Hiking Tour on August 24th, 2019

Again House- and Team Barrett owners were invited with their Barretts to join us on our annual hiking tour.

Dagmar and Arthur had picked out a very nice path in the hill country of southern Germany.

The tour took us through extreme nice wood paths and our four legged friends were able to go for a swim a few times on that tour.

"Hundemama" had planned a short surprise just before the participants had reached the restaurant for lunch. She had a friend of hers come to the one rest stop and bring some very good fruit wine. This swine is a specialty of this area. Oh Boy, did the people like the taste of that wine. After a few minutes every one felt very good and easy and guess what, the rest of the way going uphill seem to be very easy to walk.

On the day of the hike it was very hot, around 90 degrees, but yet the hikers did not feel the heat, because the paths were only through the woods. Everybody just loved this tour. Such nice families came along on our tour. Some of the families came from very far away and some of them came for the first time and they promised to be back next year.

Again lots of pictures and also our traditional group pictures were taking on that day.

House and Team Barrett wishes everybody the very best for the future and we hope, that others will join us for our annual hike in 2020, which will be a special year for "Hundemama". It will be her first year as a retiree. Not yet from breeding, but from her regular job, which she had been working for many years.

Hundemama together with Lucky hope, that we will all meet again next year

Please, view the following pictures of our hike

At our starting point

For the first 15 minutes our tour took us through a typical little German town

Most towns have small fountains right in the middle of town. The dogs just loved it

A small path took us out of the town towards the woods

Extreme nice forest paths we walked on

A short stop to wait for others

The cows liked the variety with people and dogs

Now we continued to our next stop

which was a very nice place and the dogs got a chance again to cool off

When these pictures were taken the hikers walked already 2/3 of the morning tour

The little dog did get tired. That way he was able to rest. The Orca-Gino son never stoped pulling on the leash. He ws laying in every water he can find

This was the place where our friends had brought the wine to

Our four legged friends just watched the two legged friends drinking this good stuff

Afterwards everyone felt easy going. No problem going up hill

even with the stroller

just continue on the path

At around 1.30 PM the hikers reached the lunch destination

located right in the woods

Lucky just watching Hundemama taking these pictures. Yazoo is watching out for Dörthe, while she is resting

The Barretts can do all kinds of funny things

Now group pictures were taken

Still feeling easy going and having fun

Around 3 PM we continued with our hike

At another view point, which was called "Steinerne Bank"

more pictures were taken. Look at these Barretts, just like "models". Here we see from left to right, Valley, Yazoo and Lucky

Boy, now it was going uphill 300 m

before we reached another view point, which was called "Stiefelhöhe".

Lucky and Hundemama

Our guestdog Ben together with Yazoo and Zorah

For the first time Freya`s owner and her friend had joined us on that hike. They both loved it very much

What a cute picture!

Another short stop

before the hikers went on the last path

See you all next year!

Two last pictures of this beautiful area. Up front with Chiara. She was tired

Barrett FAMILY

Around 6.30 PM we did meet for dinner at a beautiful restaurant on a hill with a beautiful scenery