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In the year 1995 we registered our kennel as "vom Haus Barrett". It was named after „Barrett“, our three-year-old beautiful male dog.

We had five pups in our first litter. The dam of these pups was our "Ondie vom Jägerstand" and the sire was "Ufo vom Lärchenwald". He had a dark-red pigment, which he passed on to the puppies. They were strongly built with beautiful masculine and feminine heads. These pups showed that we were breeding with the best intentions. Our rewards were good-looking, healthy pups who grew into confident and healthy family dogs that excelled in schutzhund and rescue work.

When we have a litter, every family member takes part in the process,children included – particularly our fifteen-year-old daughter, who helps us take care of all the dogs. For the first three weeks, our dams and their pups stay in the house with us. That way the pups learn about a variety of household sounds and movements. Most important of all, the puppies have close contact with the members of our family. When they are four weeks old,we put the puppies in an outdoor kennel that is connected to a big sandy area. The gate to this area stays open and the pups can go in and out whenever theywant. Every day, we let them into the grassy area to introduce them to different objects. That way we give the pups a chance to eliminate outside and not in the kennel. Thisprocedure will help the new owner to get their pup housebroken in a short time. Between the fourthand eighth week we have many people visit on the weekends to play with the puppies, who need toget used to different people during this time period so they will not become scared or aggressivelater on if a harmless stranger approaches.

We usually give the pups to their new ownerwhen they are eight weeks. At this age, the pupshave been dewormed three times, have receivedtheir first immunization, and are tattooed.

A few days before the pups leave us, the Vetchecks them again and fills out their healthreports. These reports must be sent to our clubbefore the individual registration papers can be issued.

When the new owner picks up his pup we willhand over a feeding-table, a magazine of ourClub, and a few tips about raising the puppy. In case additional questions arise, the new owner should not hesitate toask them. We will try to answer them by email, letteror phone.

At the moment we have three studs at the house. One of them is our "Gustl von derKöhlertanne", a eight year old male. We have also five dams and two young females. For more information about all of our dogs please return to "our dogs".

Before the young dogs can be bred they must pass different tests: they have to be entered in ashow; receive titles; and have their hips (HD) and elbows (ED) x-rayed. The results of these x-rays will be included with their papers.

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