Horseback-riding trip in August 2006

Like every year we went on a five day horseback-riding trail along the famous Bergstraße. Castles like Wachenburg, Alsbacher Schloss, Windeck and of course the Heidelberg castle we passed on the way.

My sister, who also prepared our House-Barrett tour, picked out this beautiful trail to ride on.

For the first time we made pictures on this trip. These pictures we want to share with everybody, who lives far away. We want to show everybody the nice landscape we are surrounded by.

If anyone in the near future plans a trip to Germany and maybe wants to join us on a trip like this, just let us know, we always have two horses left for someone to ride on. If so, get in contact with the owner of the "House-Barrett kennel".

We started our trip in a little town called "Wurzelbach"

Just a picture before the trip started

Comanchero makes friends with Titan

My sister`s horse

It did not take long and we had to move some big branches

of a whole tree which crossed our path

Our first big stop

was the town of Heppenheim

The horses were able

to drink out of the town well

I had to show Comanchero not to be scared of this water

He learned very quickly

Rita with her horse Titan

Comanchero had all kind of things to carry

Beautiful sights

We just had to stop and take another picture

We usually had our breakfast outside on a nice porch

The first castle on our way

We had lunch at this castle "Windeck"

The children came right away to pet the horses

Nice fiew from the castle "Windeck" on to Weinheim

A tower of the castle "Windeck"

Our trails lead us through vineyards

Sometimes we walked with our horses

Even the horses had to stop at places at looked

at the nice view

Here we are in the old town of Weinheim

A nice church we seen along the way

When this picture was taken we were very tired, we had to walk up a very narrow and steep path

This was a very nice path through the woods

We did get close to Heidelberg

Another little wall, which was built in 1929

From this point we had a very nice view to the Heidelberg Castle

My sister Rita filmed this trip with the Video Camera

This was very interesting to look it

This "Thingstätte" was built in 1935 and dedicated by Goebbles in person to the national socialist times of Hitler in the year 1936

Dagmar with Comanchero

This is a monastery

It is located on the hill "Heiligenberg"

The grave of "Friedrich von Hirsau", died in 1070

As always someone has to hold the horses

Comanchero looks at the Heidelberg Castle


The Castle

Another wall to drink water out of

Just before our destination on the last day we had a big problem

trying to pass all this

Somehow we made it; but it was not easy

In the morning we were picked up by the owner of Bergere, a dog out of our second litter (B-litter 1997), Bergere is a sister of Brix

All three together, from left to right: Karin, Dagmar and her sister Rita