ASVD-kennel introduces the dog

Nixe vom Kuckucksland

born: 29. Juli 2010 _ IPO 1 _ AD, KKl. 1, HD-excellent , ED excellent_ show title young class SG

Sire: V Roy Terrae Lupiae, SchH 3

Dam: V Paula vom Kuckucksland, SchH 2

Kör Report:

Medium size, medium strong female, with very good expression, proportionally correct with high wither, long verg good length and angle of the group, firm back, balanced brisket proportions, good angulation of the fore and of the hindquarters, clean front, correct coming and going. Free ground covering gait with powerful hind thrust and free front reach, good length of the coat and good pigmentation

Nixe is an active female with a high prey drive

Nixe passed away in 2021 at the age of 11 years. She had been living with our friend Dörthe for a long time, because we did realize, that she was not happy to live in a pack.

She only came home for having a litter once a year, which she loved to raise her puppies with us. Then she went back to her new home, which she only had one Barrett friend. Her friend "Yazoo".

"Yazoo" is still living with Dörthe and is doing very well


VA Roy Terrae Lupiae

SchH 3,

II. Generation:

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SchH 2

ZB.: V

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