The House-Barrett and Team-Barrett Event Page for the year 2017

This page had been opened in February 2017

1st Event

We will try to pass the IPO1 with our youngest dam "Gina vom Team Barrett" in spring of 2017 and try to pass the BH trial with "Lucky" some time in 2017

We passed BH trial with Gina

2nd Event

We will try to pass the breeding survey with our youngest girl "Enza vom Team Barrett" and "Herros von Vierhundert Hertz"

We passed the breeding survey with Enza and Herros

3rd Event

We will join our friend Jana at the show of the ASVD on the 1st of April 2017. Most likely Athos will be presented in front of the breeding survey one day prior to the show.

Athos passed the breeding survey at ASVD on 1st of April 2017

4th Event

Together with her friend Marion Hundemama will be flying to the US Siegershow in April, which will be held on the weekend of the 21st of April near Atlanta, Geogia. Most likely a few Barretts will be presented at the show

Dagmar will be at the show near Atlanta on the weekend of the 21st of April.

5th Event

We will join the owner of "Opal" at the Siegershow in Switzerland in July 2017. Maybe we will show Lucky at this show for the first time.

6th Event


Sarting on April 30th of 2017 a training session will be held at our training place in obedience, tracking, sometimes also schutzhund and ringtraining. Each training session will start with a breakfast at 10 AM.

Sunday, 30th of April, 18th of June, 9th of July, 12th of August, and the last training session will be on the 10th of September 2017

7th Event

Our Haus and Team Barrett annual "hiking tour" will take place on Saturday, 26th of August 2017

At this time we do not know, if we will be going to the SV Siegershow.

8th Event

Hundemama will try to pass the IPO1 with her youngest male "Lucky".

Last but not least, hopefully a few breedings will take place throughout the year 2017. We have beautiful litters planned. Keep an eye on our page "upcoming litters". It will be updated every so often. We do have three litters planned for this spring. Most likely one in summer and two in fall/winter. More on our page "upcoming litters"