Horseback-riding trip in June 2010

This year our trail ride was different then the years before. Since Dagmar sold the horse Cochese last year due to not having too much time throughout the year, because of training the dogs in fall and spring, she found a new place for her horse Comanchero, which is located out in the Odenwald. Once a year during the summer she will bring him home for about three months. During the summer there are no dog trials scheduled, so she has more time to ride her horse being accompanied by a dog or two. Dagmar loves the nature and she is looking forward for this summer to enjoy beautiful days with Comanchero and her dogs.

The new stable is about 30 miles away from her home town. Last weekend she rode the horse home. Rita, her sister, accompanied her the first part of the way and then she met up with Juian, a friend of the family, and together with Julian on his bike and Hera they were with her the rest of the day. It was a beautiful day.

A few pictures were taken and we like to share them with visitors of our web page.

Rita is getting Addi ready for the journey

Comanchero is watching everything

He is still a little nervous,

because this stable is not his home, he just was there for one night

He is calling for his friends

After a while he did calm down a little

Around 11 AM we started

to ride towards Bensheim, a historical city in the Odenwald

Julian and Hera were waiting for us at the Subway

We bought sandwiches and kept riding towards the fields

We found a nice place,

where we had lunch

Then around 2 PM we continued with the journey

towards Groß-Rohrheim

We rode through the woods

It was a warm on that day

Another short break,

We needed that

especially Hera

Since the distance from Bensheim to Graoß-Rohrheim is about

20 km long, Hera had to take a break after about 10 km

As soon as we came out of the woods, Comanchero knew where he was; close to home

Look at him, he has this special proud look, that Dagmar loves so much, not only on the horse, also on her dogs

At around 5 PM we arrived save at home