Hiking tour on August 25th, 2012

For the sevent time we invited owners of House-Barrett dogs to join us on a hiking tour

This time we hiked along the banks of the Rhine River between Hamm and Rheindürkheim.

The weather was great, not too hot nor too sunny, and almost all the families, who had registred for this trip did make it. This time we had a modest group, about 40 people and 27 beautiful House-Barrett dogs.

Again families joined us from all over Germany and other countries. Our furthest hiker
was an American who after the hike was going to visit his sister stationed in southern

We think, that this hike was amongest the easiest, and the dogs must have enjoyed swimming in the Rhine at one of the many 'Pit-stops' that were taken. The hike only was about 14 miles long, not too long, so everybody were able to make this trip easily.

We want to thank all the families who joined us to make this wonderful day happen.

Next year we for sure will plan another tour. At the beginning of next year we will announce the day when this hike in 2013 will take place.

We wish everybody the very best for the future

Haus-Barrett Team

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Waiting at the meeting point for all to arrive

Hunda Mama gives a safety brief

And all the particinpants are actually listening

So if we hurry, we can start.

Jason trys to hide behind Romy

Dorcas ist listening as well

Our eldest participant was over 70 years old

Vonny, son of Tabaluga and Melody, with his owners

The way was on between the river and the farmer

fields. A little white fourlegged friend hiked along

Mailo with his owner

Proud Tyson up front, being followed by Da Vinci. He only came along for an hour and then went back

Selina is being busy with her Joker and Marion with our Funny

Is this an obstical course - Maybe we should do agility.

Another beautiful Barrett

Selina with Joker. A beautiful young male. Maybe he will enrich House-Barrett one of these days

Just hiking along

Eiko loves to carry objects around

Another Tyson-daughter

The first "water stop"

Marion fell in love with Funny; in fact quite a few hikers fall in love with her


Eiko with his family

Mailo, a progeny of Angie and Tyson

Just relaxing and enjoying

And the journey continues

Getting closer to our lunch break

A few more minutes

What a nice picture

Xira is doing so well, daughter of Tyson

Waiting for the rest to catch up

Beautiful weather we had on that day

And through town to the restaurant

where the dogs can rest, from left to right, Cheyenne to the right her Mom Romy, up front "King Tyson"


and the hikers rest too


and partake in some refreshents and lunch

Cheyenne is a "devil"

She has this expression in her face, always up to no good

Rheindürkheim, where we had lunch

Piet resting with his owner

There is always time for a portrait or two

Tyson with his daughter Xira

What a face!

Tyson with Xira

The return swim stop was a longer one

where not only the dogs got in the water

to enjoy the water

But Hundemama

and others


Hundemama with Romy, Cheyenne and Tyson to the right

How peaceful!

Just enjoying everybody

Our friend from the US loved being with us on that day and to see so many Barretts all at once. A few more months and then hopefully he will own a Barrett himself

Eiko with his owner. One is taking a "Siesta"

Vonny with family

For the evening most meet at the restuarant

near the Gernsheim ferry

for refreshments, food

and a wonderful sunset

Another wonderful day came to an end. We are sure, that there will be another day like this next year!