V-Quinta vom Mainbogen

We took her out of breeding in summer of 2003

born: 16.03.1995, SchH 3, IPO 3, KKL2"A"

Sire: V Ulk von Arlett Dam: V Luna vom Georg Vicktor Turm

Kör Report:
Large, very strong, a lot of type and expression, good back, good length and position of croup. Very good rear angulation. Very good gait with effective rear drive.

Quinta is a daughter of the famous "Ulk von Arlett". All her puppies have an excellent play-drive. She has an excellent temperament.


Ulk von Arlett

SchH 3 ZB.: VA

II. Generation:

Yago vom Wildsteiger Land

SchH 3 FH ZB.: VA

III. Generation:

Eiko vom Kirschental

SchH 3 FH

IV. Generation

Uran vom Wildsteiger Land

Xitta vom Kirschental

Quina von Arminius

SchH 2

Xaver von Arminius

Palme vom Wildsteiger Land

Dolly von Arlett

SchH 2 ZB: V

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SchH 3

Lasso vom Wiedenbrücker Land

Fee vom Weihertürchen

Bambi v. Feldschlösschen

SchH 3

Argus v. Papageienhaus

Ursa von der Wienerau


Ines vom Mainbogen

SchH 2 ZB: V

Ilko vom Haus Gero

SchH 3 ZB: V

Enzo von der Burg Aliso

SchH 3 FH

Quando von Arminius

Christin von der Bug Aliso

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SchH 2

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Unde von der Wolfsbuche

Gescha vom Dinker Berg

SchH 3 FH IP3 ZB: V

Cliff vom Hühnegrab

SchH 3 FH IP3

Derby von Adeloga

Venja vom Wildsteiger Land

Ulme vom Haus Schmittmann

SchH 2

Yambo vom Wildsteiger Land

Linda vim Haus Schmittmann

On the 19th of November 2005 our Quinta left us all of as sudden. She had a stroke and did not recover from it. She almost was 11 years old. Quinta was one of our first females we bred with. She gave birth to 42 puppies, like Brix, Anja, Melody, Ajax and many more. She made a lot of families happy with her beautiful sons and daughters.

Dear Quinta

I know that you have left us, but in our hearts you always will be there. We have memories of you, which we will never forget. We still see you running around in the yard, carrying anything you can find, sometimes it only was a leaf, sometimes it was a shoe. You were so proud, the way you moved, the way you carried yourself, we will never forget this. You gave us Brix, you gave us Melody, you gave us Anja. Your qualities are in your sons and daughters. We will make sure, that these qualities are not lost, so many families in the future will have a chance to own such a special dog as you was.

We miss you!!!!

10th Sept. 2004 Almost two years ago we had the last litter with our Quinta. She is almost 9 1/2 years old and still very active and playful. We love her so much. We have to thank her for our success, because without her we would not have dogs like our Brix, Melody, Anja and many more she gave birth to in the past. We will keep up her bloodline with sons and daughters from her. Melody at the moment is the best example.

Our grandpa Barrett and grandma Quinta together

We are proud to still be able to have them both

Quinta is waiting to play with her stick

She loves to play all day long

Now I took it away from her

She wants to jump up and get it herself

She is still waiting to get it back

Now she finally got her toy

She runs around, plays with it

and does not want to let go of it

Like almost all of our dogs, she loves the water

Almost everybody who purchased a dog from us in the past, says that "House Barrett dogs" love the water