V-Melody vom Haus Barrett

born 25. December 2001 - BH - KKL1"a" , HD-Bl, ED 0(excellent)

Sire: V Balko aus dem Hürbetal, SchH 3

Dam: V Quinta vom Mainbogen, SchH 3, IPO 3

Kör Report:
A strong almost tall female with a lot of type and expression with red-brown pigmentation
proportionally correct, good group, correct angulations in front
and rear. Very good gait with effective rear drive.

Melody had her last litter in fall of 2010. Two beautiful puppies named Storm and Stephonia. She is retired now

Just a picture to remember how Melody used to be! Always her bowl in her mouth! Another special dog!

Update on November 6th, 2012

It only had been a few weeks ago, since we took the below picture of Melody and Tabaluga. At that time we were announcing how well Melody still was for her age. She was going on 11 years old and still very active. Just a few days later after this picture had been taken, she had problems going to the bathroom. So we took her to the Vet and unfortunately she was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder without a chance of recovering. In my arms she went to sleep forever.

This situation has shown me again, how we should enjoy every day and be thankful that our dogs are fine and have no sickness. Tomorrow everything can be different.

In our hearts Melody will be with us forever!

Las pcture taken of Melody in October 2012