Hiking tour on August 27th, 2016

For the eleventh time we invited owners of House-and Team-Barrett dogs to join us on a hiking tour. Almost 50 people had registered for this hike. Our friend Demitris came flying over from the States to join us on this hike. He brought his two Barretts along

Again we decided to walk in the nice country side of the Odenwald

Unfortunately the weather was very hot, so we only walked in the morning and changed the route for the afternoon. Instead of walking, we decided to take the dogs for a swim

After the swim we had a nice and relaxing coffee break at a very nice place nearby the town Bad König, where our hike began

For dinner we went to a very nice guesthouse. We had a wonderful time.

We hope, that next year lots of families will join again out of different countries The exact date will be announced at the beginning of 2017.

Just like every year many pictures were taken.

Haus- and Team Barrett wish everybody the very best for the future

We met at the train station in Bad König

At 9 AM we started with our hike

These pictures had been taken

at our first stop for some water, because it was very hot that day

Once we had reached the woods,

it was not so hot anymore. Aber about another half an hour

we stoped for water again. Here we see Herros, Joey, with a friend of ours and also a girl out of Nixe and Flash

Here we see Rainbow together with Dysis, the female from the USA

Just resting, but Joey always looking for Hundemama

Freja, a girl from Buddy and Bella.

Athos and Indi, Nixe and Yazoo were also on the hike

He fall in love with Freja

Another stop

For a short distance it was a little hot,

but soon we had reached the woods again

The last few minutes, before we reached the guesthouse was a little warm again

But then someone was there with a big water hose and guess what, Nex wanted to eat the water

Hundemama not only gave Nex some water, also Selina. What a surprize

For 1 1/2 hours we had our lunch break

Then we decided to drive back to the cars

and walk to a little water creek

Boy, did they have fun here

Here we see the Barrett named "Jerry-Lee"

and we see Demitris stepping into a hole

Selina did not want to go in the water, Dörthe tried a different route

They truly had fun together

Here we see Yazoo together with Nixe

These pictures were taken after the swim during a coffee break

Everyone enjoyed this break

Two more last pictures of Andreas with Charly

before we walked back to the car to drive to another town, where we had dinner

Everyone had so much fun. It was a wonderful day with around 40 people and lots of Barretts

At the beginning of 2017 we will announce the date for our next hike!