litters of House-Barrett from 1996 until ..
















































Dam: Melody vom Haus Barrett, born 25th of December 2001 - VPG 1 KKl 1 - HD-fast normal, ED O, show title

Tabaluga vom Steckenborn

born: 22. Juni 2001 - SchH 3 - KKL HD-A show title V 1, Champion of Bavaria 2006


Vasko, Vegas, Veith, Vertigo, Viking, Vinz, Vonny, Vanissa, Victoria

Last update on 7th of July 2010


Boy, this feels comfortable; sweet dreams

Vonny is being trained for Schutzhund

In fall of this year he should be able to pass SchH 1

Two more pictures of Vegas in the snow

Vegas and his friend, soon she will receive another House-Barrett puppy, which will be also a friend for Vegas to play with

Vanessa is living in the States

and being trained in schutzhund

Veags with 20 months

Vegas with his young friend. She is so proud of him

Veith during his first BH-trial

Veith with 1 1/2 years old


loves water and everything he sees on there

He also loves to swim

Waiting for his toy?

Vonny with his friend

and on this picture with his owner

Vonny passed the BH-trial not too long ago

Nice stand, without help!

Look at Vonny, he is very happy. He received his HD- and ED-results, both of them came back with "excellent"


Two more pictures of Vonny

According to his owner he is doing very well in obedience and tracking


Vasco with a toy?

Vegas grew into a beautiful young male

with a lot of hair

He has a nice head and his hair is already very long

He loves children

We are very pleased with the development of the progeny of Melody and Tabaluga. If they keep developing like they did in the past, Hundemama is thinking of repeating this litter in 2009

Viking grew into a very masculine young 8 months old male. He has a beautiful coat already

He is still playing with his one ear, this is nothing unusual for young dogs at his age

He has a very high play drive and he loves children

Vonny`s owner is very happy with him. He also has a high playdrive and his owner wants to train him in schutzhund, when he gets older

Close friends

This is Veith, he loves to play with all kind of sticks

So far we are ver pleased with the development of these dogs

Do you remember, this is Vertigo

He had the longest hair, when he was a puppy

Vanissa (to the right) with her owner and her friend

Vanissa loves to play


She aleady shows a very good stand; she is not even two years old

Vonny getting spoiled

The young dog Vonny can be proud of himself. His owner had him pre-x-rayed for hips and elbows yesterday. According to the Vet he is in great shape. He just turned 6 months old and is kept very slim, under 48,4 pounds, which means his owner follows our feeding plan strictly. Very well done. Congratulations! The Vet reminded him again, how important it is to continue watching his weight and exercise until he turns one year old.

We wrote these lines, because we have noticed in the past, that even with giving out feeding and handling tables quite a few puppies are often overweight.


Vasko is very alert

He learned alreday how to give his paw

Vegas is a pretty big boned male for his age

His owner is so happy with him

Vegas loves to play with children

When the camera gets pulled out, he knows what he has to do; look nice into it

Vertigo loves the beach

His home is Florida now

Vonny`s ears do not fit quite yet to his head

He does not care, as long as there is water around

A few pictures of the puppies between the 8th and 13th weeks. These pictures were taken in their new homes:

This page will be updated again in two to three months

Vanissa feels very comfortable in her new home

Such a nice bed she has


grew quite a bit since he left us

Vasko says "hello" to his owner

He looks so smart

Vertigo`s hair is still growing

He looks so comfortable


is a fine looking young female

We see a lot of Tabaluga in her

She has such a high playdrive

This is Vonny

According to his owner

he is also doing very well, as you can see on this picture

He has also a friend

His ears came up already

Veith with 10 weeks

Pups are 8 weeks old. These pictures are the last ones of the puppies in our home

This is Veith

Veith is a very lovable puppy

This is Vegas

Vinz has a very dark face

Viking has a piece of wood in his mouth

Vasko has a little white sport on his chest

from left to right Vasko, Viking and Vinz

Vasko, Viking, Vinz


loves to be with people

Vonny thinks, that he is the boss

We probably will hear more of him in the future. His owner has ambitions to do schutzhund training with him, because already he shows a lot of preydrive

Melody with three of her little ones

Melody is still cleaning her puppies and of course playing with them

Pups are 7 weeks old and introducing themselves with their names

Viking is our biggest male

Vegas looks more like Mom Melody

Veith loves people

Vertigo has the longest hair

Vonny has a very high preydrive

Vanissa has a very nice head and also is pretty big for a female

Victoria has a high preydrive just like her brother Vonny

Another picture of Victoria to make this page complete, because we have nine puppies

Vasko is a male with a very nice temperament

Vinz has a pretty dark face

Today was the weather much nicer,

so we had these last four pictures done again, to the left Vertigo, up front Vasko

Pups are six weeks old

Look at these beautiful pictures

These puppies are so cute

This is our little "bear"

He has the longest hair of all of the puppies

They sure enjoyed

the better weather yesterday

All puppies can be seen in this picture

7 in the back, 2 up front

Some puppies are trying to get their ear up a little bit

Look at this little guy

Our fury puppy again

There he is again

Another cute puppy

Three made it up the stairs

Pups are five weeks old

In the last few days

the weather was not very nice at all

So, we had to wait until the weather

did get a little nicer

to be able to let the puppies go outside

and explore the yard

As you can see,

they enjoyed this very much

For a few minutes

the sun was even shining

This one seen me standing up on the steps,

he started to cry, because he wanted to come to me

Four more pictures of two different

male puppies

This one has so much hair

and look at this one