Wendy vom Team Barrett

WT: 20th January 2018

Parents of Wendy

Mutter:V Orca vom Haus Barrett,

WT: 09. May 2010, KKl 1, SchH 1, AD,

HD-normal, ED-normal, (both excellent)

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Vater: V Uran vom Chickhoff

WT: 08. June 2015, IPO1, KKL 1

HD-normal, ED-normal, (both excellent)

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Last update on 1st of July 2018

Our dog place had invited school children to learn more about dogs and also how to handle puppies with respect, not treat them like a toy

Dagmar took the 14 week old Yasha with her and her puppy Wendy to meet with the children

This experience was not only good for the children, also good for the puppies,

because children are usually loud, they run and stop all of as sudden, they just move different then adults and some puppies might act scared or want to chase the children

Of course everyone wanted to have their pictures taken either with Wendy or Yasha

Since Wendy is so ball crazy, it was lots of fun to play with her

We believe, that the children had lots of fun and it was a nice adventure for the puppies and the children

May 21st, 2018 Following pictures show Wendy beeing socialized between the 12th and 16th week

These pictures above show how important it is to get a GSD puppy well socialized in order for the puppy to be able to develop into a confident dog. Without socialization the puppy will start barking at strange objects, people or dogs, because he did not get confronted with all of that between the 8th and 16th week. As we can see on these pictures. Wendy learns new things and gets rewarded with treats

Following pictures show Wendy with 10 weeks

Wendy is an exreme beautiful and lovable little puppy

She has everything,

"Hundemama" likes to see in the puppies she keeps for her breeding program

Beautiful face, deep red and black pigmentation,

smart eyes, proud look

She is very confident

at times too confident, when she plays with other dogs

We hope, that her Mom Orca, her half sister Enza and her uncles and aunts will correct her, when needed

She does need good guidance from the owner and the dogs

Of course "Hundemama" hopes, that one of these days she will be able to continue the bloodline of Orca,

especially since Orca will go out of the breeding program, latest in 2019

At the time after the littermates were picked up, Wendy was alone, so her aunt Gina took over, because Orca her Mom needed a rest from this wild bunch. So for the first few days Wendy was taken care off by Gina.

Look at this fisty expression. Everyone can see, that this girl is something special. But we also know, that for beginners she would be too much. She needs to be raised with experience, so she has the chance to develop into a magnicifant dog

To own an offspring from Orca means to receive a special puppy, but only if raised by experienced GSD dog owners. This is the reason why we cannot sell an offspring puppy from Orca into families who do not have this experience