Barrett GET TOGETHER in Seattle, Washington, USA on May 19th, 2018

For the first time "USA-Barrett owners" had the opportunity to meet with others and us in the Seattle area, USA. The owner of "Amigo vom Haus Barrett" had invited for this event. They arranged everything and thanks to this wonderful family "Hundemama", her daughter Jessica and her friend Marion had a chance to meet with all of these nice families for the first time.

Everything was so well prepared by the Greenman family. Without the willigness to open their house for everyone, this event could have never happened. For this we like to express how thankful we are for this day.

The event was special, not only to us. We do believe that everyone had a wonderful and unforgettable time.

Quite a few families were able to join and we also like to thank everyone for taking the time to drive or even fly out to Seattle on that day.

Just like on our annual German hike quite a few pictures were taken, which we like to share with others. Maybe one of these days we will be able to repeat an event like this in another part of the USA.

Last but not least "Hundemama" likes to thank all families for taking such good care of their Barretts. We do know that sometimes it is a challenge to raise a Barrett-puppy, because they are so smart and they do have their own character. But if we raise our GSD with knowledge for this breed, with respect for an animal and love, leadership and understanding, our puppies have a chance to grow up into self convident and content dogs.

Jessica and Dagmar Anderson

From left to right, Phil with Valko, Joann with Fallon, Michele with Tahnee, Martha with Rumi and Dagmar with Amigo

The residence of the host family

Their beautiful garden

Jessica and Linda busy with the preperation

Beautiful set up

Ready for lunch

Getting to know each other

Nice flowers

Amigo giving kisses

Enjoying lunch

Waiting for the three miles hike to take off. To the left Carol and Michelle, to the right Phil and Valko

Happy faces!

Michael, Nadine and Jessica

Dagmar enjoyed the horses on the way

A short break was used to practice a few obedience tasks, like sit, lay down, walk through a group etc

The Barretts were doing great. No aggression towards each other. Hundemama explained the importance of training dogs in a group

One funny picture

Annette, Peter, Fallon and Jonas

Phil and Valko

Michele and Tahnee, Linda, Gordon and Amigo, Martha and Rumi

From left to right, Jonas, Fallon, Tahnee, Amigo, Rumi and Valko

Hundemama with Amigo

Valko, son of Indi and Yakko

Marion, Jessica and Dagmar enjoyed the time in Washington and Canada very much. Very nice families they met, beautiful country side they have seen and hiked and of course not to forget the happy Barretts. This vacation was special to both of them.