Macho vom Team Barrett

WT: 21st of March 2016


Parents of Macho

Dam:Olympia vom Altenberger Land

29th of June 2008, IPO1, HD-normal, ED-normal,

show title: V

Sire: V Gino vom Haus Barrett,

28th of July 2012 - IPO3 - KKL1,

HD-normal, ED-normal

show title V

This page had been opned on 2nd of June 2016

Today we opened up a new page for our puppy "Macho". He is a progeny of Olympia and Gino. In the first 8 weeks he developed into a beautiful and very big puppy and most of all he developed into a little "Macho". First we had plans to keep him for ourselves, but we do have little "Lucky" at this time to raise, so we thought it would be best for someone to have him, who does have the time for him to bond with him and raise him with love and discipline, which we think, he does need. We believe, that he needs to be in the hands of someone with experience when it comes to puppies with a strong character, which we believe "Macho" has.

When Dagmar decided for this combination Olymia/Gino she wished for puppies with the kind of looks and body structure Macho has. Unfortunately his one brother and one sister did not make it due to the fact, that all three puppies were so big at the time of birth. Maybe next time - most likely we will have one more litter with our Olympia in 2017 - we will have more luck and not so big puppies will be born.

Andreas, our long time friend, we thought was this person, who would be able to guide "Macho". Since the loss of his beloved Barrett named "Simon" last year, he did not want to have another dog of his own anymore, besides his "Charly", but when he seen "Macho" for the first time a few days ago, he fall in love with him right away. The bond between them two was there from the first minute they met. Andreas, just like Hundemama loves the kind of dogs which do challenge their owners and they both believe, that Macho is one of them. Macho did get along with his elderly dog "Charly" right away, so there was nothing in the way for "Macho" to move in with Andreas and Marion.

Both of them agreed, that "Macho" will be primarly their family dog and if happens that he will have the qualities to become a "sire", Andreas will do everything for him to accomplish the requirements of our club SV.

Andreas and Hundemama both know, that it is extremely important for Macho to grow up slowly, which means to keep his weight down and to make sure, that the puppy will not get too much exercise, that he will not be trained at any dog place until he is full grown and that he will not play with other dogs too wild. Especially we see these kind of wild play when owners take their puppies to these puppy meetings. Too many different puppies play together and injuries can easily happen. We do not believe in this. There is always danger to a puppy as well, when another dog is in the house. Especially a young dog. A young dog loves to play and will animate the puppy to play along and in most cases the play will be too rough for a puppy for his soft joints.

From now until Macho has grown up we will update this page with new pictures from time to time .

Lots of pictures were made of Macho already during his first 10 weeks. Enjoy!

Update in 2020: Gino`s son Macho and Tyson`s grandson has developed into an extreme beautiful and masculine looking sire. His coat did get exremely long over the past year. He also has a beautiful "lyon mane" just like his grandfather Tyson used to have. If everything goes according to our plans, he will be the sire of one of our dams in 2020. He has everything what we are looking for in a GSD, especially his temperament. He goes regularly with his owner to an old people`s home and they truly enjoy him. Our Gino can be proud of this son

Last update on 27th of July 2020

Macho vom Team Barrett successfully passed the breeding survey for lifetime this past weekend. Congratulations to his owner and to him

Gino should be very proud of his son

Here we see pictures, which were taken of Macho during this past half year

We plan for him to sire one of females in 2021

Last update on 2nd of February 2020

Macho is doing great. His coat has gotten very long over the past year. He is a very beautiful and strong build progeny of our beloved Gino. Soon he will turn four years old

March 22nd, 2019

Macho celebrated his 3rd birthday yesterday. We wish him the very best, most of all lots of HEALTH. Above pictures of Macho and his friend were taken for a dog food company.

15th of July 2018

Since our last update in September quite a few things had happened with "Macho". Just a few weeks ago he received his title "IPO1", he passed the breeding survey and

just one week later he received "V2" at a county SV show

But not only is he good when it comes to schutzhund, he also is great with elderly people. Andreas took him to a home for seniors and they all fall in love with him

In the near future we will open up a new page for this beautiful new sire

29th of September 2017 Macho has passed BH trial and also had been shown at a SV show

Congratulations to Andreas and Macho!

7th of August 2017 Yesterday the annual county show of Hessen Süd had been held. 300 dogs were registered for this BIG SHOW. Macho vom Team Barrett received the title "SG5"

Congratulations to Andreas, the owner of Macho!

July 27th, 2017

Macho at his first show. He developed into a masculine male with a very big head

June 22nd, 2017

Congratulations for the best HD- and ED-results. Thanks to Andreas for being so careful in raising his big dog Macho. He made sure, that Macho did not get over exercised, kept his food under control according to my feeding schedule and made sure, that he did not play with youngsters in his age to prevent him getting hurt. Too often owners of GSD do not take enough care of these things and often let them run around with other dogs in the house. It can become really dangerous when littermates are together. They should be seperated and only allowed to play when someone is there to watch them.

"Macho vom Team Barrett", a son of Olympia and Gino"

4th of February 2017

Macho has developed in a very nice youngster. He is 10 months old

Great dog with high play drive and a wonderful family dog. Andreas is taken him to swim sessions twice a week, which is the best exercise for his bones and joints. View short video clips on YouTube. Just copy the links and put it into your browser

December 5th, 2016

Here we see Macho in action. It looks more dangerous, then it actually is. He is barking at his ball. On this picture Macho is 9 months old

Here we see Macho, while he is resting on his favorite couch. GSD are great family dogs and at the same time are great protection dogs, if treated with respect and love

We see our Andreas and Macho

when building up trust, during play

Beautiful dog, 7 months old

Just relaxing

He grows up with his friend Charly

Macho loves to play with balls

and loves to eat bananas

The following pictures show him at the age of 6 months

He is loved and taking good care off

Such a good friend

He loves to play with Charly, but Charly is very gentle with him

Just relaxing in the winter sun

The above pictures show him when he was 5 months old

What a great team

Macho is watching Charly during schutzhund work

Macho being three months old

9th of July 2016

Macho is doing great. His owner Andreas is telling so many stories about this wonderful young puppy. He is so smart, he said

June 22nd, 2016

Macho with his friend Charly

Such a cute boy

He loves balls

just like his Dad "Gino"

Here we see him sleeping and when he is listening to the words we say

Macho has a few friends

Always into something!

We love these two pictures. We can see Macho and Marion on one and Charly and Macho on the other!

Update in May 2016

Andreas came for a visit the other day. Right away he fall in love with Macho and we made some pictures of him with "Macho" and his sire "Charly"

What a nice Team


with 8 weeks old

Already at that age

he wanted to mess with the big dogs

Just having fun

He watched Hunemama

She climbed up the training wall

and Macho wanted

to follow her,

but it did not work, so he got a little upset

Just looking at the camera

Nobody can take

his bone away

Macho with six weeks old

He loves to play with bones

Macho when he was

five weeks old

Little Macho looking so innocent