Hiking tour on August 27th, 2011

For the sixth time we invited owners of House-Barrett dogs to join us on a hiking tour

This time we hiked in the valley of the Rhine River in St. Goar

The weather was not too good in the morning, but yet almost all the families, who had registred for this trip did make it. This time we had the largest group, about 47 people and 27 beautiful House-Barrett dogs. Later on during the day the weather dig get better and at times the sun was shining

Again families joined us from all over Germany and other countries.

We think, that everybody loved this hike. The hike only was about 6 miles long, not too long, so everybody were able to make this trip easily.

We want to thank all the families who joined us to make this wonderful day happen.

Next year we for sure will plan another tour. We do have plans to make this tour in September and again Hundemama will think of something very nice. At the beginning of next year we will announce the day when this hike in 2012 will take place.

We wish everybody the very best for the future

Haus-Barrett Team

Our famous couple Tyson and Nora

Update on September 13th, 2011 We received more pictues of our hike.

This page has been opened on September 1st, 2011

Here can be viewed more pictures of our hike:

Haus Barrett hike 2011

At 9.30 AM we met in St. Goar

Together we were going to the "Altstadt (old town) to the bakery; up front Selina with Jason

Walking through the "Altstadt", up front Zeus, a son of Hera and Tabaluga", with his owner

We stoped at the bakery to buy the famous German pastery

Now the hike began

For the first 20 minutes

it was going uphill

and quite a few stairs had to be taken

until we reached the top. Nora and Tyson are resting

Here we see Buddy with his daughter Indi in the back

Our dream couple

for many years; Nora and Tyson

Pictures of a family

up front Xara with her parents Nora and Tyson in the back

Xara with Bacira and their owners

Xara and Thomas are enjoying the beautiful view

Xara with Claudi

Life could not be better

Xara together with her owner

Bacira, a daughter of Tyson and Dorcas, with her owner

Danny, a son of Tyson and Nora

Dennis was climbing up on the tree to get good pictures of the group

"Hundemama" on the table

She had a list for the coffee break and the dinner

Our lunch break was about 40 minutes

It takes a lot of organisation to have coffee, cake and dinner ready by the time we got there

Dennis took quite a few group pictures

So many hikers were present

In section

we took pictures of the group

Dannis and his sister had fun

Claudia with Nora and Tyson

Before we left our breakfast spot

a few more pictures were taken of the beautiful country

"Hundemama" with her sister Rita

The years before she was in charge of quite a few tours. This time Dagmar took over

The hike continued through nice fields

As you can see there were many hikers

"Hundemama" together with Tyson and Nora and Jürgen with Bacira

Our beautiful "Orca", a daughter of Queeny and Yakko, together with Gisi and "little Jason"

Andreas with Simon and Charly

Xara with her family

Dörthe wiith her girl ´Fame", a daughter of Indra and Tyson, together with Bruni, Dagmar and her beloved Tyson

Beautiful land scape

Rita "in love" with Dieter

Vonny, a son of Tabaluga and Melody, together with his family

Just before we reached our coffee-break

we arrived at a beautiful spot. Here we see Pharo, a son of Buddy and Dorcas, together with his owners



Sigrid together with Zeus

Andreas with his loves ones together with Fame

Such a beautiful place

Mailo, a son of Olympia and Tyson, together with his owners

Rita and Dieter

Here we took a break of about 30 minutes

Our friend Julian, together with Buddy and his daughter Indi

It was Jason`s last day before he had to leave for Las Vegas again. Here together with Selina and Honey, the sister of our Hera

Xara and family

Vonny with Michael

"Hundemama" is "in love" with Tyson

Dagmar, Tyson and Selina


always alert and watches Dagmar all the time

The owner of the restaurant, where we took our coffee break, was so nice and had decorated all the tables

Little Jason with a man out of steel

Again beautiful scenery

View on to the Rhine Valley

It just had rained. Can you see the rainbow?

Rhine River

Walking through Oberwesel

Up front is Buddy and next to him Simon

This picture was taking of the old city wall

Meilo with owners

Waiting for the ship

getting the tickets

The Rhine cuises are usually taken on the "Köln-Düsseldorfer"


Dennis having fun

Waiting for the ship to arrive

On the ship

Andreas and family

Annemarie and Buni enjoying this beautiful day

Gisi together with Jason

Meilo with owners

Elinore with family. Elinore is a daughter of Gustl and Melody

Julian`s brother walked with Indi on that day

from left to right, Buddy, Nora and Tyson

Jason getting off the ship

Dagmar with BUddy and Nora getting off the ship

Rita, her sister

Dagmar walking towards the restaurant with Buddy, Nora and Heidi

along the Rhine River

Arriving at the gasthouse.

Waiting for dinner

The owner of the restaurant volunteered to barbeque for us

Melissa, Jason and friend

Jason and Tristan

The dinner is almost finished

Just having a good time

This picture was taking during the coffee break

Just relaxing

A few of the hikers did not want to stay outside,

so they were sitting inside of the gasthouse

The following pictures

show again the beautiful scenery of the Rhine Valley with castle

Tyson and Nora would love to see everybody again next year