Hiking tour on June 30th, 2007

For the second time we invited all the owners of House-Barrett and House-Jack dogs to join us on a hiking tour

We decided for the country site of our beautiful area in the so called "Odenwald", a landscape around the famous Bergstraße (Heidelberg area). This time it was called hiking and visiting castles

We were lucky and had good weather

The families came from all over Germany. Again some families stayed over the weekend in a nearby hotel.

We want to thank everybody who joined us to make this wonderful day happen.

I am pretty sure, that we will go on another hiking tour next year

We wish everybody the very best for the future

Haus-Barrett and House-Jack Team

Dagmar with Tyson

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At exactly 6.45 AM we met outside of our home

My sister is explaing the tour to everybody

Let`s go on that

16 mile long foot march

Zantino with family

Marion with Jane, Jason with Nora, behind Selina with Tabaluga and Honey

Up front Athos with Anja, in the back Tyson with Hundemama

Jason with Nora to the left and Dennis with Daggi to the right

A short stop to get something to drink

To the right Lasko, a son from Indra and Tyson, to the left a daughter from Cindy and Gustl

Dennis and Daggi

Dennis cares a lot for her

Indira is a daughter from Savage and Zaskia

Elionore is a daughter of Melody and Gustl

Tyson to the left and Dorcas to the right


We had lunch

This is an old castle, calle dthe "Alsbacher Schloss"

Daggi with Dennis

Beautiful place to have some lunch

"King" Tyson

Something to drink, before lunch gets served

My sister Rita, was our "pack leader", in German "Rudelführer"

Columbo and Ernie with their owners

Hundemama Dagmar greeting everybody and wishing everybody a wonderful rest of the day

Gabor, a son of Queeny and Tabaluga, together with his owner

Tyson up front

A big family picture

The two sisters

Jacko, he was the photographer that day


Tabaluga was tied to a tree, he did not like this. He just bit through the leash and came to us. See the piece around his neck

Nora likes the scenery very much

Indeed it is very nice

Simon should not put his head in there

Simon, a son from Zaskia and Gustl

The House-Barrett and House-Jack Clan

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