Hiking tour on July 10th, 2010

For the fifth time we invited owners of House-Barrett dogs to join us on a hiking tour

This time we hiked in the valley of Rheinland-Pfalz/near Neustadt

The weather had been extremely hot on that day, but yet almost all the families, who had registred for this trip did make it.

Again families joined us from Germany, Baveria and Belgium.

Everybody had a wonderful time.

We want to thank everybody who joined us to make this wonderful day happen.

Next year we will plan another tour, maybe next time with a bargeque and a place where the Barretts could go for a swim, because most of the Barretts love water so much.

We wish everybody the very best for the future

Haus-Barrett Team

Tyson, Hundemama and Rainer, her brother-in-law

This page has been opened on July 17th, 2010

The weekend of the hiking tour started

with a Pizza dinner at Josefs in Biblis

On time on the morning of the 10th of July 2010 we met

and in a convoy we drove to Neustadt an der Weinstraße

where our tour started

Some families drove directly to this point

To the right Hundemama with Tyson to the left Dörthe with Chicco

Chicco, a young male

Rita, the sister of Hundemama together with Rainer

Ulk and family

The first few km we had to walk up hill

to get to a beautiful point

Rita and Bärbel, the Lady who had planned the tour

this time

Andreas with his oldest son

Hundemama with Tyson and Rainer in the back


Andreas with his Mom and Simon to the right and Charly to the left

Fame and her family

A family out of Belgium joined us with their dog Hardy, a son of Zaskia and Vabi

First stop, it was very hot that day, all of the dogs did get water first

Selina with three Barretts, from left to right, Indi, Hera and Tyson

Old house

Resting for a few minutes

Beautiful scenery

Most of our hike took us through woods

Bruni a friend of the family with Rita and Rainer

Arthur, our photographer together with Hera

Andreas with his big four legged family

His Mom was hiking very well that day

Short stop

before the "pack" reached the point of the midday break

The newspaper of Neustadt took a few pictures of the hikers

An article about this tour had been published in the local newspaper a few days later

Owners of Faisha, a young female from Buddy and Hera

Inside it was a little cooler

Pamela joined us with her new Baby girl Selina

She was the youngest hiker, yet not hiking, but being pushed around in the Kinderwagen; she already wore a House-Barrett T-Shirt

Vonny gets some water

Dennis and Hera taking a break

No comment on this picture

Bruni with a Barrett

A few close up pictures

of our main picture

we took that day

Jacko had gathered them all together

After lunch the second part of the tour started

It took the hikers along a nice creek

Just resting, watching the Barretts play in the water

Selina with friends

This picture was taken right at the end of the tour

Loading the dogs back into the trailers

Now is the fun part

Loading the mule with baby carriage and stuff

squeezing in the people

including the youngest participant

Relaxing after the day

at the Biergarten, hosted by the restaurant

where dinner was taken


Little Nelson came with family for dinner and

enjoyed playing with Jerry-Lee, a son of Dorcas and Tyson

Jason having fun with Selina and Dörthke

Owners of Yasso and Vonny

Two Barretts

Little Selina with her beautiful T-Shirt sleeping and dreaming of a lot of Barretts, we guess

Thiara-Sue is watching out for the youngest member of her pack

Dagmar came back in the evening (she had to leave the group due the fact that Yanka showed signs of delivery that day)

to thank Bärbel for planning out this beautiful tour

for the Barretts

Everybody listening

One year old Faisha, son of Buddy and Hera, resting underneeth the table

Andreas with his youngest son Jason

Selina, she is a friend of Hundemama. Hundemama sees her as part of the family. She loves dogs and helps her a lot with the training of her Barretts

After the tour the Barretts and Andersons

enjoyed themselves with a lot of her friends in the pool

Selina and Dagmar

Jason will go under; no chance

This felt good after walking about 18 km

in the heat of 90 degrees

Still alive and active

and up to no good

Around 1 AM in the morning this beautiful day came to an end