Hiking tour on August 2nd, 2014

For the ninth time we invited owners of House-Barrett dogs to join us on a hiking tour

Last year in August Hundemama together with her sister Rita went on a seven day horseback ride on the so called "Nibelungensteig", which is located in the nice country of the Odenwald. Hundemama liked the landscape so much, that she would like to hike with the House-Barrett-owners on part of this "Steig".

In spring she started to prepare this tour and together with her partner she visited some guesthouses in this area and found three nice ones.

Unfortunately the weather was not so nice for our last years hike. This year House-Barrett hikers had dream weather, all the anticipants were in a good mood, the owners of the guesthouses were such friendly people and good German food was served. It could not have been better. Quite a few new friendships took place.

The latest entries in our guestbook let us know, how much everyone enjoyed this hike. We had families come from Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and also our friend Demetris from the United States joined us. Some families stayed the whole weekend and made a short vacation out of this event. Our oldest participant, who walked with us, the second part of the hike, just turned 80 years old. Heads up to this Lady!!!

Hundemama and Arthur will again enjoy the preperation of next years hike. This will be our 10th annual hike. A two day seminar will be held and we not only will hike , we also will think of something special to do on that 10th hiking day. We hope, that new families will join us for the next years hike, especially we hope for more families to join from the USA and Canada. Since we have quite a few puppy owners in the United States and Canada. Make out of that event a short vacation to Europe. If anyone is interested and has questions, just send us an Email.

At this time we like to let everyone know, that the next years hike will be either at the end of August or beginning of September. The exact date will be announced at the beginning of 2015.

Just like every year a lots of pictures were taken. We will start today with the first ones, more will follow in the next days.

We wish everybody the very best for the future

Haus-Barrett Team

Last update on August 29th, 2014. View more pictures of the hike, please!

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Our annual hike usually starts

on Friday with a dinner at Josef`s Pizzeria

Gino came with Hundemam

This is how to start a nice weekend!

On time at 9 AM the next morning,

the hikers met

After Arthur took their orders for lunch and dinner

and forwarded to the owners of the guesthouses,

the hike started

First a short walk uphill

It did not take long and we were looking at such a beautiful landscape

Time to rest a little

and chat; Rainbow with his owners

A few more minutes of rest, then the hike contiuned

It did not take long and the dogs found some water

Some just jumped into the water

Hundemama with Orca. This time she took Orca, Nex and Nixe along, because Tyson and Gino had to stay at home. They need to save their energy for upcoming events. More about these events in the next days and weeks!

Kaspar, a son of Hera and Buddy

Ilvy, a daughter of Orca and Nex vom Kuckucksland

Demetris with his Leonidas

Just waiting for the others, up front Nixe

Shadow-Knight, a son of Olympia and Yakko, joined us for the first time. He is still a young 8 months old male

Beverly, a daughter of Funny and Buddy, together with Faisha, a daughter of Hera and Buddy

After three hours walking and resting reaching the lunch destination

up front to the left, Tiger, a son of "Tyson" and "Olympia"

Here are some group pictures, which were taken before lunch!

What a nice group!

Everyone enjoyed this place!

The service was excellent!

and they had such good food!

Barretts while resting

As you can see,

they enjoyed

this 1 1/2 hours lunch time

Again Buddy progeny

We can always tell on the dark mask

Rainbow, a son of Orca and Tyson, just looks like his Dad "Tyson". He has the same face!

from right to left: Nex vom Kuckucksland, his sister Nixe and Orca

All rested, the second part of the hike starts!

Arriving in Miltenberg, a beautiful little town in the Odenwald

Right in front of the "Rathaus" they had water coming out

of the ground

The Barretts wanted to play with it, jumping at it,

just having a good time

a lot of tourists were watching, not only watching, they

did make a lot of pictures of our Barretts. It is not comon to see 25 to 30 dogs at once

Very nice market place of Miltenberg

Hiking through the old down

up front in the middle Selina with her Flash and Leonidas

Just enjoying the nice houses

and narrow streets

Just out of town

we reached our last destination

A small Biergarten, where we had ice coffee

or just something cold to drink

Hundemama with Orca; Selina in the back

The time had come

to walk over to the Bahnhof,

because we had to take the train

back to Amorbach, where we left the cars that morning

One last group picture, before this hike unfortunately came to an end

A few more minutes

to walk until we reach the train station

Bruni, our family friend, joins us every year!

Up front Beverly, to the left Tiger and to the right Orca and Nex

Waiting for the train to arrive

For the first time Rainbow together with his owners joined. We are sure, that they will be with us again next year. They liked it very much. They came all the way from Hannover

One last group pictures

Of course Barretts behave during the train ride

It took us 15 minutes to ride back

Together we drove to a very nice small hotel,

where we had dinner!

Some families stayed at this hotel over the weekend!

Another nice day came to an end. But we are sure, that there will be another one next year!