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Housebreaking your puppy

Since we gave the pup already a chance to eliminate outside, it will be not so hard for you to get him housebroke. Really important is the fact that you should try not to let the dog make a mistake, always reward the dog for desirable behavior and if a mistake is made, correct and do not punish him.
You must learn never to let the pup out of sight while he is loose in the house. The pup usually has to eliminate after waking up, also a short time after eating and after a play session or other period of activity. Myself I use a crate. If I do not have time to watch the pup, I put him into a big crate, but this only should be done, if you are busy and are not able to watch him. Dogs are creatures of habits, if they get away with eliminating the house, they will quickly learn that it is ok to do so. So you have to make sure, that he does not get this chance. This is why you use the crate. At night time I put the crate beside my bed. Dogs are inherently clean animals. They will avoid fouling their own nest. A puppy between eight and twelve weeks of age with good health should be able to hold its urine, while sleeping for approximately four hours. When I take the dog out of the crate I pick him up right away, I do not let him walk to avoid mistakes. I take him outside to eliminate. When the dog does eliminate then outside I PRAISE, PRAISE and PRAISE him. Praise will tell the dog, that he has done the right thing. If your dog does have an accident in the house do not punish him, but correct him. If it did happen, while you were not around, you cannot correct him, because a dog can not remember, what happened a while ago. The correction must be done either at the same time or immediately following (within a few seconds of) the undesirable act. If you see him doing wrong, do not be overly harsh, it can also create fear in a puppy. Also do not rub your pups nose in its mess. Striking your puppy either with your hand, a newspaper, or any other object can have even more serious repercussions. It can break down the bond of trust or make your pup hand-shy. If you see him doing wrong you pick him up with a loud "no, no", take him outside and wait so long until he eliminates outside again. It can take some time, but it is worth waiting. Then reward him with praise. The more you are able to watch your pup in the house, the less chance he will have to have an accident. He will be housebroken in no time.

I also want for you to keep following in mind:

After a pup has been alone for sometime he will be very happy to see you again when you return. Sometimes it can happen that he "pinkles" out of excitement. You should not pay any negative attention to this behavior. If you know, that our pup will do so when you return, you immediately take the dog outside and then let him get excited. If you do so, this behavior will go away by itself as the puppy grows older. If you would punish your pup for this behavior he will get afraid of you and then it will happen out of fear, whenever you return and this he will do for a lifetime.

Putting it all together

Do not leave the puppy unattended in your house. If something does happen do not punish him, correct him. If he shows right behavior outside praise, praise and praise again. If he "pinkles" out of excitement, pay no intention to it.

Copyright Dagmar Anderson 2001