ASVD-kennel introduces the dog

V-Simon vom Haus Barrett

born: 12th of April 2003 - SchH 3 - KKL1"a" HD-A

Sire: V Gustl von der Köhlertanne/Utz von Arminius/Nero vom Hirschel/Zamb von der Wienerau/Odin Tannemeise
Dam: V Zaskia von Arminius/Zambia von Arminius/Ursus von Batu/Matty von der Wienerau

This page had been updated in October 2015

A few months ago Andreas lost his beloved 12 year old dog "Simon vom Haus Barrett". It was very difficult for our friend Andreas to let go. Last spring Simon did get very sick. Andreas tried everything to help him to get better, but without any success. The Vet was not able to help him anymore. Simon died a few weeks later. Andreas was with him until he had closed his eyes forever.

For 12 years Simon was his best friend. Simon and Andreas they were a Team, a special Team. If anyone would have seen them two together when performing obedience training, they would not have believed it, how easy Simon did the tasks. Simon, just like his halfbrother Tyson, was a special dog. He was extreme smart, very calm and had all the qualities of a GSD.

Hundemama still rememberes the judge saying at Simon`s breeding survey many years ago. "If we see this dog and the way he behaves and performs, it shows us why the German Shepherd Dog is the most famous dog in the world". Simon had all the qualities of this special breed.

Then one day Hundemama did see Andreas together with Simon perform at a trophy competition. Both of them done so well and it looked so easy. It was just great to watch.

It really does hurt when such a loyal animal leaves us. After Simon had died, Andreas was not doing so well for several months. At the same time Hundemama was struggling with her almost 12 year old Tyson, the halfbrother of Simon, for him to get better, after he had hurt himself during a bike ride. Then just a few weeks later her beloved "Nora" had died. Therefor she was also going through a very diffitult time in early summer. This is the reason why this update had been delayed. There are times in her life, when she cannot make such announcements right away. But now Nora`s page will be updated for the last time in the next few days.

We do wish Andreas the best for the future and hope, that one of these days he will be lucky to have such a great animal at his side again, just like Simon was.

We do know Andreas and if he was the one writing these lines now, he would say following words to Simon

You are not with me anymore, but in my heart you always have a special place. Thank you so much for these twelve wonderful years! I do not want to miss none of them! Rest forever in peace!

Simon was a son of "Zaskia von Arminius" and of "Gustl von der Köhlertanne"

Simon vom Haus Barrett, these pictures were taken during his senior years

Kör Report:
Over medium size, strong, excellent expression with a very strong head, proportionally correct with high wither, good length and angle of the group, firm back, balanced brisket proportions, good angulation of the fore and very good angulation of the hindquarters, clean front, correct coming and going. Free ground covering gait with powerful hind thrust and free front reach, good length of the coat and very good pigmentation

Simon has a sound temperament and a very high playdrive

Breeding advice: Especially recommended for stabilization of the type and conformation


Gustl von der Köhlertanne

SchH 3, HD-A

ZB.: V

I. Generation:

Utz von Arminius

SchH 3, ZB.: V

II. Generation:

Nero vom Hirschel

SchH 3

Zamb von der Wienerau

Ica von der Wienerau

Unda von der Holledau

SchH 1

Jeck vom Noricum

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SchH 3

Fedor von Arminius

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Hexe von der Römerau

SchH 1

Ulf v. Basilisk

Quana von Arminius


Zaskia von Arminius

SchH 2 IP 1, HD-


Zeppo vom Klebinger Schloss

SchH 2 ZB.: V

Scott von Deodatus

SchH 3 FH

Gustl vom Wildsteiger Land

Kenti vom Farbenspiel

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Urk von der Wienerau

Chila von der Wienerau

Zambia von Arminius

SchH 3 ZB: VA

Ursus von Batu


Hobby vom Gletschertopf

Verena von Batu

Nova von der Wienerau

SchH 3

Matty von der Wienerau

Babsy v. d. Partnachquellen