10th Anniversary House-Barrett Hike on August 15th, 2015

For the 10th time Hundemama had scheduled a House-Barrett hike and over 80 participants out of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and even the USA had registered for this special event.

Hundemama did think of something special for her friends for that weekend. On Friday and Sunday she had planned a seminar for beginners and advanced puppy and dog owners in obedience, tracking and schutzhund. Also first time puppy owners were shown how to bond with their puppy during play.

Some surprises she had planned for Selina and Andreas for their long lasting friendship and all the participants. But not only did she come up with surprises. Her friends had the same idea. Please read the commands underneath the pictures. It will give you an idea how special this weekend was for everyone.

Once again Hundemama had decided to walk through the beautiful Odenwald, a beautiful path along the famous “Bergstraße•, which is surrounded by castles and nice country side. The hike itself was not so steep, easy path, which could be walked by everyone, young or old. The route of the hike was only about 5 to 6 km long one way, but constantly slightly uphill.

The participants met at the training place in Pfungstadt and at the same place a barbeque was planned for that evening with lots of games and to have fun.

The weeks before the scheduled hike, there was a heat wave in Germany. Just one day prior to the hike it cooled off and on the day of the hike it was only about 24 C. Very nice weather to walk and be outside.

On the morning of the hike House-Barrett participants drove to Malchen, a little town below the Frankenstein castle, about 6 km from it. The hike started from that town. It took about 2 ½ hours to reach the Frankenstein Castle.

Some families walked up to the Castle itself to catch a nice view. At 1 PM lunch a lunch was scheduled at a very nice Restaurant. Everyone was able to stay outside, which gave them all a beautiful view from the patio of the Restaurant. Around 3 PM the group walked to a grass area, where the famous group picture was taken by Arthur. This time of course with the nice poster, which Andreas had given Arthur and Hundemama as a gift early that morning.

The group started to go back around 4 PM. Very nice path and constantly downhill. Around 6 PM everyone was back at the training place.

Before the barbeque started, Selina and her friends again had a surprise for Hundemama. This time they had a special surprise. Some of our House-Barrett owners had heard not too long ago, that Hundemama was struggling with her almost 12 year old beloved boy Tyson. One of his back legs had been injured very badly and Hundemama was afraid, he would not make it. It took several weeks – rough weeks – for him to get better. Since about two weeks he is walking on four legs again. Selina really did touch Hundemama when she handed over her and Stefan`s present.

Two extreme nice photo collages from her beloved Tyson.

Tears not only welled up in “Dagmar`s eyes•, also in lots of other eyes. She was speechless. No one can describe into words how she and everyone felt. You have to look at the two collages to understand, what it means to her when she looks at these pictures. How proud and wonderful her animals look. Tyson expresses this very well. It is not only about breeding such proud and smart animals, it is also about long lasting friendships she made with her Barretts over the last 20 years. Very good friendships, not only in Germany, also in other countries, about the fact how happy she made many families with one of her puppies. This is such a beautiful task and this makes her a very happy human being. She knows, that at times it is not easy for the family to have such a busy Mom and Wife and she thanks her family very much for supporting her with this wonderful Hobby, which she would love to continue for many more years, if nature is on her side and she stays healthy. This 10th anniversary-hike and all the presents which were given and speeches which were held, showed her again that she is a very rich person. She always says, “All the money in the world means nothing compared to what she has•.

As we mentioned above, many pictures were taken during this weekend. Over the next week they will be uploaded on this page and last but not least we made two Videos of this special day, which we will put on YouTube after we had published all of the pictures, which were taken on that day to show everyone in the world, what a wonderful Hobby we all share.

Team-Barrett wishes everyone the very best for the future and most of all health and happiness. These four legged friends sure bring happiness in our life, which Hundemama does not want to miss for one second. Just like it says on the photo collage “Tyson, a friend for life•

For sure there will be another hike scheduled for next year and we hope, that some of our friends in the USA, Canada or other countries will be able to come and join us for one of our hikes in the near future.

All the best your House-Barrett Team

18th of September 2015 We just uploaded the pictures for our seminar! It was a very informative seminar, according to all the participants. Please click HERE

4th of September 2015 We just uploaded more pictures of our hike. Please click here!

The seminar pictures will be uploaded on Sunday.

As described above


had a surprise

for Arthur and Dagmar

Andreas handed her over a bouquet

and Arthur received a bottle of wine

and look at this nice "poster"

which show some of our hiking pictures from the past

What a surprise

Thank you very much, Andreas!

Shortly after receiving these presents

the participants drove to Malchen

where the hike started

What a beautiful picture

so many beautiful dogs at once

Jessica, Hundemama`s daughter also joined

In the back we see Andreas

To the right we see Bosco and to the left Gino

Just like every year Bruni joined us

Everyone had so much fun

To the left Jason`s friend

Jason, Hundemama`s son also came along

Selina, in the background we see our friends Demetris and Martha from the USA

her sister also came along and to the right a friend of Demetris

Just one more km to walk

to the Castle

This picture had been taken from the castle

Burg Frankenstein

Dagmar and Gino had to go up there

All the way up there

who is looking out of the window?

Dörthe came along

We were very happy, that Family Donnelly also was able to make this hike, with her youngster Valerie, a daughter of Indi

On the patio of the restaurant, what a beautiful view!

Waiting for lunch

to be served

There was enough room for everyone

Jana with Athos and Indi

Gino, just like his Dad "Tyson", always on the lap

This must be a Barrett trait, Thor does the same

On the way

to the grass area

for our annual picture

Our friends from the US

Up front Selina with Fash and Stefan with Leonidas

with the nice poster, up front to the right we see Shadow-Knight and others

To the left we see Cheyenne and to the right Gino

All the way to the right we see Athos, next to him Indi, then Uljana, little Xarah and Gino

On the way back

to the left Rainbow, a son of Tyson

To the right we see the beautiful girl Valerie

Always going downhill

Around 6 PM they arrived back in Pfungstadt

at the training place

Our American friends having a good time

All of as sudden Tyson came around the corner

carrying a red red bouque followed

by several Barretts with garlands around their necks.

Proud Tyson

Where is Hundemama?

Or there she is

This surprize really got to her!

Just look at these beautiful dogs

Selina held a speech

and handed Dagmar over two foto collages

of her beloved Tyson

Dagmar was speechless

Selina wanted to continue with her speech, but was not able to do so, emotions came up

After a short moment when Dagmar was able to talk again, she thanked everybody for their wonderful presents,

Dagmar thanked everybody for their presents

and she also thanked Andreas and Selina for their long-time friendship

and last but not least

she thanked her family for their support and understanding

for this time consuming hobby she has

Stefan handed over a present to Selina and Dagmar

for their friendship, without them two he would have not started with the dog sport again, which he had quitt many years ago

Grandchild Cassidy was also there with her parents and her aunt Jessica

Around 7.30 PM Barbeque did start

and as we see on these pictures,

everyone was having a good time

and it must have tasted very good

Jennifer together with her husband and friend Matze

Jana and Stefan

The evening started with one of our funny games

Who is the best in blowing out candles

Boy, did them two blew with all the air they had

He was almost eating the plate

and yes, he was a winner. But what happened to her?

The ballon dance

was next

Try to dance with a ballon between each other heads

They did very well,

they were not allowed to hold on to each other

Then came the next position, hold the ballon with your stomache; on this picture we see Dörthe with Jason

The third game only someone had a chance,

who could shake their hips

Everyone laughed so much

Boy, did he try

and guess what, at the end it was Jason against Selina, and guess who won: Jason Barrett

Then was another funny game on the plan

Always one chair less than people on the floor

when ever the music stops,

everyone tries to catch a free seat

Four people left,

trying to catch that empty seat

Only two people left and guess who was the winner: Again Jason Barrett

Here we see another Barrett,

but this time a four legged friend

named "Tyson vom Haus Barrett"

He is showing us how they made him and other Barretts

look so nice, when handed over the presents

He is "Hundemam`s four legged Love and friend for life"

He still looks so proud, even at an old age. He is almost 12 yeears old

The presents which were given to Hundemama for her 10th anniversary hike found a special place in her home. This one is hanging over the table on the patio

With this card some of the participants thought of something special to give to Hundemama. They collected money to pay the new pictures on her new dog trailer. We see Funny and Yakko`s picture on this one side

Dagmar does not want to coment following collages, which she received as presents from her friends Selina and Stefan. As she wrote above, she was speechless, when she did receive them. Yet she likes to translate the sentences on the one collage, because she truly believes in this meaning:

in German: "Ein Barrett ist ein Freund fürs Leben"

Translated into English:

"A Barrett is a friend for life"

Every day from now on, when she steps in her front room or on the patio and she sees these wonderful presents, she will be reminded of this special weekend!

Without all the Barrett-families this wonderful weekend could not have been held!

In the next few days we will put in a link for more photos and videos