The House-Barrett and Team-Barrett Event Page for the year 2019

This page had been opened on February 28th, 2019

1st. Event

in May we will try to pass a breeding survey for life with our Gina and Herros.

2nd. Event

In April, July and August show events are planned. Our two horses IMA and BLACK TATTOO will also be back from the winter pasture. Throughout the summer lots of horse back riding is planned together with one Barrett dog. Most of the time Hundemama is accompanied by Gino

4th Event

In June we will take our two youngsters Bacira and Champ to a socialization test. All future breeding dogs have to pass one of these test between the age of 9 and 13 months. In order to be able to pass this test, the puppy has to be well socializist from 8 weeks on, just like Hundemama has stated in her feeding and handling table which all new future Barrett-puppy-owners will receive

On 22nd of June we will go to the Siegershow in Switzerland. The sire "Uran von Chickhoff" and his daughter "Bacira vom Team Barrett" and maybe our "Gina vom Team Barrett" will be shown there.

5th. event

In July we will meet with "Barrett-families" for beakfast and afterwards for some obedience training. We will spend a nice day togethe

6th Event

Our Haus and Team Barrett annual "hiking tour" will take place on Saturday, 24th of August 2019

7th Event

The first weekend in September we will attend the world championship show of the SV in Nürnberg

8th Event

In fall pass with Lucky the breeding survey

We plan to have two litters from now until fall. Keep always an eye on our page "upcoming litter". It will be updated every so often.

New puppies are expected to arrive at the beginning of April