Lucky vom Team Barrett

Born: 9th of February 2016

Lucky vom Team Barrett

Dam:V Bella von Vierhundert Hertz, IPO1, Ausstellungsbewertung 'V, HD-normal, ED-fast normal

Vater: V Tyson vom Haus Barrett, SchH3 Ausstellungsbewertung V, HD-normal, ED-normal

This page has been opened on May 27th 2016

Today the time has come to open up a page for our last Tyson-son, named "Lucky" and yes, he is lucky to be in this world, because it is very unusual to become a Dad with 12 years of age, especially if the Dad is a German Shepherd.

Hundemama is also lucky with her new pup "LUCKY". Not only does she have Gino and Enza from Tyson, she now has another little Tyson-boy, which hopefully will be in her life for the next 12 to 13 years. She made up her mind already, even if he will not be able to enter her breeding program in the future, out of which reason ever, Lucky will stay with her forever. A Tyson or Gino son cannot be described in words, you have to live them to understand, what Hundemama means by that.

But Lucky would not be here without his Mom Bella. Insiders know that Hundemama does select the parents for her litters very carefully, not only by looks also she takes in consideration their temperament, so the parents make a good match, so little puppies like Lucky come into this world. Bella is an extremely intelligent dog. She learns very easy, combined with the smartness of Tyson, makes a perfect match. Maybe one of these days the dogs start "talking". Who knows! Not only Lucky is so smart, also his two sisters. WE are sure, that we will hear more about them in the near future. One of his sisters is learning already little tasks in rescue.

Now we like for all visitors of this webpage to keep enjoying our entries and also take part of the development of this last Tyson son.

29th of November 2018

On October 21st, 2018 Lucky had passed the IPO trial successfully

We believe that he will be able to entrich our breeding program in 2018

9th of January 2018

Since our last update Lucky has continued to develop very well. Last May he successfully passed the BH trial and at the end of this year he had been presented in his first show and received the title "SG1" in his class.

At the end of last summer we began with his training for IPO1. He is doing well, but we have noticed, that for him everything is still a game and he needs more time to develop in order to be able to pass an IPO1 trial

We will give him this time, because the wellness of our dogs is more important, then receiving titles

Since he is the last son of our beloved Tyson and he is not aggressive towards other dogs like his Dad normally was when he was young, Hundemama would love for him to become her companion

when she rides her horse "Black Tattoo"

Therefor on New Years Day for the first time she took him with her for a horseback-ride. He did very well for the first time

We do believe, that he needs more time to become and sire and we will give him this time.

From time to time we will upload updates about him on this page

9th of April 2017

We are soooo happy! Two days ago we had Tyson`s last progeny "Lucky vom Team Barrett" x-rayed for ED, HD, LÜW and OCD (abnormalety of the spine) and all the results came out "excellent". Lucky is a son of Bella and Tyson and we kept him out of Tyson`s last litter. Not only do we have Gino from Tyson, also our Lucky. Lucky is 14 months old and now we will start training him for BH and later this year for IPO1. He is such a wonderful dog. The pictures below were taken over the last two weeks. The pictures show that he has learned some exercises already. Espcially how to give kisses, just like his Dad Tyson

Youth male dog named "Lucky vom Team Barrett"

At the ASVD show. Hundemama just took him there to watch the others perform

7th of February 2017

Above pictures show our youngster "Lucky". He is full of life and so smart. On the left picture we see him with the girl "Gina"

August 1st, 2016

We found these two beautiful pictures of Lucky in our file.

18th of July 2016

Lucky is doing great

We just love him so much

He is so much like his Dad

Such a great temperament

and so cute

He knows

when we have the camera in our hands

Wherever we go, people stop and want to pet him

He has charisma

10th of July 2016

Hundemama together with her youngster Lucky

Andreas with his Charly and Macho

Lucky is such a proud puppy

2nd of July 2016

For the first time he went with us to the water

He is still a little shy and is watching Olympia and Chiara

It did not take long

and he followed them into the water and began zu swim

Here we see him

trying to catch a leather piece

It did not take long and he cought it

and just carried it away

He is such a cute little boy

Tyson can be proud of his last son

May 2016

Little Lucky

at the age of 15 weeks

Twice a week

Marion and Hundemama meet at the local training place

Some of our visitors still might remember Marion from many years ago

She used to own two Barretts

In the last years she trained working line dogs

A few weeks ago she met Lucky and was impressed by his smartness

So she started to practice little sessions with him

Each session only a few minutes

She knows, that little puppies are like small children, they cannot pay attention for a long time

Lucky enjoys the time with Marion very much

For food he learns very fast

He is doing so well

and paying attention

Already a friendship has developed in such a short time