Most important is temperament. Vex is becoming a FANTASTIC member of the family. He is smart enough to play rough with the boys (who enjoy throwing the football and wrestling with Vex) and not bother my oldest daughter who prefers cats. He knows if he wants to be petted he should go to me or my youngest daughter. He has figured out his place in the pack. Our family functions better with a dog, but it would be a nightmare with the wrong dog. This is a dog whose intelligence is bred. We are just using what he knows instinctively.

Dagmar, you should be so very proud of the work you do. Timo was such a great dog, so loved by this family and we still miss him to this day even though we had him for almost 11 years. Vex is a different dog in many ways but provides the same role in our family as Timo and Chief before him.

Family Vachon

Ucci, a son of "Funny von der Martinskapelle" and "Yakko vom Haus Barrett"

Received in March 2015

All is good for Ucci! His transformation from the 10 week old pup to being now 7 months was such fun for my wife and I to watch. He is truly a pleasure to have as our new companion and has the best temperament ever plus he does the funnest things making us laugh-- what a jokester.

He housebroke in record time and never chewed or destroyed anything. He has a deep thick shiny black coat and his tanish baby color is changing to a deep red looking more and more like his dad. He is right on schedule at 55 pounds and has all his pearly white teeth with the perfect bite. Although it is hard to keep him on schedule for he is a chow hound.

Everyday he loves exploring his fenced in acre home looking for sticks and things or just playing is the small water pond and stream which runs through my property. His strong temperament shows with his alerting on strange sounds with his deep bark and also in the morning to let the other dogs in the mountain and valley know he is here. He also now alerts on sounds or when someone comes to the house which is a natural for him.

I couldn't be more pleased with his wonderful disposition with all the grand-children. He is so gentle with them - you can see by the way he plays and just wants to be with them all the time. One would think he thinks he is one of them (LOL). And I must say he is very dog friendly which is great too.

When we go for his daily walk, he stand so proud and I get so many compliments on his looks. So many people stop to look or they come over to talk and pet him which he loves. I even take him shopping at Home Depot or other places walking up and down the isles for hours meeting people and showing him many things.

The most fun I have is teaching him to find objects in the snow or in my house or just to find the grand-children hidden in the woods. His nose work is strong - he performs so well in this area tracking with his head down and mouth closed. His tenacity and drive to not stop till he finds what I hid for him is incredible.
He is a natural with listening to what we say - he heels, sits, downs, and comes so nicely without any formal training. Best of all is retrieval which he can do all day long. And he does all the fun stuff too that the grand-kids taught him like shake, roll over and talk. Its so funny when he talks and we talk back - its like we're having a conversation. He looks directly at us and as we speak back he tilts his head from side to side as if he understands.

As you know from our conversations and planning which litter to choose over the years, Funny and Yakko was my pick because of their confirmation and disposition. I wanted a strong looking male, quality blood lines, and a family dog with a touch of natural protection. He has exceeded all my expectations in every area.

Thank you for Ucci ---- I'm a PROUD owner of a Barrett German Shepherd!

Steve Rubini

to the left Reagan, to the right Uliesel

Received in February 2015

We have two Haus-Barrett females - Reagan (Tyson/Orca) and Uliesel (Yakko/Funny). Both dogs are beautiful, extremely smart and very sweet. Every time we take the dogs out walking, we get compliments on how pretty they are from the people we meet. We got Reagan first and then got Uliesel when Reagan was almost 12 months old. Both dogs immediately took to each other and are now inseparable friends. Even though Uliesel is still a puppy, she won't back down to Reagan and gives as good as she gets.

We were initially a bit hesitant to order a dog sight unseen from Germany but both dogs are everything we could ask for. We described ourselves and our desires to Dagmar and trusted her to pick out "moms" and then puppies that would "fit" us. Both times, we were extremely satisfied with Dagmar's decision. Her choices were spot on.

We know getting a puppy shipped from Germany can be intimidating for some people but recommend Haus-Barrett without hesitation. Dagmar raises quality dogs and will make sure to provide you the puppy of your dreams.

We would recommend choosing a "mom" from those Dagmar recommends based on your personal family and who would match best. Then we would recommend putting a deposit down for the next litter planned for that Dam… Obviously there are no guarantees, but this really helped us to get puppies from two of the Dams Dagmar recommended

Reagan (daughter of Orca and Tyson

Uliesel (daughter of Funny and Yakko)

Three year old Fallon. She is the sister of Flash. Flash will enrich our breeding program in 2015

Received in January 2015

Hi Dagmar.

We just wanted to update you on Fallon(Akeila) from Yanka and Buddy. Fallon arrived as an eight week old after a long flight from Germanyto the west coast of Canada. Proudly stepped out of the crate, said hi to our old boyScout and has never looked back. She took the challenge by storm and is up to try anything we show her. She is a very smart dog, social with dogs, loves people, happy, healthy, and but has protective side when needed. We travel a lot and she comes with us everywhere we go. We have recently traveled in the western U.S., and
she is up ready to go every morning and loves the long car rides.

Everywhere we go people ask to meet her and ask about her breed, as a lot of people have not seen and long haired GSD before. She loves the attention. We are so happy to direct everyone to your web site for more information. We have taught her obedience, searching and tracking, and she has done some tricks classes as well. And recently she has made us very proud of how steady and confident she is in all situations. We decided since she was so friendly, we would like to train her to be a volunteer therapy/hospice dog. Annette went to the
meeting first and was told by St. John's Ambulance, who run the program here, of what to expect. They do not train you, but test owner and dog in all situations. We thought Fallon may not make it this year, but it would be good experience for them both and we could try again when she was older. Fallon, who is not even three years old, passed with flying colours, and the testers were impressed as she is so young, and they do not have many owners with GSDs apply. We were told after the test, that you can only try once with your dog, and can not re-apply later. Fallon clearly is a very balanced dog, capable of many different tasks and adjusts her energy level to the job at hand. They will start visiting long term care shortly and hopefully bring a few smiles to the residents.

Anyone waiting for the Yanka/Buddy puppies, it is well worth the wait.
For that matter, we are sure that any puppy coming from Barrett will make the owners very happy. We say this, hoping we too can have a second Barrett sometime soon.

Thank you Dagmar for doing what you do. Clearly you love the breed, and your dogs. House of Barrett-Changing the worlds opinion of the GSD, one puppy at a time.

Peter, Annette and Akeila(Fallon)

Ucci, an offspring of "Funny von der Martinskapelle" and "Yakko vom Haus Barrett" together with family and Santa Claus

Received in December 2014

Ucci is doing fabulous. His temperament could not be any better. And he does the funniest things such as collecting everything not tied down so to say (his toys, plastic container wrappers, his bones, slippers, etc) and carries them to his bed but doesn't chew them, rather he just hides them. Or he plays hockey with the plastic containers by slapping them around the house with his big front feet.

And outside - zowie -- he loves retrieving and bring it back. I use fake dog toy to simulate dumbbells and he carries them exactly in the middle as if he was in trail. Such a funny enjoyable dog; especially with the grand Children.

He is full of play and gets along great with my Pomeranian but I do have to say she ( Gucci the Parm) keeps him in line, active for she is fast and barks at him and he runs and sounds like a horse. Historical to watch!

We took most of the family and went to see Santa and I thought you would want a copy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ellery, an offspring of Olympia and Tyson

Received in February 2014

Hi Dagmar,

Well, it is almost two years since Ellery, we call her Lila, was born. And she has brought so much joy into our lives. She is beautiful, with a gorgeous head and face. She's a bit on the petite size in height, but she sure jumps high and far. I sometimes get nervous watching her as she files down the staircase 2 steps at a time.

Lila is quite the party girl…she loves to play, and finds everything funny. But she is the cuddliest girl we have ever had. Whenever my children return home, Lila finds her way into their beds at night. She sleeps with the newest arrival for a few days, eventually returning to my bedroom.

Lila has the sweetest disposition. She lays quietly while I groom her, cutting her nails, brushing her fur, cleaning her ears. She never gets upset. But, she definitely is not the best listener. When Lila is being spoken to sternly, she gets super close and rolls over saying, "Look at me, I didn't mean it, see I am so good, please rub my tummy." I know, we shouldn't, but we cannot resist her face. She tries so hard to please, and she makes everyone laugh.

Lila and her "sister" Evita get along wonderfully. They often remind me of two toddler sisters. I feel so lucky that they like each other. When I leave, they have full run of the house, but both just sleep together in the kitchen.

Lila is so wonderful, we couldn't ask for more. I hope you and your family are doing well. My husband and I look at your website every few weeks, and fall in love over and over again with your puppies. I wish I could have another, but two is enough for now.

Best and warmest regards,

Nadine and family

Lincoln an offspring of Yanka and Buddy

Received in January 2014

Hi Dagmar,
Hope this email finds you and your family well. Jeff and I wanted to send you a photo of Lincoln at 1 year. He has turned into an exceptionally good boy. He is amazingly active, but loves all people and dogs (squirrels and deer are another matter). As an offspring of Yanka and Buddy, he exceeds all expectations of their best traits. We know that the upcoming litter will be wonderful and anyone lucky enough to get one of their puppies will have a fabulous companion. As always,
Best Regards,
Jane and Jeff

Bär, the son of Funny von der Martinskapelle and Buddy vom Kuckucksland, together with his owner

Bar vom Haus Barrett is soon to be 17 months old weighs 88 pounds. Bar is German for bear. Bar is not as tall as the two GSD that we had before him, but he is longer, both were from Germany, both long hair and great dogs. Each had there own personalities, both faithful family companions. Hans (the second GDS) was my wife's dog and best friend, wanted to be in the area but not the touchy feely type. The first was Zeke well trained and a great protector, which takes a lot of time and training, I was younger then and more demanding at that time. Zeke was gallant, and obedient, never did anything he wasn't told to. Now we have only Bar, Hans passed two months after bar arrived at the age of 12 years 3 months. Bar is smarter than the other two, very loving, always by my side (or on my lap) when I'm home, or working in the yard or garden. He rides in the truck and John Deere Gator, loves to visit the neighbors. Bar has a Doggy Door and lives with us, he has access to a large run with a six foot fence, but he lives in the house. One other thing about Bar, he is a trouble maker. Everything in the house is locked up or put above six foot. I should have known that this was the way it was going to be from the start, example:

Bar arrived at Chicago Airport on January 2, 2012, things around the farm has not been the same since. When we picked him up after his long journey, put him in his shipping cage in the back of our large SUV to take him home, about 4 hour trip by car. I put down one of the seats to access the cage, my wife was driving and we had a life-long friend (before kindergarten) with us, they were both in the front. I let bar out of his cage and gave him a small dish of water, he drank it then came over and laid on my lap. After a while he got up, smelled around, walked back into his cage and peed, I thought that this dog was the smartest dog I'd ever seen for his age, but wait. Next I decided to give him food, been many hours since he had any. I knew that the rule with puppies is food in shortly poop out, but I was sure he would go to the cage just as before, well I was wrong. Now remember it is below freezing, in the state I live in you must wear a seat belt even in the back (so I'm tied down), so Bar ate well, then starts the smelling around again, into the cage he goes, out in a short while, but no smell. I expected an odor, but none, this is a great dog. Then off to explore the back of the SUV, just 6 inches past my reach he finds my cap. I grew up in a farm community every male in the county wears a cap. Bar smells it looks at me almost smiling, as if he knew I could not reach him, squats and poops in my cap, now I have other caps, no big deal. Remember I said it was below freezing, and we are in a vehicle in heavy traffic, with heat on and the windows up. Oh what an odor, windows go down, two women yelling at me, the three of us have a hard time breathing, and five miles to the next exit. Get to a gas station about ten minutes later, dump the hat and leave before anyone can stop us, where is Bar, asleep in the seat. We rode in the cold with the windows down for miles, my eyes still water just thinking about it. Since then I keep the caps hid.
Well that was the start. Bar has done many things, over the last year, like carrying a box on his head up the stairs, taking the can goods from the basement shelving to his pen in the back yard, through his Doggy Door. Last summer he found that he could get on the bed by himself; one night he chewed a hole in the down comforter, Mary Ann wakes up yelling that we had spiders in the bed. Turns out, after we turned the lights on that Bar was entertaining himself by slapping his paw on the bed so it would spew feathers through the small hole, which was directly under the ceiling fan. That night he was MY DOG, so I cleaned the bedroom, anyway Mary Ann was laughing so hard she would not have been much help, She loves to tell the story. Another instance we bought a new front load washing machine last fall and Mary Ann was getting ready to wash the sheets and pillow cases when she had a distraction, she came back, started the washer, said Bar was setting beside the washer where he was when she left the room for only minutes. She had not got the door closed, when she finished washing and when to put everything in the dryer, part of it was missing. You guessed it, Bar had taken what he could out the Doggy Door and in the process had shut the washer door so Mary Ann did not notice anything was wrong. There is not a day that goes by that we do not laugh at something that he does.

If you want a dog, go to the pound. If you want a member of the family, that is smart, loving, wants to learn, you can laugh at and I swear with, get a Barrett. Bar is fast, strong, faithful and loves everybody that comes to our farm. When he has a leash on he is one of the best manner dogs around, when it's off he is a bear. Bar is our protector; about three weeks ago along about 1:00 AM the coyotes came up behind the house and started yelping, way close to the house. Bar came into the bedroom jumped on the bed and raised cane, barking loud. I went to the back door and scared them away, Bar slept in the door way to the bedroom the rest of the night (he likes to sleep outside in the cold). I went back to sleep, Mary Ann read for a while, she said he would growl once in a while. No body or thing was going to get past Bar.
Some say we have spoiled Bar, Mary Ann will fix him chicken and noodles, we buy chicken livers when we go to the store, just for him, and if he gets low on marrow bones we stop everything and go to the butcher shop. This all being said, we raised our son them same way. Don't get me wrong we corrected our son as do we with Bar, I guess what I'm trying to express, is the fact that he is not just a dog. He's Bar vom Haus Barret, his I.D. tag reads Bar Patton, he's family. Just wish we'd got twins.

April 10, 2013
Randy Patton
Mount Auburn, Illinois, USA

Received in April 2013

Dame-Ziva, a daughter of Nora and Tyson

Received for New Years 2012

Dear Dagmar & Family,

Our Dame-Ziva (Tyson-Nora) has just turned 4 years old, so we thought it would be a good time to send you an update on her.
She continues to have endless energy. She never seems to get tired. She was very happy when she went outside this morning to find the ground covered in snow. She loves to run as fast as she can in the snow.
Ziva is a very healthy and happy girl. She has learned to live with her feline housemate. Although, she does like to "correct" the cat when he scratches on the furniture or doors. She knows that he should not do this and will offer her assistance by nipping at the cat's hind legs while he is stretched up in a scratching pose to make him get down. If that fails, she just knocks him down and holds him with her paw. She is a very efficient disciplinarian!
She also continues to exhibit very distinct BARRETT traits - she loves to have a toy in her mouth. She also prefers to select which toy she would like to play with at any particular time. Her toys are in a container and she will stick her head inside the container and toss out the toys she is NOT interested in until she finds the one that she wants that day. She is not looking for the same toy each time. One day it may be the small red ball, the next day it may be the chew bone and another day it may be the large pink ball, etc. She has very strong opinions!!
She is convinced that every bed (and sofa) in the house belongs to her. She loves to be very comfortable when she sleeps. She sleeps just like a person. She arranges the pillows until they are to her exact liking - sometimes even tossing them off the bed if she does not want a pillow that day. She is so funny, she makes us laugh.

Ziva is a very good guard dog. She is always alert and will defend her people & property, which seems to come naturally to her.
She is very smart and loves to be challenged mentally. I am always trying to think of games to play that work her mind. She loves to search & find things. She has an excellent nose for tracking. Hopefully, in the spring we can do some more of this type of training.
We have attached a few photos to show you - the first ones show her on alert for a stranger approaching, then there are pictures of her using her nose to find treats that are hidden in a puzzle (she must first identify which wooden peg has the hidden treat using her sense of smell, then she must remove the peg to reveal the treat), then her guarding the house by watching out the window for strangers and finally Ziva opening her Christmas present (she understands the concept of unwrapping presents better than most children!!).

We hope that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and will enjoy a very Happy New Year!

Warmest Regards,
Susan & Michael Goldstein

Dame-Ziva watching out for strangers and looking for her Christmas presents

Uriel, a daughter of Nora and Tyson (view u-litter)

Received in December 2012

Hi Dagmar,

I was finally able to send some photos of our wonderful GSD, Uriel. We changed her name to Fiona, and call her "Fee". You cannot imagine how much we love this dog. She is more human than dog, she is so full of energy and so ready to play, but yet obedient and very sensitive to everyone in the family She is especially great with our grandchildren, as you can see from the picture. She is always carrying something around in her mouth, but then you said, all Barretts do this. She also loves the water and is always dropping her toys in the pool, so she can fish them out.

I must admit, we were a little hesitant at first, buying a puppy we couldn't choose for ourselves, but you sent us the perfect one. I have recommended you to several of my friends, because they think our dog is so beautiful and so smart...

A million thanks again for a most wonderful addition to our family. I always check your website and love seeing the puppies and the incredibly beautiful adults. I am sending along a few more pictures separately.

PS. Yesterday was her second birthday, so we had a big party.
Thanks again,
Pat Gordon

Hindy, a daughter of Indi and Yakko

Received in November 2012

I am doing well. I have two new teeth. My parents say I am too active, but anyway they try to be on my level.
Please find some photos – me and my “friend•, me and my favorite toy ( in principal I am playing with everything in the house, espesially with these things, which my parents think are not allowed),
and simply me.
I will keep you informed, now I am on a hurry as we are going for a walk
Best regards

Xavier from House Barrett, a son of Queeny and Tyson

We have received an Email from Linda and John out of New York, the happy owner of "Xavier"

We like to share these lines with all the visitors of our webpge

Hi Dagmar,

I want to send you a picture of our beautiful Warrior (Xavier), from Queeny & Tyson. He is now 10 months old and I must say, probably the most beautiful dog we've ever had. And he is so loveable! He makes us laugh so much. I forget that he is still a pup because he is so big! He looks so much like his Dad, Tyson. Such beautiful color and long, long hair. People are always stopping to tell us how beautiful he is.

I thank you, Dagmar, for the friendship that has formed between us over the past year and a half. You were so patient as I continued to email you. And you always got back with me quickly to answer my questions or reassure me. This dog was well worth the wait!

I hope some day you can visit us in New York.

Linda & John

Tuco from House Barrett, a son of Olympia and Tyson

We have received an Email from Donna out of Canada, the happy owner of "Tuco"

We like to share these lines with all the visitors of our webpge

February 14th, 2011

Just wanted to thank you again for all the work and love you and your family have done in breeding and raising these exceptional German shepherd dogs. I am so happy I found your website and have followed it closely over this past year. You provide all the information that people need and should be researching before bringing a GSD into there home. I know you have experienced losses over the years and yet continue to be committed to the future of this beautiful breed.
You have allowed us into your home so to speak and see for ourselves that these dogs are given all the right things ie breeding,training,socialization etc. Your standards are of the highest quality and I only wish that more breeders would follow suit.
Now about our Tuco, he is the brightest and smartest puppy.( i'm sure everyone says that) but he seems to learn things almost instantly! I noticed right from day one that he looks directly into our eyes. I am sure that he gets that from Tyson. He is confident, not shy or afraid of new people or things. He loves car rides, going to new places and is just curious about everything.
We are in puppy socialization class right now and I am just so proud of him.
Although we never planned to do sch training with him, he will continue into obedience classes and we will see where this leads. (I'll keep you updated on his progress). He is 20 lbs , very fuzzy so looks much bigger and super handsome.
I have to laugh that one of the other new puppy parent changed the name to devil! We were close to doing the same during week no.1, only to soon realize that these guys were born to work,are active and have brains. They want to please, need our patience,persistence and guidance to become the best that they can be. We love our Tuco very much, he is a lot of work and wouldn't change him for the world.
Sincerely and forever grateful
Donna Biber

Maxus from House Barrett, a son of Olympia and Tyson

We have received an Email from Michelle

We like to share these lines with all the visitors of our webpge

December 16th, 2010


To all the German Shepherd lovers out there, who are lucky enough to get a long coat from House Barrett like my Maxus, which came from the Olympia and Tyson litter, you would be in heaven! Look at how handsome my boy is! Not only is he drop dead gorgeous, he is the biggest and I mean the biggest love ever! I live in Virginia in the USA and had Maxus shipped over here by Dagmar. This has been the best thing I could have ever done. Thank you Dagmar for this absolutely beautiful long coat German Shepherd by the name of Maxus that you picked for me!

In these pictures Maxus just turned 9 months old.

Michelle and Maxus

Dayna vom House Barrett, daughter of Nora and Tyson

We have received such a nice Email from "Dayna"

We like to share these lines with you

December 12th, 2010

Hello Mama Nora and Dad Tyson and of course family Anderson,

At first congratulations to mama and dad with the new born puppies. It is great to hear that there are so many brothers and sisters.
Hopefully you are doing well mom because it is a very intens occasion. Me and my family hope to see some pictures soon.
The families who will get a puppy out of this litter will be extremely lucky.
The children of Nora and Tyson are very intelligent with a high playdrive and very aimed at people.
That is what I hear from my family.

They are still very happy to have me!!!!
We all folow your site Dagmar and it is good to see that everything is going well.

Greetings from Dayna!!!!

Xabie from House Barrett, a daughter of Nora and Tyson

Kerry Krumbeck from Houston send the following lines to us to share with everybody

July 17th 2008

I would like to say a few words about my experience with House Barrett and the puppy I recently received. First, my little female "Xabie" from Nora - Tyson is everything I was hoping for. She's smart, loves the tennis ball, and anything that has water in it. This is my 3rd week with her and she already knows Sit, Down, and Go to Bed thru food treats. We do ball play and she's doing great: Take it - Bring, and Here. Xabie is playful, smart, confident, alert, affectionate, and shows a lot of expression.
I knew before the puppy arrived what I was getting thru the litter pages. Many evenings were spent looking over each breeding combination and the offspring they produced. By describing to Dagmar my likes, dislikes, and dog experience level she selected the perfect female from the X litter.
I also like that Dagmar titles her dogs in Schutzhund. This shows her commitment to a sound breeding program that's about more than just breeding long coats as in the U.S.
Once I decided to import a female Shepherd from House Barrett the hardest part was waiting and seeing other females go to their new homes that had deposits ahead of mine.
My vet gave Xabie a clean bill of health and commented that she was the finest female GSD he has seen in structure and looks. I could not be happier.
Kerry Krumbeck
Houston, Texas

Yoko from House Barrett

The Santos Family from North Carolina send the following lines to us to share with everybody

July 23rd 2008
Well, what can I say? I fell in love with dear baby Yoko from the moment I met her! She has the most wonderful temperament, extraordinary pigmentation, and she is as graceful as can be. My family and I have owned quality German Shepherds our entire lives and we must admit that Baby Yoko is the smarted little girl we have ever had. At nine weeks old….. she knows her name, goes in and out of the doggy door and is extremely alert and very feisty! When I talk about her….my friends say it sounds like I am talking about my very own daughter and I tell them "I am." In such a short time, Yoko has become such an important part of our family….my husband and I, my father, my two children, my two other German Shepherds and my American Bulldog.
It was my pleasure to work with such an exceptional person and breeder like Dagmar. She is honest, experienced and most of all cares about the kind of puppy that will be the best fit for your family. I am so thankful to have found House-Barrett Kennels and can`t wait to have another House-Barrett baby join my family in the future!!!!!!

Sincerely and Graciously,

The Santos Family

Yago vom Haus Barrett

M.C. and Beverly Rhoads send the following lines to us to share with everybody:

CONGRATULATIONS The fact that you are reading these testimonials tells me that you have already accomplished a difficult task. You have found the House-Barrett website where long-haired GSD's (German Shepherd Dogs) of the highest quality are found.

My wife and I have had German Shepherds for over 25 years now. We lost our beloved Oskar in December of 2003. He was a long coat and the most perfect friend a person could have. I tear up just writing these lines about him.

As you read these testimonials you will see similar stories about people who have experienced the great joy of living with GSD's and the deep sorrow of losing them. The common thread is that they come back for more.

I was told of the House-Barrett website by a German friend who was for many years herself a breeder of the GSD. You can see what a beautiful website this is but read between the lines and feel the love that Dagmar Anderson and her family have for these magnificent animals. If you're an animal lover, I'll bet you have observed the way people handle their animals and thereby accurately assessed that person's character. Dagmar Anderson is like that. What you see on her website is what you get.

A German Shepherd is not for everybody. Read the information on this site about their history and temperament etc. If you want a dog to chain to a tree in the backyard please hit ( CTRL ALT DELETE ). If you are looking for a highly intelligent animal that sleeps in your master bedroom and gives your family tons of love, affection and protection consider a dog from House-Barrett.

If you can travel to Germany to see these animals firsthand do so by all means. I could not afford to make the trip. We exchanged many emails with Dagmar. She got acquainted with us and we formed a kinship with her. It is difficult to send a substantial sum of money (not to mention trusting in them to choose the right puppy for you) into the black hole of the internet but have faith, you will be enormously rewarded.

We had to wait for some time to get the parents we wanted and then hope for the right number of males and females. We decided on a little boy from Melody and Gustl. Yago (see him in the "Y" litter) was born in August of 2004 and we picked him up at the airport in October. All I can say is the internet photos don't do these dogs justice. They are awesome.

If you choose a puppy from House-Barrett, don't wait for a small, shy little dog to arrive. Dagmar's puppies are big, bold and beautiful. What you will find when you open the shipping crate has to be experienced to be believed. Yago had been in his crate for about 15 hours. He knew his name and he had made no mess. He bounded out of the crate and had kisses for us. He knew he was going home. He rode on my wife's lap and didn't cry or whine.

Dagmar Anderson is available by email or phone and will answer questions and is a great resource. Don't assume that your vet knows everything about your dog. Scientific knowledge is one thing but a good breeder has a lot of practical experience where "the rubber meets the road".

If you require an independent opinion, email me at (oskarvinnie6@aol.com) I will give you my phone number if you want. I love to talk about these most special animals.

The best recommendation I can give House-Barret is this--I would buy another dog from them in a heartbeat.
M.C. and Beverly (and YAGO of course) Rhoads
Washington State, December 2004

Quindy vom Haus Barrett, a daughter of Cindy and Gustl

A wonderful letter we received from Sonja and family:

We would like to share our experience with everyone who is interested in getting puppy from the House-Barrett kennel. You will not only get a wonderful, beautiful, well socialized and healthy puppy, you will get a breeder who will be there for you 24/7 (this is not an exaggeration).

We decided to get a puppy in the summer of 2002. We were vacationing in Maine and one night, we found a beautiful German Shepherd in the middle of the dirt road, deep into the Maine woods. She was lost and clearly eager to be with people. We took her with us and the very next day found her owners. That night made us decide to get another dog. We have had a mix Shepherd for 10 years and after she died and we moved to New York City we didn't want to have another dog. However, one single night with that dog in Mane made us change our minds.

We have had very bad experience many years before with the breeder in New Jersey, so I decided to hit the internet and look for a dog in Germany. At that time I even didn't know that you can get a long coat GSD. Once I found out that such breeders exist, I found Dagmar's web page and after seeing her dogs, it was clear to us that we wanted to have one of them. It was love at first sight! Purchasing a puppy over the phone is a pretty scary experience. You cannot see puppies or parents and you have to rely on what you see on the web site. I talked many times with Dagmar and got a very good feeling. She put me in touch with a lady who already bought her dogs from Dagmar and I was sure that I will get a very good puppy.

We couldn't get a dog from the litter we were waiting for, because Indra produced only two puppies, so we went on the waiting list for the next litter. Little while later Cindy and Gustl had pups and we were getting one of them. I cannot describe what excitement filled our house. After 6 years without dog we were getting a puppy! It was almost like expecting a baby.

Quindy arrived in Boston one cold, December afternoon. Except for being a little smelly after such long flight, she was in excellent shape. She slept on my lap on the way home for five hours. She didn't cry, she felt very comfortable and was very sweet. When we came home, I gave her a short bath and she took it like a trooper. No fear, or tantrum or anything like it. Only two days after her arrival she "asked" to go out. We were all very impressed. She was the cutest and funniest little dog we have ever seen. Needless to say we loved her from the moment we saw her. She always had ideas what to do next. She was a little entertainer! We had such good laughs with her!
Then, it was time to return to New York. The trip was about 10 hours and she went through it with no problem. Since then, we have made many of these trips with Quindy and she always took it well.

Unfortunately, in New York she managed to find a glass and brake it and eat a piece of it. She had to have surgery and was unlucky enough to get complications from it which required another surgery. At that time Dagmar was talking to me on daily basis sometimes more than once. It was because of Dagmar that my dog survived. She told me what to feed her and how to care for her. Doctors here were absolutely useless. It took long time for Quindy to recover, but she did. I remember that one doctor suggested of putting her down. She would be surprised to see her today.

Quindy is a beautiful, self confident, outgoing dog. Her intelligence is incredible. I was very worried that after her ordeal with hospital she will become fearful and unstable. It didn't happen. She loves people and especially children. I can never take a short walk around the block with her, because so many people stop to ask where did I get her and what kind of dog she is. When she was still a puppy, she would never get scared of sirens (which are notorious for New York City) or other strange noises. She kept her cool in all situations. She loves other dogs, too. We bring her to the dog run every day and she plays with other dogs without any problems. When we go to Maine she accompanies us on our snowmobile rides or in summer she comes kayaking and swimming. Swimming is her favorite activity.

She has excellent sense of smell and without ever being trained to track she will let me know if somebody came home (she gets very excited in the elevator) or she would pull me through the park till she finds one of our kids or my husband. She knows all of us by name. One early Sunday morning (I was still in my night gown) I went to throw out some trash and locked myself out in the hallway. I knew that our doormen will be coming to pick up the garbage any moment, and I didn't know how to get back. My husband was on the phone in another room so I told to Quindy through the closed door 'go get Helmut". I heard her going away and barking, but of course my husband didn't react. Then she came back and barked and I told her again to 'go get Helmut'. She went again and barked at him and he finally realized that something was going on and opened the door. I was very proud of my little girl. She has to visit a place only once to know exactly how to get there. She knows for example, where my studio is or where my husband's office is. She will make the turn to the exact street where she has to go. I have tested her so many times and she never failed.

I cannot praise Dagmar's work with her dogs enough. She has unmatched dedication when it comes to caring for and training her dogs. She has become my friend and we still e-mail each other on regular basis. I must also mention her children who are very involved with raising the pups and are doing an excellent job. For that, we thank them all.

Sonja, Helmut, Meret and David Hofer,
Rangeley Plt., Maine, 2004

Wotai vom Haus Barrett, a son of Nora and Tabaluga

Theresa and family wrote another very nice letter for me to share after receiving their 2nd dog from us two weeks ago:

Dear Dagmar and family;

Our family, and yours, have become friends via the Internet for over a year now. At that time, you blessed us with an intelligent and loyal dog from the S Litter, who we call "Sina". She is one of the most intelligent and beautiful dogs we have ever owned. And…we like to believe that no one else around has one like her! We love her dearly and she's everything you promised she would be, and more. She gives us so much love!

Two weeks ago, you delivered to us another sweet dog we call "Wotai". It seems as if I had waited so long for his arrival, yet I feel now as if I've loved him a lifetime. You 'selected' this dog for me, and I can say without a doubt, you gave me one of the best puppies ever bred! I know…you have lots of wonderful dogs, but for me, he's simply the best!

I can not say enough about your dedication to producing an exceptional breed that meets and exceeds the German Shepherd standards. Your dogs have wonderful temperaments, in that they adore being around people, especially children, enjoy riding in cars, love playing and visiting with other dogs and EXCEL in training. There is nothing that I could say that your dogs would not do. They give of themselves unconditionally and love without end. Plus, they are simply gorgeous!

It is very obvious to me of the time and dedication that your entire family puts into breeding an exceptional dog, for any pleasure or work. Even my "not-so-fond-of-shepherd" friends have changed their opinion of the breed after being around my German Shepherds. You should be proud of your commitment to the betterment of this breed. I know your children also contribute lots of time in raising the pups, at a critical time in their lives, so that they will become superior family members! I thank them too, as both my pups came to me loving children and very well socialized.

Dagmar, please know that I cherish you as a friend as well as an expert in the breeding, caring and raising of the German Shepherd Dog. You have responded with the utmost of urgency to any questions I've raised and always taken the time to check up on my progress. You've exceeded all my expectations of buying a dog from the initial discussions, transferring of funds, transportation and follow up. Not to mention, from all the way across the other side of the world! I've never had one bad experience, and in the end, I've found a wonderful, honest, generous person and friend - and two lifelong companions!

Thank you again for the pleasure of owning not only one of your dogs, but two. I promise, I will love and care for them like my own children. I'll also tell anyone looking for a dog in the states to contact you. Your expertise and commitment to providing superior service to your clients, goes unmatched. I hear horror stories from people over here having had bad experiences with poor breeders. I KNOW anyone would be happy with a dog from you! I'm so blessed to have met you!

Take care, and know that we will always think of you and your wonderful family with loving thoughts.

Sina and Wotai's Family

Mai 2004

Sina vom Haus Barrett, a daughter of Zaskia and Gustl

Theresa and family wrote a wonderful letter for me to share:

As you know, my family and I live in on an acreage in the state of Iowa. We are great lovers of animals and nature, and especially, have a great love for the German Shepherd dog. We have been blessed to have owned a German female, over the past several years. Unfortunately, our relationship with her ended a year ago, at the age of 9, when she went on to fulfill yet another mission in her life-long journey with Her Keeper. Her name was Ina. She was a standard coat from Germany. We got her from a friend who found other interests other than raising a puppy. Their loss was our gain!

In our attempt to fill a tremendous void after Ina passed, we sought to find another companion who might provide the same level of love that our devoted friend once provided us. In our search, we came upon your website where we found some of the most beautiful dogs we've ever laid eyes upon. Gustl's picture was breathtaking, to say the least. Although we've never seen, in person, a true 'coated' German Shepherd, we definitely became infatuated by the beauty your dogs portrayed in pictures. We were convinced that your dogs could only be MORE beautiful in person. My husband and I became obsessed with looking at your website every evening, just to admire your dogs and their progeny. It became apparent to us that we needed to inquire about owning one of your dogs.

After viewing all of the pages on your website, it was obvious to us that you took much pride in raising and training your dogs to be top performers. It was apparent by the time you spent creating and presenting your champions on your website. It is one of the most professional, informative websites that I have visited. You've done a fantastic job in communicating the standards and temperaments of the breed. You've done this in such a way that people realize your passion for these dogs, your commitment to excellence and your personable standards.

After inquiring about available puppies and discussing the requirements of purchasing one, we became lucky enough to bring home a wonderful female from Haus Barrett! Coincidentally, to our previous dog Ina, her name was Sina! Her parents are the beautiful Zaskia and the breathtaking Gustl. What a wonderful combination! I'd say you've done a great job in the selection process of your parents, both in confirmation and ability!

We could not have been more pleased to bring Sina into our home to live in our 'pack'. After a very long, and most likely frightening journey to the states, Sina arrived in good condition. We drove three hours to pick her up. It was during a torrential rainstorm, and the plane arrived 3 hours later than the scheduled arrival time - in the middle of the night! We opened the crate only to find an outgoing, happy and bouncing puppy that was more than eager to jump right into my husband's lap. You would have never known that she just lost her parents, specifically her mama, flew thousands of miles across the world and spent many long and lonesome hours in a small crate. Her personality was just splendid, and I was overcome with joy to see such a happy, loving creature. And...how beautiful she was! Needless to say, she laid in my arms and rode the next three hours in the car to her final destination - without a peep! She seemed content and happy to be in the company of humans again. Hats off to you, Dagmar! A less socialized puppy, without human contact and the exposure of normal day-to-day noise and commotion would have showed very visible signs of trauma. To this day, Sina has adjusted to every change in her environment without hesitation!

Sina has been a blessing to our family. She is one of the most loving German Shepherds we have been around. She loves our children, the neighbors and our friends. She adores farm living, going on walks, accompanying with chores, chasing sticks, playing with her 'dog friends' and swimming in her pool. Sina attended puppy obedience classes at 4 mons. of age and excelled at each of her tasks. She graduated well above all other puppies and continues to show desire each and every day in her need to learn new activities. Everyone we meet asks where we got such a handsome and intelligent dog. HAUS BARRETT, I SAY!!

At such a very young age, Sina 'waits' at the bottom or top of the steps before proceeding, to ensure that she will not cause me to trip and fall. She 'waits' patiently at the door, before proceeding after me. She takes showers with me, sits for her nails to be clipped and picks her feet up at the door to be wiped before coming into the house. Yet, she is no less happy when she is just laying on the floor chewing on her stuffed monkey! And...kisses are her specialty! She is simply happy doing whatever is expected of her at the time. And, she only has to be shown a new task twice before she is successfully performing it on her own. Today, she is only 7 mons. old and there is no doubt in my mind that she will progress to be one of the greatest companions in dog history! If not only in OUR hearts and OUR home! :)

Lastly, not only have you provided us a wonderful and beautiful companion, I can not put into words how pleased I am with the service that you have provided throughout the selection, delivery and transition of our Sina. Your customer service skills are superior to many! You have answered each of my inquiries from the initial solicitation I made all the way to the day-to-day chit-chat I deliver regularly via email. It's very terrifying, in this day of technology, to send monies across the seas to someone whom you have never met. Then, to be secure in the fact that they will honor their promises. However, you have far exceeded my expectations! The family of Haus Barrett has not only provided us a wonderful puppy, but has gone above and beyond in giving ongoing advice and guidance in the raising of our dog. Especially, when you have numerous dogs and other clients that you must attend and train on a daily basis!

Dagmar, I thank you for your continued support and am blessed to know that you are a kind, giving and honest professional and human being. It goes without saying that your dogs are an absolute reflection of your time and effort in developing and maintaining the quality of the German Shepherd breed. I'm confident that should there be more caring individuals like yourself, this world would be a more genuine place to live and the breed will only get better as time goes on. Thank you for your honesty, commitment to integrity and superior customer service. And, of course, our beloved Sina. You can guarantee that I will testify to anyone inquiring that your complete kennel, and its family members, are top-of-the-line!

I can't wait for my next two pups from your Haus to ours, (very soon)!

Much success and good wishes, always,

Theresa, Rick and Sina

November 2003


Ajax vom Haus Jack

Scott wrote these nice words

Hello, Dagmar:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the hard work, preparation, and care that went into breeding and shipping "Ajax" here to me overseas. With your guidance and support, the process of importing was made a pleasant and positive experience. I am also very pleased with the puppy that you recommended for me. Living overseas I could not, myself, see or interact with the puppies. Yet ,relying on your experience as a breeder and your system of evaluation you were able to successfully find the right puppy for my needs. "Ajax" is a wonderful puppy and a real testament to your kennel's philosophy. "Ajax" is a very confident puppy. He is outgoing, smart, and has a wonderful disposition. He has inherited such a magnificent, noble head and already he exhibits colours which are deep and rich. I am very happy with your evaluation process and your subsequent recommendation and would be pleased to recommend Haus-Barrett to anyone looking for an exceptional puppy from an exceptional breeder. Thank you again for all of the time, work, and care that went into finding me a puppy.

Sincerely, Scott Mertz Massachusetts, USA

April 2003