The House-Barrett and Team-Barrett Event Page for the year 2018

Last update 6th of May Today I am sending out the address to each participant where we will meet in Seattle. If for some reason one family will not receive this information, please let us know. Later on this week I am forwarding another Email to each participan , which I will be receiving from the host family with more information for Saturday the 19th of May.

19th of April 2018. Below are the registrations we received so far for our Event on the 19th of May in Seattle. If we forgot to put down a family, please send an Email to us and let us know.

Philip Vachon, owner of Vex - son of Indi and Yakko - 3 person

Martha Konishi, owner of Rumi - daughter of Romy/Buddy - 1 person

Caroline Downey - future puppy owner - 2 person

Michele, owner of Tahnee - daughter of Olympia/Tyson and Ex owner of Destiny - daughter of Nora/Tabaluga - 1 Person

Peter Castell, owner of Fallon - son of Yanka/Buddy - and Jonas - son of Asti/Gino - 2 person

Carol Foulds, owner of Kai - daughter of Indi/Buddy and Viggo - son of Hera/Yakko - 1 person

Michael and Nadine Wolber, owner of Eilo - son of Olympia/Tyson - 2 person

Dagmar, Jessica und Marion - 3 person

Participant: 15 as of April 26th 2018

Deadline: 5th of May 2018

Haus und Team Barrett

This page had been opened on 11th of March 2018

1st Event

Highlight EVENT in Seattle, Washington, United States


The owner of "Amigo vom Haus Barrett" has valunteered to arrange a GET TOGETHER for BARRETT OWNERS, and of course also for future BARRETT OWNERS on

19th of MAY 2018

at 1 PM

Since we opened up this page on 11th of March, we have received a few registrations already, so we did set the date now for 19th of May 2018, starting time 1 PM.

In about one week, we will open up a list with the names of the Barrett-owners and their dogs. If we missed anyone, please do not hesitate to send an Email to us.

Dagmar and her friend "Marion", who is also a very good dog trainer will fly to the States for this EVENT.

We plan to have lunch and then take the Barretts for a walk in the nearby forest. Just like we do on our annual "Barrett-hikes". Of course lots of pictures will be taken and some of these pictures will be uploaded on our webpage. Afterwards we will return to the family`s home and chat a little together with drinks.

Since we do not know at this time how many people will register for our Barrett GET TOGETHER, we would like for everyone to register as soon as possible.

Please send an Email to

Deadline to register for this Event is 1st of May 2018.

Please, do only register, if you are sure, that you will be able to come on that weekend. The "Amigo-family" has to know for the preperation of the food and drinks.

If afterall the picked day will not work for a family, who had registered for this event, we ask to withdraw your registration no later then by the 5th of May 2018

After the 5th of May we will send out Emails to each participants with the address and phone number in Seatlle

If any questions do occur before registering your family, please feel free to send an Email to

Note: For everyone who has questions about raising and training their dogs, Marion and Dagmar gladly will be of some help during the Barrett GET TOGETHER. This will be a chance in life to get to know each other and spend a wonderful day together with other Barrett owners.

Everyone is invited, you just need to register and let us know with how many family members and dogs you will join!

Starting as of now you can register until 1st of May 2018

2nd Event

We will try to pass an endurance trial with our "Lucky vom Team Barrett" and later on this year the IPO trial

3rd Event

Chiara has to pass the breeding survey for lifetime some time this year



Starting on April 29th 2018 a training session will be held at our training place in Groß-Rohrheim in obedience, tracking, sometimes also schutzhund and ringtraining. The training session will start with a breakfast at 10 AM. QUESTIONS?? Send an Email to

5th Event

Our Haus and Team Barrett annual "hiking tour" will take place on Saturday, 1st of September 2018

At this time we do not know, if we will be going to the SV Siegershow here in Germany on the weekend of the 8th/9th of September. At the same time a Siegershow is held in the United States. At this time we do not know, if we make it to any of these shows.

No other EVENTS are planned this year due to the fact, that Hundemama will keep two puppies out of her litters in 2018, so her breeding program still has a future. Nixe and Funny will go out of the breeding program in 2018. So "Hundemama" needs to raise two new youngsters in 2018. Since it takes a lot of time to socialize the puppies the correct way, Hundemama has no plans to attend many shows this year - only for socialization her new puppies, if she does go - and since only her dog "Lucky" needs to pass an IPO trial in the future, she will plenty of time for her new puppies.

Last but not least, hopefully we will be able to raise two more spring litters in April. Keep an eye on our page "upcoming litters". It will be updated every so often. One litter in summer and two litters in fall/winter are planned. Keep an eye for updates on our page "upcoming litters"