House-Barrett Hiking Tour 2018

House- and Team Barrett invites "Barrett-owners" and their relatives and friends for our Annual Hike

on Saturday, 1st of September 2018

Gino vom Haus Barrett invites everybody to the hike

Like every year on Friday, one day prior to the hike, we will have dinner at Toni`s Pizzeria. Direction of the location of the Pizzeria will be given by Email. This location is in Biblis, near Dagmar`s hometown Groß-Rohrheim. We will meet at 6 PM at the Pizzeria in Biblis

Info of the hike

Our annual hike will take us through the nice sceenery of the Odenwald. We will have lunch at the "Tromm". Not too long ago Hundemama went on a horseback-ride with her Black Tattoo to see that this hike will not be too difficult for eveyone. The hike will be about seven miles long with uphill and downhill stretches.

In the morning we will meet at 9.30 AM at the parking place "Kreidacher Höhe", located in the Odenwald near the town "Wald-Michelbach"

Kreidacher Höhe

Pictures of our hike

Beautiful sceenery

We will have lunch at 1 AM at the hotel "Zur Schönen Aussicht". For those owners who just recently had purchased a Barrett puppy and this walk would be too long for the young dog, there is the possibility to drive up with the car to our lunch destination, have lunch with us and either hike back the second part or meet us again on that evening. A dog should be at least on year old to attend this hike.

After a two hour break we will continue with our hike

We should arrive at the parking place "Kreidacher Höhe" around 5.30 or 6 PM. Together we will drive for dinner to the hotel "Burg Waldau" in Grasellenbach.

At this hotel rooms can be booked as well. Dogs are allowed at this accomodation

Following accommodations are pet friendly. If you like to stay near the location of our hike, at above two hotels rooms can be booked or check out the internet to find hotels and guesthouses around the towns of Grasellenbach and Wald-Michelbach or send an Email to We will help finding you an accommodation.

Alleehotel Bensheim

Europa-Allee 45
64625 Bensheim, Germany

Very nice suites you find here: Ferienwohnungen Ochsenschläger in Wattenheim

Come to Germany, go on a short vacation and join us for our annual hike!

For those families who have never been on a "House-Barrett-Hike" in the past, here is a link to view the previous hikes

Starting of now you can register for this hike via Email or put an entry in our guestbook!

Deadline for the registration of this hike and also for the order of T-Shirts will be

Saturday, the 18th of August 2018

If a family likes to order a T-Shirt for this hike, please let us know the size and the quantity


Normal T-Shirt



Front of the T-Shirt

The back of the T-Shirt

Order for our T-Shirts


1 T Shirt, Größe M, "Zorro" "Team Barrett"


Goertz, USA

2 T Shirt, Größe M, "Alika" "Team Barrett"


1 T Shirt Größe XL, "Beverly & Kara" "Team Barrett"

Please send an Email to "", if you have any questions about the hike and if you like to order a T-Shirt.

list for the Participant of our hiking tour 2018

Deadline for registration was 15th of August 2018


Number of people

Name of the dog

Familie Abt

2 Personen

owner of Aika, a daughter of Enza and Herros

Pia Reek

2 Personen

owner of Funny, a daughter of Orca and Nex


1 Person

owner of Leonidas, son of Yanka and Buddy

Suzette and friend

2 Personen

visitor from USA, also the owner of an Olympia and Yakko progeny

Jakob Halter

1 Person

Thor, son of Cheyenne and Nex

Family Kleovoulos

2 Personen

Karabash, son of Orca and Gino

Robin and family

4 Personen

Opal, son of Yanka and Zeus

Family Heuer

2 Personen

Winney, son of Cehyenne and Nex, Joey, son of Asti and Gino, Vegas, son of Gina and Gino


1 Person

Zorro, son of Bella and Herros

Marion Höhn

2 Personen

Arek, son of Enza and Herros

Petra Radke

3 Personen

Shadow-Knight, son of Olympia and Yakko. Giant, son of Yanka und Diaz

Dieter Conrad

2 Personen

Jerry-Lee, son of Asti and Gino

Fredi Rieger

2 Personen

Phiona, Tochter aus Asti und Nex

Tamara Najdanovic

2 Personen

Valley, Tochter aus Gina und Gino mit Luna und Mia

Anja Ruland

2 Personen

Zorah, Tochter aus Cheyenne und Buddy

Valentin Schnitzler

2 Personen

Xira, Tochter aus Queeny und Tyson

Dörthe Mutke

1 Person

Yazoo, son of Funny and Yakko

Allard Offers

2 Personen

Faisha, Tochter aus Hera und Buddy

Alenja und Papa

2 Personen

Yankee, son of Nixe and Fantom

Sigrid Pflaumer

1 Person

Zeus, son of Hera and Tabaluga

Andreas Igel

2 Personen

Macho, son of Olympia and Gino together with Charly

Dagmar und Arthur

2 Personen

with a few Barretts