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xChamp vom Team Barrett, born on 28th of August 2018x

Mother: Gina vom Team Barrett

Father: Buddy vom Kuckucksland

Gina vom Team Barret

born: 12th of August 2015 - IPO1

Körklasse 1, HD-normal, ED-normal

show title V


Buddy vom Kuckucksland

born 17th of May 2007, SchH 3,

Körklasse 1, HD-fast normal, ED-normal

Show title: V

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Last update on April 2022

Champ, 3 1/2 years old

Last update on December 21st, 2021

Champ vom Team Barrett three years old

He is such a special boy, lovable and so beautiful

October 5th, 2020

Champ does not care too much about shows. Here we see him at a show in Switzerland during the "chip and teeth check". If he feels like it he shows a very nice smooth gait and as we can see on the 2nd picture to the right, he heels very nicely as well, but at the end he wanted his reward, his ball. He almost snatched it away from "Hundemama". This was the first time for him to be shown in a show. He did not do too bad, but we can tell, that he does not care much about shows. He has his own head. He is so funny. He rather lays on the couch at home or loves to go to the dog place for training. Yet, he received the title "V2" in the working class, but at time it was not so easy for the person who did present him. He looks so much like a bear and he has so much hair and such a big masculine head.

We hope that he will become a "Dad" for the first time this coming spring.

July 21st, 2020 Meanwhile "Champ vom Team Barrett" has met all requirements for a stud dog. He passed the endurance trial, the IPG trial and last but not least the breeding survey just two weeks ago. We are so proud of this wonderful boy. As soon as he turns two years old in August he will become a part of our breeding program and hopefully we will be able to raise puppies from him in 2021.

Champ vom Team Barrett, 23 months old

Page opened on 29th of October 2019

We like to introduce the last son of our beloved "Buddy vom Kuckucksland". There is a happy but also sad story to tell about this unique boy:

Last year in summer "Hundemama" decided for a last litter with her 11 year old sire Buddy vom Kuckucksland. Since he had produced exceptional puppies with our dam Yanka over the past years, Hundemama did decide to breed him to Yanka`s daughter "Gina", which just at this moment has puppies again

Unfortunately only one puppy was born at the time. It was a boy and from day one favored his Dad when it came to bone structure, head and pigmentation. Needless to say, that this cute little puppy stayed at "House-Barrett" and never became for sale.

"Hundemama" called him Champ. He did keep its masculine body structure and the beautiful dark face just like his Dad, but from the beginning he was not a loner like his Dad, he was very friendly to every dog and humans, in fact he is extreme lovable. He loves to come and jump on everyones lab. In fact he has his "Mom`s temperament". But when Hundemama takes him to the dog place these days, he shows all the qualities of a Barrett; very easy to train and always wants to please, he has a very good preydrive and he tracks very well for his age already. Like most Barretts, he loves to eat, so the training becomes very easy.

When it comes to his size, he turned out to have a beautiful size within the German Shepherd standard, but yet his bone struture is still very stucky and he still has a very nice masculine head with lots of male expression.

Just two weeks ago he had been x-rayed for hips, elbows and back. According to the Vet the x-ray look good, so they were sent off for rating. Now we are waiting for the results to come back.

This was the happy side of the story. Now comes the bad side

Just a few months after "Champ" was born, his Dad "Buddy" passed away. The Vet was not able to diagnose the cause of his death, because it happened so fast. Everyone in the family was shocked. It took several months to learn to live without our Buddy.

In fact the year 2018 was a very sad year for "Hundemama". She had lost her two boys, first "Tyson" in spring and towards the end of the year Buddy. "Tyson and Buddy". But she also has been blessed with their offsprings "Lucky" and now "Champ". She only was training Lucky throughout 2018, not any other dog. She needed a break. This will change again in 2020, because now she has youngsters to train again, not only Champ, also the young female "Bacira", the last daughter of her beloved "Orca", which is also the halfsister of "Enza". She is almost the same age as Champ, just a few days younger. For her we will open up a page as well in the next few weeks.

Of course lots of pictures were taken of Champ throughout his first year. We like to share some of them on this page

Little Champ did pass the new requirement "temperament test" when he was just 10 months old. A Video had been made of this test and it can be viewed on YouTube under following link:


Just paste the link in your browser

Now we will start with Champs training to get him ready for BH and then continue his training until he has passed all the requirements to be a sire. His first show most likely will be in November 2019. We will update this page from time to time with news of Champ

Following pictures were taken in the time frame September 2018 until October 2019 of our "Buddy- boy Champ vom Team Barrett"

Champ had no littermates, but he did not have to grow up alone, because the dam Orca had her two last puppies

just five days earlier before Champ was born

so Champ had two other puppies to play with

He loved to play with Bacira and her sister

Champ, 10 weeks old

Champ 11 weeks old

For the first time he met another dog, which looked different then the ones he had seen at home

He showed no fear on his first walks away from home

Bacira and Champ at the age 14 weeks

He loves to be with us, but everything has to be put up, if not it will be destroyed

Champ with his Mom Gina and the youngster Bacira

Champ with 5 months and on the last picture with 7 months

Here we see him around 5 months

These pictures were taken when he was around 7 months old

These pictures were taken in summer at the Switzerland Show. His Mom had been shown at this show and he just was watching her. He was 10 months then

Here we see him at the Championship Show in Nürnberg together with Bacira. He was 12 months old. Bacira had been shown, he just came to watch. He loved to watch the schutzhund section. He almost jumped over the railing. It was so funny

He looks a little like "Lion King" on this first picture. Second show him with his Mom

Just like a bear! The picture on the right shows him while waiting for his tracking session. He is watching very closely what Hundemama is doing out on the fields

These two pictures were taken at the age of almost 14 months at the day of his x-ray

On this picture he seen another dog far way, so he puts himself in a nice stand, so Hundemama captured this moment with the camera