Barrett Hiking tour on 13th of August 2022

For the seventeenth time, House and Team Barrett owners met for the annual hiking day.

Of course, we were very happy that, despite the hot weather, 36 participants had registered, 15 participants did go on the hike in the morning, the other participants joined us for lunch in the afternoon and 15 again for dinner .

This year's hiking tour took us through a beautiful forest area between the village of Traisa in Mühltal and the Oberwaldhaus near Darmstadt, partly on very idyllic and easily accessible paths. Due to the hot weather, we decided at short notice to only hike in the mornings and have lunch in a beer garden at the Oberwaldhausand, then spend the rest of the afternoon at the Oberwaldhaus, where there is a nice pond, so the Barretts were able to cool off.

A "guest participant", who is currently on our waiting list for a "Barrett" joined us on the hike with her little dog.

Lunch was taken at around 1:30 p.m. The participants who were no longer able to take part in a hike due to their advanced age or the participants who only received their Barrett bears in the spring then joined this restaurant. Of course, the little ones are not allowed to walk for so long at a time at this age. We are already looking forward to next year, because by then these little bears will have reached the age to be able to cover a distance of around 15 to 18 km.

At noon our sire "Champ" and our youngster "Koko" joined us. Both of them were successful at a show and at a breeding survey that morning thanks to our friends Conny, Dörthe, Marion and "Hundemama`s" son Jack. Our sire Champ received his breeding survey for life and our Koko was presented at a county show for the first time. She received the title "SG". As we can read, the Barretts are always active, but none of this would have been possible without the help of others. That's why a special thanks goes to Conny, Dörthe, Marion and Jack, because Hundemama was on the hike that day.

After lunch we went with all four-legged friends on a small circular path around the pond, where our bears could then cool off.

At around 5:30 p.m. we started carpooling to bring all participants back to the starting point. Once there, the group split up. Some participants started their journey home, the others accompanied us to a Pizzeria in Traisa, where we ended this beautiful day together with about 15 participants.

As in previous years, Arthur captured our hiking day with pictures. Some have already been published on facebook thanks to Jennifer, the daughter of "Hundemama". She is in charge of facebook and instagram. Of course we don't want to miss to capture this year's hiking day here on our homepage with more pictures.

We wish all House and Team Barrett owners all the best for the future and, above all, good health, we hope that we can welcome many participants to our hiking day 2023 again next year.

Group photo of the 15 participants who accompanied us on the hike that morning

These two four-legged friends are waiting for the start of the hike

Greeting in the morning

Although more than 30 degrees were measured, it was really pleasant in the forest. The route was easy to walk for every participant. Even the little one really liked it. He proudly presented himself for a picture on the tree stump

We then had lunch in the beautiful beer garden

Little "Tessa", a daughter of Enza and Grizzly, also joined us with her owner

Like his dad "Gino", this boy looks proudly into the camera

A hike like this makes everyone a little tired

Our Champ. He joined us for the rest of the day

The sire "Lord vom Team Barrett" also came to lunch with his owner. Lord was so happy when he saw "Hundemama" again. She had trained him for several months for IGP1 last year, which he successfully had passed. This fall she will train him for breeding survey, so House-Barrett has another very beautiful sire in the breeding program

At noon, the Barretts were given a chance to cool off

Here we see our friend Dörthe with her daughter and her sire "Yazoo", which is the father of our "Gwendi"

Another progeny of our sire "Gino"

In the evening we let the day end in a relaxed atmosphere

We are looking forward to next year!