Hiking tour on July 5th, 2008

For the third time we invited all the owners of House-Barrett and House-Jack dogs to join us on a hiking tour

We decided again for the country site of our nice area in the so called "Odenwald", a landscape around the famous Bergstraße (Heidelberg area).

Again we had good luck with the weather

The families came from all over Germany. And again some families stayed over the weekend in a nearby hotel.

We want to thank everybody who joined us to make this wonderful day happen.

I am pretty sure, that we will go on another hiking tour next year

We hope, that one of these days families from the USA will join us on a nice tour like this.

We wish everybody the very best for the future

Haus-Barrett and House-Jack Team

Dagmar with Tyson

This page has been updated on July 13th, 2008

Please click on following link and a lot of pictures can be viewed, which were taken on that wonderful day.


This page was opened on July 8th 2008

Exactly at 7.30 AM we met in front of the House-Barrett home

We drove to Heppenheim and parked the cars on a big parking place in front of a firm

People were so nice and gave us free drinks

to take along

A short talk about the tour

and then we all got ready for the trip

Jacko, one of our photographers

He took his task very serious, as you can see on this picture

Nice scenery

of the Bergstraße

The first hour was going up hill

The dogs became thirsty very fast

Keep on walking

These people came along for the hike

Tabaluga with Fame

Again our visitors

Andreas with Queeny

Again getting something to drink

What a cute picture

Getting a little bite to eat

Andreas is making a commercial for Dr. Pepper?

Boy, does this taste good

A very nice picture of House Barrett dogs

Nora with Jason you san see very well on this picture

Heidi with Romy, 2nd person to the right, then Quanto, then Nora

Another picture

Up front in the middle my girlfriend Bruni with Queeny, next to her Dorthe with Tabaluga, to the right Tyson, in the back Ike, then Dorcas, then Ulk, then Eli, then Quantos

Up front Tyson and Simon, in the back from left Ike, then Sam, then Buddy, then Noire-Lou

Famous Tyson and his half brother Simon

Both dogs are sons of Zaskia

Romy with Heidi

Tyson with Jacko

Lunch break

Romy and Dagmar

Vonny joined us for luch. He is yet too young to walk such a long way

Farin with family

Shiran with family, Shiran is a son of Dorcas and Athos

Kaily with family, she is a daughter from Tyson and Nora

Dorcas with Bärbel

My sister Rita with her better half and friends. Without her we would not be able to find our trail through the woods

Sam with family, Sam is a brother of Shiran and a son of Dorcas and Athos

Tira with her owner, Tira is a daughter of Hera and Tyson

Elionore with family. Eli is a daughter of Melody and Gustl

Ulk with family. He is about 7 months old and is a son of Queeny and Tabaluga

Jacko on a mission


After lunch we continued on our trail through the fields

Beautiful scenery

Tyson, Queeny and Romy

Somebody picked him up

We wanted to take a short cut, but this short cut was going up hill

Pando with owner. He is a son from Zaskia and Savage

We found something to fill up our water bottles

Tyson enjoyed this drink

Romy was up on top of this

Andreas resting with Simon and son

Sam with owner

Arthur joined us and then walked with us the rest of the way. Nora and Tyson were happy to see him: By the way he is my better half and also the 2nd potograph

Tyson and Queeny


She loves her four legged friend

Of course Tyson is being loved very much

In the middle of the woods we found some water

What do you think the Barrett dogs did?

Andreas also found some water

This feels good

As you can see, Jason is getting tired, but not his Nora, she still looks very much alive

Farin with Nadine

Buddy (to the left) also looks a little tired

Boy this tastes good

Tabaluga is looking for Dagmar

Farin with Nadine

Hiking through the fields

Resting one more time

Hiking through the woods

Arthur and Queeny


This is a nice place to wait for the others

Romy, Jason and Nora

Andreas with Simon

Romy, Nora, Fame and Tabaluga

Keep on walking

Heading for the last stop before we get to our destination

Dagmar and Tyson are almost there also

A very nice castle, called the Wachenburg

Quantos with family

As you can see, this person was hiking

She is resting

From the castle Windeck we have a nice view

The sun is almost gone

Jack is waiting for a ride

Fame with her owner, Fame is a daughter from Tyson and Indra

This was our destination, the castle Windeck

Now everybody is enjoying the dinner

Vonny says hello to his owner

Boy, this tastes good

My sister Rita with her better half

Jessica, my daughter, joined us for the evening. She had birthday that day

In the next few days we will put a link on this page. More pictures can be viewed then, which were taken on this very nice day. We will repeat this again