Hiking tour on September 14th, 2013

For the eighth time we invited owners of House-Barrett dogs to join us on a hiking tour

This time we hiked along the banks of the Rhine River between Groß-Rohrheim and Nordheim.

The weather was for the first time not so good. But still all the families, who had registred for this trip joined us for this hike. This time we had a very big group, about 55 people and 30 beautiful House-Barrett dogs.

Again families joined us from all over Germany and other countries. Our two furthest hiker
came from the United States and Doha.

We think, that this hike was like last year very easy, and everybody enjoyed it very much. The hike only was about 13 miles long, not too long, so everybody were able to make this trip easily.

We want to thank all the families who joined us to make this wonderful day happen.

Next year we for sure will plan another tour. At the beginning of next year we will announce the day when this hike in 2014 will take place again.

We wish everybody the very best for the future

Haus-Barrett Team

There are more pictures to be seen here

Meeting at 9 AM in Groß-Rohrheim

Just waiting for the start

Listening to what Hundemama has to say about the lunch break etc.

Eiko and family

Tyson with our friends Bruni and Anneliese, Simon and Charly with Andreas and Marion, Martha our USA visitor with Funny and Faisha with Allard

Jenny mit Freund, Pamela mit Gino, Demetrius with Leonidas, Valentin with Xira

Ready to go!

with a little rain

Keep on going!

Up front Da Vinci with owner

Short stop at the banks of the Rhine River

Tyson, of course has to go into the water

Keep on going

To the left Yanka and to the right Mailo

They did get a little wet

In the middle Gino with Pamela, to the right Selina with her two bears Leonidas and Flash

In the middle Funny with Martha, to the right Tiger with Karin

behind Tyson to the left, Kaspar with Meike

from left to right, Xira, Da Vinci, Kaspar

Simon with 10 years, he went along

Resting on the bridge

The weather did get a little better

Just enjoying

After the short rest the group

continued with their walk

Just a little short distance

until the Barretts arrived at the guesthouse

Since the weather was not too good,

the lunch break was taken inside

The food was very good

and the waiting time to receive the food

was not long at all. Karin with her 80 year old mother. Every year both of them join us for this walk!

Just having a good time

Every lunch comes to an end

Here we go again, a nice spot had to be found for the annual "Barrett-hike-picture"

Since the group was so big, we had to splitt it up

Tyson had to play "Clown" again

On the way back Hundemama thought it is best to walk up front

with her Barretts

Another stop at the bridge. Tyson of course

had to go into the water again

Just keep going!

Ilenja, a "big" daughter of Nex with her family

from left to right, Mailo, Tyson, Funny, Gino and Nixe

Mailo, Yanka, Nixe, Tyson, Gino and behind Leonidas

Boy, he is getting tired

Faisha and Allard were the back lights

Another nice day came to an end

Sitting together for several hours

talking about their Barretts

Pamela together with Jason

We think, that everyone enjoyed this day

This is what life is all about! Being among loved ones!

Selina with Flash and Leonidas. The new "Dad" since two days

Another group picture, but only 2/3 of the Barrett hikers. This picture had been taking on the way back!

Another wonderful day came to an end. We are sure, that there will be another day like this next year!