Dam: Bella von Vierhundert Hertz, born: 24th of March 2013, IPO I, KKl 1, HD-normal, ED-fast normal

Show title V, had been shown at the world championship show in 2014

Pedigree of Bella here

Sire: Nex vom Kuckucksland ,born: 29. Juli 2010 _ IPO 3 _ AD, KKl. 1, HD-normal , ED normal

Show title "V", both ASVD and SV

Pedigree of Nex here


Quinn, Quirin, Quonzo, Quentin, Quadrella, Quendolyn, Queni,

Last update on 20th of January 2018

We believe that Quentin will favor his Dad

Quirin has a very nice bone strucutre

Sweet dreams little Quendolyn

August 13th, 2017

Quirin loves water and he brings so much joy to his family

Quonzo is such a cute character

Quentin thinks, that he is funny

Just relaxing

Quadrella is such a smart girl

Quenie with her new friend

11th of June 2017

Quirin is doing great with his new family

Quendolyn is having so much fun in the garden

Quenie loves to explore the garden as well and her new bed

Look at her, how much she grew just in a few weeks, beautiful girl!

Now we have a nice feedback to share with everyone. Quadrella`s new home is in Canada

My First Week on the west coast of Canada

and what a week it was

The flight was nine hours then all the paperwork made it closer to thirteen

When my new owners opened the cage I leaped into their arms and have been surrounded my love ever since. I particularly enjoyed that first sip of Dagmar's famous drink, weak tea and honey

a parking lot at the airport

It didn't take long to recognize I would need a lot of sleep 5 - 6 hrs. @ night, and lots of naps during the day
because I spend a lot of time running outside climbing big rock steps and romping on the living roofs that I love.

I met my extended family soon after arriving. Guess what? They love me too…Altho the youngest and I haven't figured each other out yet. I have not bit him and he has not bit me.

Apparently that is good but I do like to taste things, especially fresh marrow bones from the local butcher.Dagmar told me not to eat them too often. My new owners thought they might have to hire a "chef" for all of Dagmar's recipes but they seem to be doing just fine. I have devoured every carefully proportioned bowl except one breakfast dish that I politely ate one half of but didn't finish because the banana was not mashed enough. They'll learn………….

Our family travels to the very west coast to a cabin on the ocean every year. A ferry ride and twisty roads did not bother me at all. I can see why the ocean is so important to my family. You should see some of the holes I dug on the beach. I love to run with a piece of seaweed hanging from my mouth I'm not sure about jumping into the waves like some of my family.

I've taught them when to return to the cabin if I need a rest. I take the leash in my mouth and lead them back all the way

People are very fond of me. Even in the local brewery where I had my first sip of beer ( don't tell Dagmar)

Puppies are eight weeks old

Quirin is a cute little puppy

Here we see him with his new family

Quonzo`s new home is in Austria. He loves to give kisses

Quentin with his new family. Quentin also loves to give kisses, but he also can get very wild

Quendolyn is a very big girl and also very wild

Queni is also a little on the wild side