Hiking tour on August 26th, 2017

For the twelfth time we invited owners of House- and Team Barrett dogs to join us on our annual hiking tour

30 dogs together with their owners - around 47 people - did join us on our hike, which was held near the city of Darmstadt. Very nice wooded area!

The tour took us through nice woods and our fourlegged friends were able to go for a swim two times during our tour.

Our lunch break was scheduled at a very nice guesthouse at the "Oberwaldhaus". Due to a very bad storm one day prior of our hike, Jason was not able to fly out of Munich - where he lives these days - to join for the annual dinner that Friday evening, so he took an early flight that Saturday morning and joined us for lunch and then hiked with us the rest of the way.

Beautiful group pictures were taken along the tour. Our American friends Demitris and Martha both flew in from the State to join us on our hike.

Just like every year lots of pictures were taken. We already found the time today to upload these pictures on our webpage. Since new puppies have arrived a little while ago, Hundemama now will be very busy with raising her new family.

House Barrett Team wishes everybody the very best for the future and hope, that others will join us for one of our annual hikes in the near future

Dinner on Friday at the Pizzeria "Josef"

This one hardly cannot wait to get out of the car

"Hundemama" said a few words to everyone

and explained the stops of todays tour

The tour started close to 10 AM

Most of the dogs know already when going on these hikes. First they get very excited, but after a few minutes of walking they calm down very fast

We found a very nice grass area for our first group pictures

Some close up pictures were taken as well

Everyone looks so happy

About half an hour we had to walk until we reached this little pond

To the left the sire Leonidas, Flash, Shadow-Knight and Giant, the brother of our beautiful Gina

Here we see Enza

and Gino

of course with a stick

Dörthe and Yazoo are watching the others

After a short break we kept on with our tour, towards the lunch break

Five males and Enza, which has lost almost all of her coat after her last litter, but this is normal. Nothing to worry about!

From left to right: Enza, Gino, Leonidas, Flash, Giant and Shadow-Knight

At 12.30 we reached our lunch break

Jason was there already waiting for us

The food was very good. Dörthe must be talking to Yazoo how tasty her lunch was!

Barretts during the lunch break

Andreas together with his Macho to the left and Charly to the right. The picture to the right shows the nice wooded area

Again we came to a pond

When we look at these pictures above, we can tell, that Barrett dogs are special. Not only do they like to jump in the water, no before they jump, they even dive up in the air. Enza and Gino are just crazy about water. All offsprings of Tyson are special in their own way

After lunch a few more group pictures were taken of those, who joined us at lunch break and only walked with us in the afternoon

We always do something, so the Barretts look very alert

Who is acting like a clown again? Gino, of course!

Another wonderful day came to an end. If we stay healthy, there will be another day just like this one, next year. Most likely with a few new Barrett owners!