Horseback-riding trip in August 2013

Through out the years 2006 until 2009 my sister Rita always had planned our annual riding tour, as well as she had planned our annual House-Barrett hike, when it took place in the hills of the Odenwald. Which is a beautiful countryside along the Bergstraße, which is also known for its castles and beautiful landscape. One famous castle is the "Heidelberger Schloss", the "Frankenstein Castle" and many more.

In 2013 again nothing could stop Rita to plan a riding tour for us, which was planned for the month of August. She had oranized the tour very well. We were able to spend seven nice days on our horses with no worries about boarding them in a different location every night. For ourselves she had picked clean guesthouses, which offered overnights stay for a reasonable price.

Our riding tour took place along the so called "Nibelungensteig", a 124 km long trail in the Odenwald. The elevation was about 4000 m. At times it was a challenge for the horses and ourselves. Each night we arrived at our destination with no problem. We were very proud of our horses, that they carried us to all of our destinations without any injury, because at times the paths were very narrow and rocky.

Dagmar will keep this trail ride in her memory forever. She will also have memories of previous trail rides, of the annual House-Barrett hikes, which usually had ended with a nice dinner and a good glass of red wine. Nobody can take these memories from her.

Again we had taken many pictures during this ride and we hope, that, while viewing these pictures, the visitors of our webpage will be inspired to take a good look at nature and its beauty, maybe set different priorities and spend more time with their loved ones. It is a known fact, that we usually rush through life, do not observe our surroundings and most of us do not take time to enjoy the moment. We would be so much happier, if we would. This would give us more strength and no regrets, if a loved one would be taken away from us all of as sudden.

Comanchero waiting for the horsetrailer to pick him up

Comanchero and Adi had already walked a few km when this picture was taken

How beautiful the countryside can be

The Odenwald

is characterized by smal towns

and old half-timbered houses

A short break at the village well of Lindenfels

The first part of the tour was 27 km long

We rode from Zwingenberg to Lindenfels

Beautiful view from a castle ruin

One more picture of Rita and Adi

before the path took us downhill again

After managing this path

the horses deserved an one hour break

Comanchero and Dagmar

The fawn we had to ride through was more then one meter high at times

Now the paths was going from Grasellenbach to Ebersberg,

On the way to Ebersberg we passed the historic bridge, which is called "Himbächel-Viadukt". This bridge was built in only 1 1/2 years in the time frame May of 1889 until November of 1881. The bridge is 250 meter long and 40 meter high

Our trail took us then to the Marbachstausee

Nice view of the lake

Another 10 km

we had to ride

until we had reached our destination for that day.

Eearly in the morning we sadddled up again

Rita took a little while longer to get Adi ready for the ride, so Comanchero had time to rest a little while longer

This stallion did not like our horses. He had to check out their remains

The same evening the horses had a nice big pasture for themselves

The next day we again had to get up early, because our stretch for that day was about 29 km long, which was the longest stretch of this tour. We wanted to reach the town "Amorbach" before it would get dark. Another beautiful town, which has a lot of history

We rode up to the castle ruin,

wichh is called "castle Wildenberg"

Beautiful weather

we had on that day

It was interesting to read the history of this ruin

One more last picture Rita took

of the ruin

Then we continued on our trail to the so called "Zittenfelder Quelle"

On the way to the Quelle we stopped at a farm and the farmer was so nice and gave our horses water to drink

After a few hours ride we arrived at the Zittenfelder Quelle, another famous history spot of a legend

We took a lunch break

and so did the horses

They fall to sleep afterwards

Our first stop in Amorbach was the grocery store. We needed to buy more supplies, because we carried everything with us on the horses, which we needed for these seven days

Cheers!, Adi, you do not get my bottle, Comanchero says!

Short break

To reach our destination for the night,

we had to ride through the streets of Amorbach, through mid part of the town

The horses were saddled up again early the next morning

and our ride began with a climbing of quite a few meters

We reached the top of the hill after about 30 minues straight up

We did get rewarded with a beautiful view again

Quite a few times we met the same two hikers,

who were hiking the 124 km together

One last view from this spot

before we explored the ruined convent

Rita had a nice talk with one of the hikers

Another view then we continued on our trail ride towards the town "Freudenberg", which actually was the last part of the ride

We both knew, that our seven day riding tour came to an end soon

On the way we passed a chicken farm

After a few hours ride we finally reached the town Miltenberg

The first coffee shop was ours. Just sitting there, drinking a good cup of coffee and eating a German cake, while watching our horses and Rita viewing again our trail on the map, was so relaxing

Afterwards we took quite a few pictures

of the market place

The old town center of Miltenberg with its historic buildings, which are nature protected. In the back we see the famous historic town office. One last picture

before we were heading for the final destination, a " parking place" outside of the town, where the horses could be loaded up without any problems.

Cheers to a special and wonderful trail ride.

Rita had enjoyed her life to the fullest. She wanted to show her family, that it can be done, although she knew, that her days were counted. She was a Doctor and knew what she had to face in the months to come after she was diagnosed with a terminal illness 15 months ago.

She always used to say, not to get angry over little things, the things we cannot change. Notice your surroundings, live the moment and spend more time with your loved ones. This will help to face destiny.

She always used to say to me: Dagmar, don`t be sad, I am not lost, I am just going ahead"

On the morning of January 12th, 2014 she closed her eyes for good!

In remembrance of my beloved sister Rita our annual House-Barrett hike in 2014 will take place in a beautiful part of the Odenwald!