Horseback-riding trip in August 2009

This year our trail ride was different then the years before. The puppies from Dorcas were due exactly in that week we had planned the trip for. Claudia, the owner of Xara, wanted to join for the first time. The first four days she rode with Rita in the Odenwald and the second part of the week Jessica, Claudia and Dagmar rode every day about 25 to 30 km. Every evening they came back home to Groß-Rohrheim. Their trail took them along the Rhine river. Dagmar had always her cell phone with her, incase Dorcas would start having her puppies. Everything worked out great.

Claudia enjoyed this trail ride very much and Dagmar thinks, that this won`t be the last time Claudia joined for one of the rides.

A few pictures were taken again and we like to share them with the visitors of our web page.

Claudi brought her own horse

Her horse and Rita`s horse did get along well

Quite a few things are needed for a trial ride

Rita getting ready

Beautiful sights

This pictures was taken from the castle

Rita with the two horses

Claudi with her 20 year old horse, which she had bought in Spain 10 years ago

Nice place to rest

The weather was great that day

Another view from the castle

Arthur and Dagmar joined Rita and Claudi for dinner that night

This is a sign for an "animal hotel"

The castle

The horse enjoys the view

View through a castle window

The horses enjoyed staying down there

Part of the castle

Beautiful day

Rita is getting the horses for their last ride

Too fast the four days went by

Claudi enjoyed these days very much

Claudi had one day to rest in Groß-Rohrheim

Her and Dagmar took 11 year old Cindy and young Bacira for a swim

It was very hot that day

Every dog were able to cool off in their "swimming pool"

Claudi took these two pictures

of Nora, our beautiful daughter from Gustl. She sure loooks like him

Claudi checked on the horses every day to make sure, them three get along

Now it is time to get back on the horse. Jessica joined us on that day

Dagmar rode Cochese

and Jessica Comanchero

Claudi and Dagmar

Lunch break

Jessica and Dagmar

It was so hot, Claudi is showing her horse how nice the

water of the Rhine river can be

Cochese likes to play in the water

On the way back we stoped at our friends little "motel"

In this little store a lot of good things to eat can be bought

Comanchero wanted a piece of Jessica`s cake