Horseback-riding trip in August 2008

Like every year we went on a six day horseback-riding trail along the famous Bergstraße. The trail was about 120 miles long. Since it is hill side country, it is not so easy for the horses. They have to be in good shape.

My sister had prepared this nice tour again.

We made a few pictures and like to share them with the visitors of our web page.

Our first overnight was in a beautiful gasthouse in the town "Schannenbach"

A view from our room

The horses stayed overnight at a nice little farm place

My sister and her horse

Our trail took us to the little city of "Fürth"

We stoped to get some ice cream and the horses found some water

Riding through the fields

Karin rides western, my sister english style

Hundemama with the horse "Cochese", of course western-style

Two sisters together

This picture was taken on another beautiful morning

This path was pretty deep, so we walked the horses, nice view onto the town of Heddesbach

Riding throgh the woods

Walking through the little city of Eberbach

Getting something to eat

This is the market place of Eberbach

People relaxing, drinking coffee

and eating cake

Beautiful view on to the Neckartal

This is the Neckar River

In the distance a castle

Rita together with her horse

Karin, a good friend of ours also owns a beautiful horse

A short rest in the field

Rita is walking, because her "rear" hurts, I guess a western saddle is more comfortable for long rides like this

Taking a break and eating some apples of this tree

Next destination was a so called "Hay Hotel"

Even the bed in the back has hay in it

Karin with her 20 year old mare

Everybody is getting ready for another riding day

First the horses have to be cleaned

Dagi has time for another picture

Rita needs a chair to get her stuff on the horse

Cochese is already finished, ready to go

One last picture before the adventure continues

Beautiful view on to the Neckartal

Another nice view

A short stop at the Minneburg

Riding over a bridge of the Neckar River

A short break

This is the so called


A little path brought us to this nice place

Now it is lunch time

The last day was our longest ride, about 25 miles

Getting ready for the last day

We stayed at this very nice gasthouse. The food was excellent

One last picture, before we have to say goodbye to the nice landscape of the "Odenwald". For sure, we will be back next year for our "House-Barrett hiking trail" and another "horseback-riding trail"