The House-Barrett and Team-Barrett Event Page for the year 2023

This page has been opened on January 1st 2023

1st Event

Our young female "Koko" is being trained for BH at this time. She is supposed to pass this trial some time in spring. We also plan to enter the endurance with her in February. On our Koko page we will give updates of her progress every so often.

Our girl "Gwendi" is supposed to be trained for breeding survey this spring/summer

2nd Event

On 7th of May we plan a "Barrett Get-together" with Barrett-families on our dog-place. We will have breakfast first and then enjoy the noon and afternoon with our dogs

3rd Event for our family

Our young horse "Apahatchi" will come home. He will accompany us as a hand horse on our rides, before he goes into training this fall

4th Event

Our House and Team Barrett annual "hiking tour" will take place on Saturday, 26th of August 2023

5th Event

In December "Hundemama" plans a get-together with Barrett families for a Christmas dinner

Breeding schedule

Two litters are planned for the beginning of this year. So Keep an eye on our page "upcoming litter". It will be updated in the next two weeks. No litters are planned for summer, but litters are planned again for late summer, fall and winter 2023