Nixe vom Kuckucksland

born 29th of July 2010

Sire: Roy Terrae Lupiae

Dam: Paula vom Kuckucksland

Nixe with her brother Nex

Update on March 6th, 2012 Nixe has passed her BH and endurance trial. She will be presented in front of the breeding board at the end of March, together with her brother Nex. View him on the Nex-page

This page has been opened in November 2011

The reason why we bought Nixe and Nex we did explain on our "Nex-page".

Nixe is 19 months old and has developed into a wonderful young female. Two months ago we had her x-rayed for HD and ED and just had received the certified results. Just like her brother she received for HD and ED "excellent", which in German it is known for HD-normal.

Since Dagmar is very busy with training "Nex" and her young female "Orca" for BH and SchH 1, Selina, her girl-friend offered to help with the training for Nixe. That way Nixe and Nex will be able to pass BH and Orca BH and SchH 1 this winter, if everything goes well. We believe that the two new dogs will be able to enrich the House-Barrett program.

Nixe for sure has the qualities Dagmar loves to see in her dogs. As you can see on the pictures below, she is a female with a lot of pride, extreme good expression, beautiful pigmentation.

If everything goes well, Nixe - her calling name is Sierra - will have her first litter in the late spring 2012. Most likely the sire of this litter will be either "Buddy" or "Tyson".

We will keep you updated on her development

Nixe at a show

with one year of age

Very nice head

perfect front

very good gait

very nice coat with very good length

This is how the judges had described her at the shows

With a lot of pride

Nixe with 11 weeks

As you can see, at that time she was already "up to no good"

On this picture she looks so innocent

This picture shows how she usually is. She is interested in everything

This face tells everything

Dagmar loves dogs like this

Of course these kind of puppies challenge their owners more then others,

but once grown up and grown out of puberty they become dogs, you do not want to miss