Koko von Asgard

Born: 17th June 2021

HD-normal, ED-fast normal

Koko at the age of 12 months

A little over a year ago Koko moved in with us when she was about 10 weeks old. This purchase was not planned at all. It turned out that "Dog Mom" got to know this cheeky little puppy by chance. Her then owner was seriously ill. It was love at first sight, which words cannot really describe. Let's try it: Koko showed the characteristics of the House-Barrett dam "Cindy", who was raised decades ago and was our second dam in our breeding program. For example Koko carries objects around just for the fun of it, she showed herself very self-confident when "Dog Mom" seen her for the first time. In terms of appearance, she has everything that is a MUST for "Dog Mom" when buying a new puppy, such as a beautiful face with a bright exceptional expression, a short muzzle and a broad forehead. You could think it was fate to meet this puppy, because we once had Cindy with the same characteristics almost 27 years ago. To this day, the offsprings from this Ondi-Cindy-Queeny-Orca-Enza-Gwendi line are known for being special four-legged friends.

If you own a Barrett from this bloodline and read the description of Koko it will certainly sound very familiar.

After getting to know this amazing puppy, in just a few minutes, "Dog Mom decided" to take her home. This time not with the idea of acquiring her primarily for breeding, but primarily as a family dog, regardless of whether she would be suitable for breeding or not.

A little over a year has now passed, Koko has developed just as she had shown herself as a little puppy. She is extremely alert, eager to learn, often annoys the older dogs, who then of course put her in her place. If she's happy, she will look for something to get a hold of, either a bone, a sock, whatever. She will proudly carry it around. She won't let anyone take her ball away from her, just like our Orca or her offspring do.

She has also developed into an extremely alert adult dog when being at home.

At just nine months old, she had successfully passed the temperament test.

At 14 months she was shown at a local show and had received the title "SG"

Since four weeks it has been certain that health-wise nothing stands in the way of being accepted into breeding, but in this case she would have to pass more trials in the future.

Of course we were very happy about the positive result of the HD and ED X-ray.

Due to many events during this past summer, not much has been done with Koko in terms of obedience training so far.

This changed about three weeks ago. Small exercises have recently been started. "Dog Mom" is totally amazed at how quickly Koko learns. It is a great pleasure to work with her.

Two video clips showing Koko during her first few training sessions will be uploaded on our facebook page in the next few days. All these exercises are taught to her in a playful way, so she enjoys every minute of the training.

We will report regularly on this page about the further development of this Koko.

Just a quick note:

At the beginning of our breeding almost 27 years ago we were lucky enough to build up an excellent breeding line with an extremely intelligent dam like Cindy and now after more than two decades the breeding will be reduced over the coming years - maybe with another extremely intelligent dam

"Dog Mom" is convinced that what had happened is fate, because it was not planned to purchase another puppy

Tomorrow, November 6th, 2022 we will be showing Koko for the second time. She's still in the progress of a coat change, but this is okay with us. Although she does not have all of her hair right now, she still has lots of expression as we can see when we look at the photos below. If we get a chance, we will make some pictures of Koko and our two year old dam "Mina vom Team Barrett", who will be also shown this coming Sunday.

Last update on November 10th, 2022

On November 6th, 2022 Koko was presented at the local SV show in Schöneck. She received the title "SG 2". It was her second show this year. We will not present her for a while. In the coming months we will devote ourselves to her training. The plan is to complete the BH and endurance trials by late spring 2023. She is very good in obedience. In the next few days we will post a video or two of her first training sessions on our facebook page. When it comes to training, it is particularly important to us that the youngser enjoys the training, i.e. with a lot of reward and confirmation, but also with consistency.

In the coming year we would like to bring one or the other Barrett's breakfast practiced in the past back to life. This has been canceled in recent years due to COVID. The breakfast gives the "Barrett owners" the opportunity to exchange ideas and, as is well known, also contains important tips for the training and keeping of young dogs, which are then also practiced during that day. We will definitely find a date in spring 2023 and then announce it on our dates page at the beginning of the year in the hope that many Barrett families will register for it. In any case, we will try to find a date for spring 2023.

First Marion had to show her in the "stand" and then during a run, as we see on the picture below

At the end of she show Koko had been rewarded with her ball of course

One more picture Koko together with Marion

This page has been opened on 5th of November 2022

By the way, Koko has "a lot of "Kuckucksland blood" in her just like some of our Barretts.
As already mentioned: "It must have been fate that Koko now lives with us".

This is how our Koko feels most comfortable

The following photos of our Koko were taken between the 8th and 14th month

Below we see Koko at five months

Below pictures of Koko at four months

At a show last October. Koko plays with "Paul" another young Barrett out of Gina and Lucky