Our home

For those people, who do not get the opportunity to visit us because of the far distance, we opened up this new page to show everybody, in which environment their future puppy does grow up for the first 8 weeks.

As we already explained on our page "history", our dogs are able to go everywhere around our home and of course from time to time stay with us in the house. Since we cannot take our dogs all at once in the house, we switch them off daily, so every dog will be able to be with the family and children for some time. At this point we want to make sure, that every puppy which leaves our home will be able to live with the new family. We do not mind, that the dog stays outside for several hours, but the dog should be also kept inside of the house. A German Shepherd is a very smart animal. He needs a lot of attention of the new owner and he wants to be with his "pack". Do not forget this important factor, if you choose to have a German Shepherd as your friend.

This is our entrance path to our home

Our courtyard

Our house with our female Gina

This is our small frontyard

Behind this frontyard we have a little Pool

One of our kennels, which is located in our courtyard with Gustl and Gina in front of it

Behind the house we have a large garden

To the right you see our pen for the horses

This is a part of our garden, where we enjoy our future puppy owners. If the weather is nice we sit outside and watch the puppies and other dogs play together

Our garden with a view of our kennels and pens

In the backyard we have a round pen for our horses. Our dogs love to run around this pen. They love to chase each other

Another view of our pens with the kennels. The doors are always open

During the summer months our dogs even have little pools to cool off in


In this area our older dogs often play with each other

Jack is playing with Nora and Tabaluga on this picture

A nice view taken from the back of our yard towards the kennels and the house

The following pictures will show, how we cool our dogs off when it really does get hot. Gustl and Nora love to "eat" the water hose. It is very difficult to water flowers when they are around. Everybody who owns already a dog from "House Barrett" or "House Jack" knows how they all love the water. When we have litters during the spring and summer months we put out a little pool for the pups to cool off in. They always learn very fast how good cold water can feel. Their whole live they will never forget.

The following pictures show our Pool. During the first year of growth we let our young dogs swim at least two times a week during spring, summer and fall for at least 15 minutes each time. This will help to prevent any bone or joint problems, also it helps to reduce the risk of HD and ED.

During the spring and summer months we let our seniors swim at least two times a week in this Pool. This is vey good for their muscles to built up again. Often old dogs cannot move that good anymore. Swimming can help a lot. The pictures below show Jack with our 12 year old Barrett.

As you can see on these pictures, a German Shepherd will be part of the family. There is a lot you can do with him, go for bike rides (but not under 12 months of age), take him swimming, play with him, take him to training lessons, but last not least, give him a tons of love and understanding. You will have a friend for life.