V-Savage vom Georg Vicktor Turm

born: 23. Oktober 1997 - SchH 3 - KKL 2"A" Lbz

Sire: VA-1 Ulk von Arlett/Yago Wildsteiger Land/Eiko vom Kirschental/Uran Wildsteiger Land
Dam: V Luna vom Georg Vicktor Turm/Jeck vom Noricum/Odin von Tannemeise

Kör Report:
A very strong male with definitive secondary sex characteristics, very expressive with rich pigment, high at the withers, firm back, good group, good angulations in rear and very good angulations in front, moves straight going and coming, shows very good in gaiting

Breeding advice: Especially recommended for improvement of pigment, expression and temperament

When Savage passed on 9th of July, he was 13 1/2 years old. He was a progeny from the world champion "Ulk von Arlett".

We loved him very much. We are thankful for the years we could spend with such a great animal. He might

be gone, but in our hearts he will be always with us