The House-Barrett and Team-Barrett Event Page for the year 2020

This page had been opened on February 13th February 2020

1st. Event

on 22nd of February our youngsters "Gwendi" and "Gerry" have been registered for the sound tempeament test, a daughter and a son of Enza and Yazoo out of the "g-litter Team Barrett" of last year. Both youngsters are ten months old at the time of this test.

Throughout spring and summer "Champ vom Team Barrett" is being trained for his first schutzhund trial and so will be "Bacira vom Team Barrett". As soon as one of them had passed this test, we will announce this success on our webpage. Also both dogs have to pass an endurance trial in the near future

2nd Event with our young horse "Apahatchi"

Our two year old Missouri Foxtrotter horse namend Apahatchi will be trained in "first step in natural horsemanship" by the breeder of Apahatchi`s stud", who extra comes for a visit from Arizona, USA. This will take place sometime in June. We try to make pictures and movie clips of this Event.

3rd Event

For Saturday the 4th of July Hundemama has already registered her little male "Fellow" for the sound temperament test.

4th Event

Our Haus and Team Barrett annual "hiking tour" will take place on Saturday, 8th of August 2020

5th Event

In fall/winter we have plans to attend the breeding survey with our two youngsters "Champ" and "Bacira"

We plan to have litters again in fall/winter 2020. Keep always an eye on our page "upcoming litter". It will be updated every so often.