House- and Team Barrett hiking tour on 26th of August 2023

For the eighteenth time, House and Team Barrett owners met for this year's hiking day.

Again around 35 participants had registered, although not all of them were hiking due to the fact of having young dogs or elderly people in the family, but for lunch they were all present.

Due to a so-called "stress fracture" that "Dog Mom" had suffered from a few weeks ago, she was accompanied by her horse "Black Tattoo", which felt very comfortable among all dogs. Hundemama also was accompanied by her two dams Enza and Gwendi.

This year's route led us through a beautiful forest area between Darmstadt and Pfungstadt.

Days before it was very hot, but the weather was kind to us that day; around 22 degrees and no rain

Lunch was taken at around 1:00 p.m. Our board members together with a few club members put a lot of effort into preparing a good lunch for all participants. There were delicious salads, different types of meat and sauces and very warm hospitality. Our annual "Barrett photo" was taken after lunch. Of course, the hosts could not be missing on this picture. At this point we would like to thank everyone for the effort that they had made.

While all the delicious food was eaten, "Black Tattoo" grazed peacefully on our club grounds. At around 3:15 p.m., a large proportion of the hikers set off again towards Darmstadt. The rest of the group, who couldn't hike back because of young dogs or advanced aged people, stayed on the club grounds for a while.

At 5:15 p.m., the group returned to the starting point. Some families, who had come from far away, then went back home, others drove to Malchen for dinner

As in previous years, Arthur captured our hiking day with many pictures. Some have already been published on facebook thanks to our Jennifer. As every year, we have now opened a new page with more pictures.

It should also be noted that the Heigel family has already agreed to select a very nice route in the Pfälzer Forest for us next year, which we will then work out together with the Heigel family. At the beginning of 2024 we will announce the exact date of our next hiking day. Most likely it will take place again on the last weekend in August.

We wish all House and Team Barrett owners the best for the future, above all health and hope to see you again in the coming year. This will then be our nineteenth hiking day!

Some participants were not afraid to travel a long way, e.g. from Hamburg and Munich, to be here with us. Once again, many thanks to all participants

"Hundemama" briefly explained the process and why her horse "Black Tattoo" accompanied her on this hike. She also pointed out that in two years there will be a 20th Anniversary Hiking Day. She has already come up with an extraordinarily beautiful tour with an excellent view of the Rhine Valley near the well-known slate rock "Loreley"

This picture had been taken just before the hike began

Ready to hike!

Our route took us past a former training ground of OG Darmstadt Süd. In 1969, "Hundemama" passed a protection dog trial with her first shorthair German Shepherd dog "Cora". "Hundemama" took this place as an opportunity to streak a little into the past. A picture of this first schutzhund trial had been taken at that time. If you click on the "History" button on our webpage, you get to this "special" picture that shows the female "Cora" jumping over the 1 m hurdle

After listening to this story the participants continued with the hike for about 3 km and then took a short break

During the break Arthur took a few close up pictures

After the break another 5 km had to be hiked through the forest before the participants reached the main street

"Hundemama" was expected by her granddaughter Amelia and Mama Jessica. On the last few meters, little Amelia had the pleasure of riding Black Tattoo

Arriving at the dog place, all participants were spoiled with delicious food

The picture above shows an Orca Gino son

The half-brother Macho was also present

That's the way how to live; not only the two-legged friend enjoyed lunch, but also the four-legged friend "Black Tattoo" grazes peacefully in the background

Our group photo, divided into three sections

At around 3:15 p.m. we started our way back

This beautiful day ended with a cozy get-together in Malchen!

We are already looking forward to the next hiking day in 2024, which we hope we can all spend together healthy!